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  1. So player 1 has Leadership and initiative 1 and is attacked by player 2 with Warfare and the Assault Cannon technology. Player 1 drops the skilled retreat action card and he is able to pull away before player 2's assault cannon technology can destroy a ship? But if player 1 would have had Imperial instead, he'd of lost a ship before his skilled retreat resolved? That doesn't sound right... I feel like the assault cannon is going to resolve before the skilled retreat because it's an ability being played by the 'active' player. So the skill retreat, or other cards from other players, can resolve in initiative order after his resolves first.
  2. If I started with a red/yellow tech like Mentac I'd probably buy it first thing. If I started with a yellow, or even the first red - I might work towards it as well. The only hesitation is that the number of technologies you get in a game is limited. So if you really need blue/yellow for unit upgrades you probably won't want spend early turns on red. The PDS upgrade, however, I think is a strong deterrent early and mid game.
  3. Upon Further Review: I tried a quick turn 2 invasion of the Jol-Nar next to me in a game this past weekend with 3 dreadnoughts and a couple of fighters and took heavy damage (3 hits requiring me to sustain damage on all 3 dreadnoughts). I managed to take the system right next to their homeworld with my fleet avoiding any additional damage, but the thought of having 4 PDS dice hit me was enough to keep me from invading with damaged ships. Sadly, he was able to build up a small group of ships in his homeworld before I could reinforce. This may have been especially potent because Jol-Nar starts with 2 in their home system, PDS unit upgrade was his first move, he built one with a construction action, and good dice rolls put some hurt on me. That being said, I may seriously reconsider making PDS one of my first unit upgrades, with level 2 yellow not far behind. Considering there are VP's to be scored by having tech upgrades, and VP's for unit upgrades - it's not like upgrading them would be a total waste (unless those cards don't flip over). Especially if you have a better racial tech for a second red tech, or control a red tech planet you can tap to skip to the red 3 (armor) tech.
  4. This came up in our game today. The Jol-Nar Promissory Note is called Research Agreement. It reads, "After the Jol-Nar player researchs a technology that is not a faction technology: Gain that technology. Then, return this card to the Jol-Nar player. The question is, if the Jol-Nar player has every technology researched and then gives this promissory note to another player, is it worthless? Can the note only be redeemed when the Jol-Nar player researches a technology when the strategy card is played? Or, can it be redeemed at any time for any technology the Jol-Nar player has already researched? Thoughts?
  5. They are powerful but not game breaking IMO. I will say, however, that in my last game (which I lost) I had a space turtle fleet just outside of MR with 4 PDS (2 planets) and the flag ship. I was tossing 8 dice at anyone and everyone that tried to move in on MR. The goal for that game was really just teach new players how to play the game, so I was trying to see how powerful PDS could really be. The funny thing is that the ability to blast non-fighters only works once because you have to exhaust the card - but NOBODY wanted to be the guy that decimated his fleet so the next guy could move in and get victory points. Cold War tactics at it's best. I'm playing again this afternoon and will keep my eyes open to see if this trend continues.
  6. Not really that concerned about it at all really. Command tokens, especially tactical command tokens, are at a premium. Nobody will be able to go super hog wild with this tech without burning through a lot of action cards or tokens, and I think the design of the card is to allow a player to do some crazy stuff like use warfare and pickup a token and then move that fleet again before people can react to it. As for the Naalu, if they go after the tech and start to run away with it, it's up to the rest of the galaxy to run over and smash them.
  7. The crummy part is that when you get to the 10th pack you need like, 2 sleeves LOL.
  8. Do you have a specific example that came up in game play that you're trying to figure out? Most action cards will tell you when they can be used. Some of the action cards that have the text ACTION: on them and tell you what you can do with them. The card 'Ghost Ship' for example says, "ACTION: Place 1 destroyer from your reinforcements in a non-home system that contains a wormhole and does not contain other players's ships." If everyone at the table had action cards they wanted to resolve with this trigger, they would resolve in initiative order starting with the current active player. In your above example, player 5. The only interrupt to this would be if somebody else had an action card (or a technology, racial ability, etc. ) such as a Sabotage card, but the card (or ability) tells you, "When another player plays an action card other than "Sabotage": Cancel that action card. There are a couple of races and technologies that have similar abilities to cancel out a card. Space turtles, for example, can use their racial ability to force new agenda's into play, or to even cancel out action cards under certain conditions. The other time you may want to play action cards is at the start of the agenda phase. If more than one person has an action card like 'Ancient Burial Sites' that states, "At the start of the agenda phase:", or if more than one player has a card like 'Diplomacy Rider' that states, "After an agenda is revealed:". In that case, those action cards would all be played in turn order 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7.
  9. In your example, the player that took action card 5 is the current active player. He would play his card first, then 6, 7, 1, 2, 3 would all play cards. If it was during the like the start of the status phase or the agenda phase and everyone wanted to play a card you'd start with initiative order, in this case 1, 2, 3, 5,
  10. That may be true but just because a race is really good at control doesn't mean they are good at technology or economy. I've never seem a game won where one person just dominated the entire game, in fact it's the guy that has barley any fleet left and is holding on by a thread that usually scores enough victory points to win. It's all well and good that some races are really good at combat now or whatever, but are they good at scoring objectives? That's not been my experience in the handfull of TI4 games I've played thus far. I'm interested in seeing how other groups play TI4 once it's out to the masses. Good podcast btw, looking forward to the next one.
  11. The way I read it the N'orr get's to decide which 2 other ships in the area to destroy. The Yin ability is just assigning hits, but if a unit can sustain then it wouldn't necessary destroy it. The N'orr ability is very powerful, but given their otherwise lack luster ability it balances.
  12. I tried today and get an error that the site doesn't exist. Frustrating.... Seems to be working again, woot!
  13. They do and it's not bad, but I'm still having a hard time keeping all the cards together and organized after I sleeve them. It's a good first step, but they needed to account for sleeves AND for all the plastic bags people are using to separate the faction tokens. Maybe the first expansion will come in a new giant box to also hold all the stuff from the original box.
  14. One of the vendors that sells one for TI3 had a post on the reddit TI sub that he was working out the bugs for a new frame. His website is currently under a redesign as of yesterday when I last checked it. That being said, I wonder why FFG leaves so much money on the table when they produce these games. Why aren't they making a nice Broken Token style insert for their games, or a galaxy frame to keep the tiles from slipping, or a grip mat to hold tiles in place, or a plastic card holder so your sleeved cards stack more easily?
  15. As in, money wins wars. I was able to take MR on turn two and hold it with a pretty good sized fleet for a couple of turns, and had two smaller fleets to the flanks of my home world that made my neighbors at least think twice before attacking me. It was awesome, and if you liked playing them in 3rd edition - they are even more awesome in 4th IMO.