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  1. I just carved out the old lightsaber and filed the area a little to look more like a cloak and hood. Then I just glued it in flush with the handle with a little superglue (not too much or it will have a smoke effect on the plastic). Seems solid enough for now.
  2. Thanks! I'm quite fond of the Snowtroopers, myself. It was a bit tricky deciding how to paint them but I decided to go with a warmer off-white for the cloaks, and pure white for the armour. White isn't that scary if you use the right paint. I did a white spray, then washed it with a mix of khaki and bone colours (I forget the exact mix), before highlighting the cloth with P3 Menoth White Highlight and then a second highlight of P3 Morrow White, which I also used to paint the armour. Very straightforward and only needed a single coat of white because P3 paints have awesome coverage.
  3. Some more progress from this week. First up, some Snowtroopers. HK-47 and HK-50 droids ready to assassinate some meatbags. Walking Carpets (AKA Wookies)
  4. Here's some progress from last night's session. It's not really Star Wars until these two show up...
  5. Thanks guys. D503, feel free to steal the idea (it wasn't originally mine anyway!). Nice find on the acrylic but international shipping is ridiculous. I got mine from Hasslefree Miniatures while I was ordering a few other things as well and the shipping was much more reasonable. I'd like to get some red acrylic for Vader as well, but they seem to be out of stock at the moment.
  6. Hi all, just thought I'd share my progress painting my IA units. I only recently purchased the game and some expansions and have been painting them over the last 3 weeks, spending about an hour or two a day after my 2 year old daughter goes to bed. They were painted using a combination of Sorastro's techniques and my own. Pretty pleased with how quickly things are coming together but I still have a lot to do! I haven't painted the bases yet as I am planning to rebase them on clear acrylic. I replaced Diala's bendy plastic lightsaber with one made from acrylic rod courtesy of Hasslefree Miniatures. Following Sorastro's tips, I tried my hand at a glow effect for the lightsaber. Thanks for taking the time to check them out!
  7. Thanks for the replies, everyone. Cid, you make perfect sense, thanks for the ideas. The only concern I would have is not being sure of finishing off the limpers, as with the way I roll, sometimes an extra dice is important! I think I'll probably start with 2 and see how that goes.
  8. So I'm trying to work out how many A-Wings I'm going to need and I wondered what people's plans were. I generally play 100pt games and my preferred squad of choice is 4 X-Wings (Biggs, Wedge and a couple of Rookies). I also have a Y-Wing and the Falcon. Can anyone give me some guidance as to how many A-Wings to get? Obviously 4 would be the max but I can't see myself fielding them exclusively. What do you all think?
  9. 8 player event in Auckland, New Zealand. Got the call up the night before the event so I went with a tried and true squad: Wedge - R2 Astromech Biggs - R2-F2 2 x Rookie Pilots Went down pretty hard in the first round after some poor dice at the wrong times, but I managed to pull off 2 5-point wins to get into top 4. I went up against a TIE swarm, 8 Academy pilots. I managed to isolate and neutralise the TIEs pretty effectively, taking down 4 TIEs in 2 turns of shooting for only the loss of Biggs. That put me in the final with a good mate of mine who played Imperials. We were running short of time so played a super-quick game which was more of a formality. I didn't expect to win it at all and neither of us were playing particularly seriously as we knew we would both have access to the ships in the future anyway, but after taking some damage preventing turns, Slave 1 attempted a Koiogran turn a little too close to the board edge and flew off into oblivion! So I managed to come out with the Falcon against all expectations! I was pretty happy with how the squad played and I managed to maneuver well in most games to avoid getting swarmed. The squad went really well in the Rebel mirror match, sweeping the table twice. I'm excited to get my hands on some A-Wings but in the meantime I'll be experimenting with the precious!
  10. Weasel-Fierce

    Gaming mats

    I ordered a Hotz mat about 4 months ago, 6'x4' double sided with hexes on one side for another space game play. I have sent him numerous emails with little to no communication except to say it would be ready soon. It has been 6 weeks since my last contact with the man. Though the quality and price is right, Eric Hotz has a LOT to learn about how to treat customers. I can guarantee when (if!) I get my mat it will be the last order I make with him.
  11. I'm planning to do something similar. I'm buying one of each of the releases (core & expansions) and then rebasing some SSB ships on 40mm plasticard to flesh out the fleet. I'd rather use the official figs as much as possible but with a wedding coming up it's just not justifiable. The tricky part will be producing ship cards to match the different pilots which can be taken on and off the bases. Also, there's the issue of the maneuver dials but I don't think it'll be such an issue to reproduce. I think I'll be happy with this approach as it gives me the best of both worlds - the right components to play the game and enough variety in fleets for replay value.
  12. Weasel-Fierce

    still no word?

    Maesltrom Games (A UK based distributor I use here in New Zealand) has it listed as August 25th. Fingers crossed that's correct, but it'll take a couple of weeks to X-Wing its way over here from the other side of the planet (see what I did there!). It takes a while but free shipping is worth the wait.
  13. I was under the impression that the pilots/upgrade cards in the single ship expansion were different from the ones in the core set. Can anyone confirm this? Therefore, if you want more variety buying 2 cores instead of expansions may not be the best way to go.
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