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  1. 1.) I haven't run it, but i was part of a 23 players in a group. Only works if you have more expirienced plaers, and even then you'll have to put some rules up. But it's quiet interesting how the group formed itself into different smaller groups for tasks.

    2.) A GM assistent is a good idea if he and the GM can work well together, planning ahead and clear up how much everyone can do is a good idea. Head a GM and his assistent trying to make a campaign, it went horrible from the start, no one knew what was going on and so much death could have been prevented. Also had a really good pair who where able to run everything smoothly, worked great, so if you want an assistent (or more than one) make sure you two get along with your ideas, in the end it's trial and error.

    3.) No, but then again people call me insane, so i wouldn't trust my judgement. If you already have expirience with all of them, they know each other and they sometimes played together it usually works well if no one starts a fight or a discussion, but those usually work themselves out in our group, and adds some spice to the characters.

    I apolagies for any mistakes of my writing up front, i'm from Germany and english isn't my main lanuage.

  2. I want to thank everyone for posting their ideas, all where helping bit by bit.

    The problem solved itself as an old friend of mine wanted to join the group, he was completely new to the game and the system, but his recklessness and his luck in dicing showed them that they can achieve a lot with some trying.

    By now they enjoy the game a lot more than before, and their Characters work pretty good for them.

    Sorry for the late reply, lot of stress IRL, i almost forgot this post, still thank you all for helping, and happy holidays.

  3. His still better off than one of my players, seriously, not once in three years did he have a good roll, by now he's taking it with humor, he asks if he can be the medic in the team *shivers*. In my whole gaming time i only had four near death accidents, one a trap from the GM, two times getting covering fire from cursed player (I generally prefer that he's up front from now on because of that), and once thanks to his medical attention, in all this encounters i lost a Fate Point.

    I have a copy from other RPG, it has some stupid ideas (one seems to work, because cursed one has a 1 in a 100 chance of not totally screwing up).

    1. For different heights one must roll clockwise and counterclockwise, to find out which one is better in high rolls and which one is better in low rolls.

    2. Kiss the dice that are to be rolled (I recommend one checks if the dice are clean before attempting, also no tongue since it's only a business relationship gui%C3%B1o.gif)

    3. Thoroughly wash the dice and let them dry in the midday sun to burn off bad luck.

    4. Write the name Gary Gygax on a piece of paper, pull the dice from left to right three times for high rolls, and from left to right for low rolls (Currently the working one).

    5. IF absolutely desperate, go to Gary Gygax grave, place your dice on top of his tombstone, and let them lie there for three full moon nights, to charge them.

    There's absolutely no garanty that any of this ideas work, but he was so desperate he tried everyone except the last one (we're from Germany and he's not desperate anough to fly to America to try out the last one). They where fun to read, but if any of those actually works for you, well your welcome.

    P. S. Gary Gygax is the inventor of Dungeons & Dragons.

  4. To Bladehate:

    They love getting into combat, it's just noone except the experienced gamer is willing to take the consequences. Already tried the time limit but that caused major infighting in the group (two dead from friendly fire and one through grenade misshap).

    I'm trying to get the feel of a time limit into the game, since nobody is going to wait for the Inquisition, except they're setting up a trap.

    They always seek guidance from the experienced gamer, and always accept his plans, which i don't mind at all, but once without that guidance, inner conflict is almost always happening between at least 2 of them who should lead.

    By now i'm considering to take those two and put them in different groups to work things out.

    To Bilateralrope:

    Been there, done that, multiple times. The others understand the use of Fate points.

    In thwe three different missions we had in that kind of scenario where:

    1. Two guys arguiing and killing each other (suicidal use of a grenade inside a prometheum filled chamber), and the rest of the Team completing the mission, wounded, low on ammo, but ok.

    2. Group failing the mission due to the target psyker ending up possessed and killed, mission was to retrive him alive. I explained to them it's not their fault, still it's like they treat the experienced player as a lucky Charm.

    3. Pretty much like the first except no one died, and even thou i told them that it was good after the infighting stopped they still think their icapable to achieve anything without the experienced gamer.

    We're trying the switch between me and the experienced gamer this weekend. Maybe They'll learn something more under a different GM.

  5. Yes, i have, still everytime they get nervous if they don't have the more experienced player with them.

    I have never killed one of their characters, since they pretty lucky when i came close.

    The gamer and me will try a different approach with us switching places, maybe they'll have more confidence if i'm not the GM. If so i hope they'll start building some confidence at last.

    P.S. : Dark Heresy is one of multiple Roleplaying games we play, and they only get nervous in this, still they enjoy it and want to play it, in other games their more confident about themeselves.

  6. Sadly i've already tried a dozen or so training Mission with them, I took my time to explain every detail about their Characters (even going as far as giving each one of them their own instruction booklets + ideas, no joke).

    The roleplaying isn't their problem and when the experienced Gamer is around they don't have a lot of problems, the Gamer and me always take our time with them, any question is being answered and i always give them some option to do if they struggle, with a little explanation of how it might end, for better or worse.

    They always have a time were their really good, but then self-doubt sets in and they struggle again, they know i won't kill em that easily, still it seems that they fear risks if this one Gamer isn't around.

    Still thanks for the advice LuciusT, maybe i'll start this whole stuff from the beginning with them, hopefully it helps.

  7. From Germany

    I have a Gaming Group of 6 guys, only one of them has personel Experience with Roleplaying. He loves combat and always knows what to do, the other are more nervous, which almost always ends up with them hiding behind him let him go first and almost fall in Panic when he get's seriously wounded.

    How can i prevent that from happening, the gamer and me are bugged by it, but everytime the group splits the one team without him get almost paranoid, and when he's not gaming with us the get really slow because no one wants to make the fisrt step without him, and they're always scared to die (I usually don't kill gamers without reason).

    Any Ideas with which i could get the others a bit more confident?

  8. I once had a session with my main group, one of them is already playing RPG's with us for 3 years, he should know that everytime our GM asks him if he wants to do something, he should use his brain before acting,he still hasn't figured that one out.

    We had one of our Player Character kidnapped, we we're trying to storm a larger underground Facility, everything was dirty and dark, finaly my Character and his reach a corridor that leads into a White, clean and open room,in the middle lies the unconscious Character we where looking for, i already think "**** this is screaming trap." my pal simply states "I'm going in." 

    Everyone (including the GM) looks at him with wide eyes, the GM (a nice guy by the way) asks him "Really, just like that? I mean this is obviously a Trap, i should know, i'm the GM."

    He simply states: "I don't think so, it would feel different."


    in the end my Character tries to stop his, but i failed. He enters still wants to enter the room, now with a run.

    The GM Facepalms and goes on "You enter the Room, the next thing you know is, that it's not the room that you saw, but a long way down, after plummeting for a few seconds you crash onto some spikes on the ground, your dead, sorry."


    Everyone else couldn't control themselves and we laughed for a couple of minutes.

    That was just one of countless of situations that he screwed up, still there's always luaghs included, man our sessions aren't halve as much fun without him, still, i wish he wouldn't always screw it up.

    Whoa, that was longer than expected, meh, hope you had a laugh.


  9. If you have the Inquisitors Handbook, you could use one of the Backround Packages from it, for example "The Mara Landing Massacre" would work great as the "Sole Survivor" background from Mass Effect (at least in my oppinion). You could also design your own version of it with th Player, or at least get inspired by some of those ideas.

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