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  1. Indeed, let die what is not resurrectable. Now, time to explore this community and become a member of society! Hand shakes of invitiation are welcome!
  2. G'day folks! I was enjoying an all-about-LOTR-search on the internet during my hour of free time when I stumbled upon this website . Curious to learn more about this card game, I searched through the forum threads. I've just spent the last twenty minutes reading through all of this topic, and since I have some more free time before my lovely piano calls me back to practice, I've decided to make a response with my own analysis!! At first, I was going to take a degree of pitty on Mr. Ellindar... I needed only reread the posts a bit to get a better view of his position in all this. His first post is filled question mingled with ranting disappointment; a bad combination. If he had left out the "emotion-response instigating" remarks in his post, he would not be labeled as a troll. Unfortunately, many of his posts were filled with remarks and "sasses" that instigated such, and part of the definition of a troll is to make posts that provoke users into an emotional response. This was rather mild though, as Ellindar was indeed staying on-topic, and as is known, trolls make posts to get threads off-topic. The statement that Ellindar was a troll at the start is very debatable at this point. Following the two posts after Ellindar's first post, Ellindar then proceeds to immediately accuse Toqtamish of being "like most trolls" with his post. This is a blind accusation, seeing that the post had no intent of going off-topic or instigating rageful replies. Toqtamish may have not understood exactly what Ellindar was saying (making posts not totally relevant to Ellindar's view of the topic, by unintentional means. Though it is still debatable whether Toqtamish was on topic but rather that Ellindar took his comment incoherently?), but the post is in no way "trollish". Here Ellindar ruins all respect he could have had by being the first to insult another user, a trollish behavior. Though, Ellindar still remains on-topic, but now assuming that no one understood his first "questions", he responds agressively. Toqtamish quickly accused Ellindar of being a troll after Ellindar accused him of such, out of retaliation(assuming). Through the following posts, the topic is corrupted from being on-topic by both sides of the ensuing arguement as the world "troll" is thrown about wildly. Ellindar is enraged by assuming no one understands him and by being accused of being a troll, when he believes he is not. The problem is, Ellindar's goal in this thread is hazy to understand. He discusses very well in his posts WHAT he is talking about(with rage and argument filled in the mix with everyone elses') but the goal of WHY he is stating it in this thread, in the manner of which he presents it, is very questionable. It is best and easiest to assume he wished, or assumed himself, that people in this forums would enter a debate with him and he assumed at least a sum of the users would be in agreement with him. Since no one was on his side of the issue, he first assumed no one understood him, but after the topic turned into an "accusation fest", he realized otherwise and ensued to defend himself with harsh means of words and such. When Ellindar used curse words in his growing aggravation, he broke a wall and the topic that was partly on-topic became little more than a "spam thread." ( you could easily assume my post as a spam also, seeing that I joined this forum with the first and foremost reason of simply posting a reply not relevant to the card-game product in this thread.) All in all, Ellindar failed in whatever he meant to achieve by use of harsh language, a big no-no if one wishes to be understood as "civil" over the internet. Though I disagree that it was "right" for everyone to be tossing the "troll" word all about, Ellindar did indeed, and inevitably became a troll on this thread. ((I mainly had the fascination to practice my humanistic and psychological analysis capabilities via this argument that broke-out upon this thread.))
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