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  1. Are you trying to figure out if the troops are lost in the space battle to clear the blockade if the ships carrying them are destroyed?
  2. I have to agree with Conza, if it's a friendly game and you're still moving stuff into a system that's fine - fly that baby in there. If everyone else has taken a turn, and you've realized that you messed up you can't then fly your ship into that system. It's position on the map may have influenced the turn of everyone else. Part of learning the game is knowing what to do with your stuff right now, to set yourself up for your next action/turn.
  3. If you couldn't assign them to fighters, what would be the point of the Yellow 2 tech that forces hits to be assigned to non-fighters?
  4. No, it only locks the system they retreated to so they can't move those ships again unless they have the "Unexpected Action" card which let's them pick up a token from the board, or they have and use the primary ability of Warfare to pick up a token from the board. PDS shots typically only fire into activated systems.
  5. I checked your wiki page and I like a lot of your house rules. Especially with Embers getting to place the super nova and the Winnu changes/abilities. I also think bugs starting with red and yellow would be a bit much, but starting with either could make sense. Personally I think yellow makes more sense because of the hive mind, and they are probably heading to dreadnaughts anyways.
  6. Exactly... makes for a very tidy even map.
  7. Once the speaker reveals the agenda, you go initiative order around the table and everyone get's an opportunity to either veto the agenda or add a rider it. If the first 3 people all add riders to the agenda, and the last person plays a veto, all the riders are discarded and a new agenda is picked. Once voting has started, you can't then veto an agenda as that is not the timing of the actions in the agenda phase. If you look at 8.2 in the rule books they make a point to say that 'reveal agenda' is the first step. Riders and veto card/abilities all have the qualifying condition of 'When an agenda is revealed', so everyone has to have a chance to use cards/abilities before moving on to the next step which is voting. When more than one person want's to play a card at the same time, you determine who's happens first based on their initiative, which is under 43 in the rule book. After everyone has had a chance to add a rider or veto, you start voting with the person to the left of the speaker and go clockwise around the table, which is step 2 under 8.2 in the rule book.
  8. Agenda's don't become law's until they are passed.
  9. https://imgur.com/a/i0oyQ This topic has come up on BGG as well and this is what my group does for 5 player games. Everyone has a home system that is 2 spaces away from the next person and no TG's are given out. It's more like playing on a cone than playing on a disk.
  10. Yea, you can't blow up ships from non-active systems to produce hits in the active system. "In the active system" is just assumed as part of the Devotion ability because only ships in the active system can participate in the space combat to which hits are being assigned.
  11. As a kind of follow-up question, if a player with Assault Cannon (level 4 red technology) destroys a carrier full of fighters, or a Yin player with Impulse Core (racial technology) causes a hit that is assigned to a carrier, or a Mentak player uses Ambush as a pre-combat action and the hit is assigned to a carrier full of fighters, if any of these blast a carrier full of fighters are the fighters also destroyed because it happened pre-combat? OR Do the fighters on carriers survive in all these cases because the hit was assigned at the start of combat, as opposed to a pre-combat action like PDS fire or Anti-Fighter Barrage? I'd lean towards the second, but just wanted to be sure I understood.
  12. So player 1 has Leadership and initiative 1 and is attacked by player 2 with Warfare and the Assault Cannon technology. Player 1 drops the skilled retreat action card and he is able to pull away before player 2's assault cannon technology can destroy a ship? But if player 1 would have had Imperial instead, he'd of lost a ship before his skilled retreat resolved? That doesn't sound right... I feel like the assault cannon is going to resolve before the skilled retreat because it's an ability being played by the 'active' player. So the skill retreat, or other cards from other players, can resolve in initiative order after his resolves first.
  13. If I started with a red/yellow tech like Mentac I'd probably buy it first thing. If I started with a yellow, or even the first red - I might work towards it as well. The only hesitation is that the number of technologies you get in a game is limited. So if you really need blue/yellow for unit upgrades you probably won't want spend early turns on red. The PDS upgrade, however, I think is a strong deterrent early and mid game.
  14. Upon Further Review: I tried a quick turn 2 invasion of the Jol-Nar next to me in a game this past weekend with 3 dreadnoughts and a couple of fighters and took heavy damage (3 hits requiring me to sustain damage on all 3 dreadnoughts). I managed to take the system right next to their homeworld with my fleet avoiding any additional damage, but the thought of having 4 PDS dice hit me was enough to keep me from invading with damaged ships. Sadly, he was able to build up a small group of ships in his homeworld before I could reinforce. This may have been especially potent because Jol-Nar starts with 2 in their home system, PDS unit upgrade was his first move, he built one with a construction action, and good dice rolls put some hurt on me. That being said, I may seriously reconsider making PDS one of my first unit upgrades, with level 2 yellow not far behind. Considering there are VP's to be scored by having tech upgrades, and VP's for unit upgrades - it's not like upgrading them would be a total waste (unless those cards don't flip over). Especially if you have a better racial tech for a second red tech, or control a red tech planet you can tap to skip to the red 3 (armor) tech.
  15. This came up in our game today. The Jol-Nar Promissory Note is called Research Agreement. It reads, "After the Jol-Nar player researchs a technology that is not a faction technology: Gain that technology. Then, return this card to the Jol-Nar player. The question is, if the Jol-Nar player has every technology researched and then gives this promissory note to another player, is it worthless? Can the note only be redeemed when the Jol-Nar player researches a technology when the strategy card is played? Or, can it be redeemed at any time for any technology the Jol-Nar player has already researched? Thoughts?
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