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  1. I have another question for the topic. Can multiple soldiers play this card reacting to the same invader attack? And more generally, when the reaction card says "play after" does that mean immediately after?
  2. what about the necrons? can u use Killing Will on those? if i understand it correctly they are biological entities running programs thus alive yet not really mortal
  3. Source yet, reading the rules on page 361 clearly states that against hordes all psychic powers deal damage based on power rating "... no matter what the power may be ..."
  4. also ... psychic powers inflict damage based on psy rating, the damage in the powers description doesn't matter so avenger would do see page 361 in DW rulebook (default; as many magnitudes as PR used / if area effect +1d10)
  5. we house ruled that dodge/parry requires as many RoS as the attack hitting the target but other than that nerfing the SMs kills DW so I wouldn't want to play DW in your campaign.
  6. our KT barely ever comes across enemies not handled in magnitude which don't have warp weapons, ignoring armor :s
  7. I think fate points are there to save your character. The GM will have to be patient, if they get into impossible situations they will burn all their fate points and will be left without any. The ship locked in a course for a sun is easy by the way ... escape pods and even if there aren't any wouldn't a SM survive space?
  8. Hi! The phrasing of the Possibility Shield Psychic Power in my opinion leaves room for interpretation. "... the psyker and a number of allies equal to his PR within range of the psyker gain a +10 bonus to one roll each Round." There's no mention of the type of roll this can applied to. For instance if the player decides to use a fate point to heal d10 wounds they can boost this roll to d10+10 which is a huge difference. Is this how this was intended? Compared to Vortex of Doom which considering the XP cost should be a much stronger power this seems out of balance. A challenging (+0) Agility Test doesn't seem to be a threat to either a Space Marine nor to any of their enemies. My last question is about the Force Weapons possible extra damage if they are wielded by psykers. "...he may ... channel psychic force and killing will into the blade...". Does this mean that enemies which are immune to psychic powers are immune to this extra damage as well?
  9. In the latest chapter of our advanture a member of our party was assassinated and the librarian wanted to eat his brain to gather information about his death. the assault marine kill team member stopped him saying it was sacreledge eating the brain of a fellow space marine. What do you think about it? Would a librarian resort to such measures?
  10. Hi! my questions: what can the characters keep from dungeon to dungeon in the basic game - especially, can they keep the extra black dice they bought? there's an ability, telekinesis, which allows heroes to move anything they want by one space for a fatigue, question is can they pull monsters on an activated teleport rune for another hero to telefrag it? thanks
  11. Ze Armoured Sheep said: Hi, we were playing Quest 2 as two players. I was playing the heroes. You start in a room with four doors, two of which are rune doors and the other two are normal. Behind both normal doors one of Narthak's brothers are waiting for you. We had the problem where the Overlord player knew that the heroes must get in the giants' rooms to retrieve the runes for the rune doors and to obtain treasures (to improve the heroes). These named giants are almost impossible to kill this early in the game and there are also no treasures to be found in the starting area. These giants can then block each long corridor to their runes that will lead to a certain defeat for the heroes. Is there anyway to prevent this from happening? I suggested a rule that states that Narthak's brothers MUST move in the direction of a hero. Please help. haha!! hell no!! anyway .. do not open both doors at the same time, and play with 4 heroes, like everybody keeps repeating. base games are meant to be played with four heroes. first two levels are so easy OL needs every little edge they can get
  12. Moshuromania said: tyvm. i will do my best to try and make the game more interesting. how do you guys handle heroes that use the GUARD ability ? I mean, after they ready - they use the guard mode .. which let them attack my minions 1st i'm asking for a strategy that might help with this i get the feeling you give your heroes too much slack... do u make them declare what action they will take before they start moving around? also .. they can only go in guard if they give up half they round by default and they lose the guard token if you manage to damage them (same as rest btw) we've only played about half a dozen times (and i'm the OL) but it seems to me the only chance i got is either ganging up on the weakest hero or slow them down as much as possible to take away their conquest tokens by drawing my cards (this yielded me most of their conquest tokens since they only tried dungeons 1 & 2 so far) also like some ppl said b4 me .. do not discard your cards unless you need the threat tokens - you can discard them at any time for threat
  13. Gigel said: It doesn't make to much sens since this game is Action based (is based on rounds) it should made more sens to me to guard could take effect after or before MOVEMENT ACTION. I'm playing OL atm... from what I gathered on this discussions is that I can play trap card at ANY MOMENT a player is moving not after or before he completes the MOVEMENT ACTION..... for me it would made more sens to do it before or after because is not a real time game it based on rounds the traps read "when hero moves to an empty space" or some such you can play the trap ... and since movement is explained as a series of moving one square at a time i don't see how you could NOT play the trap in the middle of the hero's charge
  14. hiya! got more questions 1. there's this golden chest weapon, probably called Staff of Knowledge with the special ability to make the OL discard a threat token by 2 charges thrown. question is ... can the player shoot at empty spaces to keep the OL threat tokenless? 2. OL card Trap Mastery - gives the OL -1 threat token cost on every trap and +2 damage for every trap card. every trap card gives heroes a chance to avoid damage. what if player manages to throw the right icon do they still get the 2 damage? the pit trap reads if player throws empty hero avoids falling in thus no damage but the other trap where the ceiling falls on the hero the player has to throw charges to reduce the damage -- also what about the other traps which don't deal direct damage? curse of the monkey god comes to mind... plz clarity 3. curse of the monkey god -- can the heroes use their fatigue to buy extra movement? card reads - heroes in monkey form get to move 5 spaces so i would assume not - also .. can they use the teleport icons in the first place to run off to town? can they activate newly discovered teleport icons? pick up stuff from the ground? as always - thank you for your help
  15. Antistone said: 1. No. "Immediately" means that you can't do anything else first. 2. The Elven Cloak cancels one wound for each power enhancement rolled. "Ignores armor" refers to the armor stat, not to armor items, so wound cancellation still applies. The limit of 5 power dice only applies to attacks. The Elven Cloak is very good. 3. Abilities are only optional if they say they are optional, though Blast and Breath were errata'd to be optional in the FAQ. Sweep is not optional, but it specifically only affects enemy units, so there are very few situations in which you would care. 3a. The hellhound has a ranged attack icon by the dice on his monster card, therefore its attack is ranged. Using Breath or not has no effect on whether an attack counts as melee, ranged, or magic. 4. Trenloe rerolls one die total, not one of each, owing to the fact that it says "or", not "and". thanks, as OL i'm very unhappy with the elven evil cloak but the rest is pretty much the way i thought i read somewhere
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