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  1. i suppose you can use it to see whos active on the site.But it is a shame if theyre no longer used for raffles.
  2. Does it realy matter. My list is only of games i own but i've played a lot more and am always checking out the forums on these games. If you talk and play then others will get to know your interests
  3. Or they could go with a card based game.Players could cotrol lances of mechs or have a multi player version were each player controls one mech.Different houses would provide different card decks ( house specific mechs ) as well as generic mechs for all players.Spice it up with infantry and tanks and voila , an unreal game for beer and pretzel night.
  4. I agree bring on the tritor marines. Or maybe even some poor old imp gaurd to chew on.
  5. I agree you dont need to know the fluff to play but it does make it more interesting.
  6. I always use my collectors copies. Theres no point having them if you dont show them off
  7. there should be more 2-10 player games.my gaming group ranges between 6 - 10 people a week and finding quick and easy card games to play is extreemely difficult.they have to be fast to play easy to learn and playable when drunk.
  8. they should release them as my regular gaming group is eight people and two player games just dont cut it.they should make the game two-ten players
  9. sounds perfect. right amount of time and right age group.SOLD
  10. it looks cute and my kids are always bugging me to play with me and my friends.might have to get it .
  11. I'll try any series to see if its good. Support your favorite games company in their endevours and they will survive. Remember ask at the library / local bookstore etc and when they stock them and others buy them interest and business grows.
  12. the arts awesome . Can we get them in a larger format. And what would they be worth?
  13. it was a great book .im hoping the next will be as good when i pick it up
  14. I agree high elf 77 we need more info on the rules but how can you not be excited about a new version of blood bowl. My gaming groups hanging for it. Its just a shame its not for more people.How about a 2-8 player version?
  15. From the little ive read it sounds isolated ( not a bad thing ) but really who cares , its Blood Bowl...
  16. It would be nice if they returned to the original blood bowl style of mixed teams , were you pick the player(race) for the position.Lots of fun..
  17. just want to know who's out there, where you play and any info about tournaments. My friends and i are in Bendigo Vic but can travel.
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