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  1. Second edition? Maybe. They actually might try new games with the path finding system now that I think of it.
  2. Late message but yes it is disappointing news. Although the last line of the article does hint they may not completely abandon ship. I just wonder if they refer to the game or the universe (like they did with Dust).
  3. Welcome to the site AND the game. If you want to get the Shogunate, also get Operation Hinansho as its a great suplement for than with additonal unique missions.
  4. Yes, I was also disappointed with the paint job for Edison. Granted you could argue all base releases are less than stellar however I would note this latest release out of all others.
  5. That's the small footnote at the bottom of the Matriarchy Troop Pack release news at least. Given the high demand, I was assuming this would be bigger news. Oh well, this post just in case anyone misses that. While I already own her, that's good news regardless, more so with the troop pack to. http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_news.asp?eidn=3113
  6. Haha. Yula's always on the list... even with a topic about zombies!
  7. In regards to multiple troops, only the Union and Reich currently have additional troop packs, although the same still applies to the others.
  8. Despite what has been said about Epic Heroes, for the sake of consistency if they released one for the other factions, I think the Frankenstahl Golem could work for the Reich and the Spearhead for the Union perhaps. Personally however, the Shogunate could really do with some more options (including troop pack) now that they're established.
  9. While still in new and thus on a smaller scale, the Shogunate now has three characters and two troops for your basic team set up. Plus there is the Operation: Hinansho supplement that will expand on them further as a single faction.
  10. madslaust said: I agree. It's like Hass, where his Chronograph doesn't do damage, but screwing with your opponent's head is sooo much fun! Breaking guns, bouncing around like the game's a checker board, whipping people into shape... why are the Reich characters the most fun? I don't know but I agree.
  11. Mizu and Itami of course are only now in an abundence on Amazon UK... of course I got mine from the US a few days ago haha.
  12. Personally I use a tool component box IE for small screws, nuts, wires etc.
  13. Well it turns out that today ONE seller in the UK online has Itami and Mizu it but they want £20 each!? No, it will be cheaper for me to order in from the US a wait the couple of weeks instead, at least there most of the time it's £10 with postage. What you told me however does make sense. Orders are a fickle business.
  14. When Iroh and the Shogunate Troop packs came out I ended up purchasing them off ebay through a US distributer. A week or two later they showed up through many UK sellers. Mizu and Itami seem to be taking longer however and even the US option seems to be more expensive this time around. Is it literally just "we get them when we get them"?
  15. Well I can't find anything so I would assume yes, you are correct. Like I said, not much of a Matriarchy player although that does compensate for using Oksana.
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