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  1. Oppsss...thank you Warlock, I didn't read the whole quote, bye!
  2. Hello to you all, I recently bought the basic Talisman but played very few games due to lack of time and players. I really love this game, funny and classic above all, I hope to play it more often in the near future, moreover it's christmas time so I'll try to involve some of my family members in it . Just some questions about game dynamics; during the only three games played we encountered difficulties in managing some situations so I'm asking for help to understand what's wrong or not. Here come the questions: 1) I know it could be trivial but what exactly happens when I draw an adventure card and find a character (witch, healer, wizard etc, sorry if the names are wrong but I possess the italian version of the game)? It's written that the card remains there and every character who stops there will benefit the effects of the specific card, but does it works for the character who draws that card the same turn too? Or the fact that he/she drew the card does not allow him/she to benefit the card effect? 2) Crown of command: the character who arrives there virtually begins to roll dices during his turn in order to get a 4-5-6 result to kill the other characters, is this the command magic? Can a character who arrives there use spell cards during his turn? 3) Warlock's cave: how a character can accomplish some of the quests? When he has to steal/get a vitality from another character how this situation is resolved? He has to go around until he meets a character and fight against him or the condition must be resolved in another way? Thanks for patience and happy new year to everyone!
  3. Ciao Michel, vivo a Roma e recentemente ho iniziato a giocare a CoC LCG. Qui a Roma purtroppo non sono riuscito a trovare nessun giocatore di CoC, anche se avevo provato postando questo thread qualche mese fa: http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_foros_discusion.asp?efid=35&efcid=4&efidt=363389 Da come puoi leggere, l'utente phantomsurfer sembra essere interessato a mettere su una sorta di community italiana, prova magari a contattarlo, mi farebbe piacere se si muovesse qualcosa in questo senso! Vi tengo d'occhio!
  4. Hello to everyone, I just discovered ToI some days ago and I've been suddenly fascinated by it. At the moment I do not possess the starter box but I want to buy it as soon as possible. I just wanted to know about the multiplayer mechanics and if the game really works good if there are 3 or 4 players involved; some friends of mine took a look at ToI and want to try it so I wanted to know if the game fits for a "group" mechanic or not. Does ToI become complicated or not doing so? And what about excitement? Does it become boring and slower? Thanks for patience and attention, bye!
  5. Don't forget the Lady of the Golden Wood, Mrs Galadriel of Lothlorien.. ; )
  6. And from Rome? Is there anybody here? I hope so, it's a very long time I don't play COC!!! Speak soon if there's someone!
  7. Hello to everyone, I recently discovered CoC LGC and suddenly fell in love with it though my card pool-collection is very poor at the moment (core set+Dreamlands CP). Presently I live in Rome but I don't know active players in Italy. I'd like to know if there's someone interested in some meetings in Rome. Salute to you all and see you soon!
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