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  1. Thanks that answer my question. Lordes
  2. Hi all, I was looking at the lexicanum http://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/Deathwatch and i found out that Deathwatch as Sergeant are they just space marine like the other, meaning that whoever is chosen as the leader of the kill team the sergeant will follow him, or are they special unit ?? Lordes
  3. Yeah sometimes the Emperor works in mysterious ways LOL Lordes
  4. yeah i saw that more on the side of doubt...but if they refuse could they be kill by firing squad or something...?
  5. Hi all, I was wondering about the fact that a space marine always follow orders, but what would happened if lets say an inquisitor would give an order to destroy a group of people or xenos that does not pose a treat to anybody, should the kill team do it and kill innocent people that doesn't even have weapon or primitive weapon or should they refuse to participate in a murder and if so what would happened to them (The kill team i mean)?? Thanks Lordes
  6. Excellent i havent seen the rule like that but just for the sake of talking what about grey knights that have Wrist Mounted Storm Bolter I know that deathwatch surely dont have grey knights but humor me. thanks Lordes
  7. I checked the Core book and it says that : Arm weapon mounting This heavy bracing allows a single ranged weapon to be mounted along the arm, with specific hand movements or MIU input triggering the weapon. Upgrades: Las, Solid Projectile, Bolt, or Melta Pistol, or Auxiliary Grenade Launcher so it can be any weapon class thanks Lordes
  8. Lordes


    Are there any chaplain in the DW ??? Thanks Lordes
  9. My question is: What are the rules when fighting in melee with a forearm mounted bolters can the player still use it as a pistol or not ?? thanks Lordes
  10. I like The way U think. I have been playin RPG since im 12 years old(now 35*soupir*), my wife play RPG too and when it comes to rules if she wants to play a Space Marines then why not. RPG are there for us to have fun with friends, bottom line its just a game. thanks Lordes
  11. HI all, Unless I am mistaken I think there is a talent to give the option to the player when they are leader to share their squad mode ability(chapter) to all is kill team, i do not have my book with me and i do not remember the name of the talent. But this should solve all the questions concerning the squad mode(chapter). thanks Lordes
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