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  1. I may be starting up a game soonish, If so, i'll drop a line.
  2. Looking for an online game, can GM if needed. Moderately experienced. Contact here or at gloriousruse@yahoo.com.
  3. I personally reccomend for the "grunt by the bucket load" NPC you go with the following rules: 1. Make 1 template, using 30 as the average stat. +5 for what they're good at, -5 for what they're not. 2. Don't bother looking up whats skills and talents there are. If he has a hevay machinegun, he can use a heavy machinegun. If he's driving a truck, he can drive a truck. if he's a drug dealer...he knows about dealing drugs. Don't waste time compiling a huge archaic list trying o fit the various PC talent/skills into what you already know the mook can do. 3. Record the basic soak (toughness + armor), and possible weapon variants within a bucketload of them. mark any special bits too (fear, for instance) 4. Insert as needed. Use either the two strikes rule, or a simple wound track list. to decide when they die horribly. Taa-da. A grunt-o-matic.
  4. Having run an assortment of homebrews for DH so far, may I suggest the following for your first home brew: 1. Do not go overly apocalyptic for your first arc. Yes, drama is easier when the fight is EPICCCC...but it also means that whatever the results are are equally sector changing. This is your first time really playing with a completely free world with the only railroad being you. If you don't balance it right, it seems like an epic movie, not an rpg, because your busy being apocalyptic the way you want it to, and the players can't afford to miss. On the flip side, if your too open ended, and your players are used to moving along a plot rather than an investigation, Scintilla might be wiped out because they are still feeling out how this works. Better to save the apocalypse for when you and they have solid feel of the level of movie/open-source your comfortable with. 2. Don't strive to work every background into the story as raw connections just for the sake of doing it. Let there be some normal times so that the personal times are well, personal. Your players will surprise with how their players react simply in an open world, without injecting canned emotional/background cues. Once you've got the feel of the character, you can really sculpt something that would be a personal hook, rather than a template. 3. If your going to swing the inquisition proper in while your players are pre-ascension, remember that Inquisitors and other Ascension types are special individuals. Exceptional individuals. Each with his own history, contacts, agendas and responsibilities. And if they're around your acolytes, don't think for a second your in a vacuum If you're going to kill one off or even have him be conveniently blindsided, he better be outmaneveured for real, or else its going to look suspicously like a plot device. Which it is, but that doesn't mean it needs to be slap with a dead fish style narration.
  5. Brilliant. If nothing else, its an excellent reminder of why DH is grimdark. Its easy to get so caught up in the byzantine machinations of a typical DH adventure that you can lose sight of the setting...little injects like this do wonders for establishing the mood.
  6. Problem 1: I prefer to bypass thronery. Yes, players earn their monthly thrones, to do unto which they will, but if they are members (however lowly) of the emperor's most holy Inquisition, I have a hard time believing that their handler (be he inquisitor, interrogator, etc) is so strapped for resources that the team being flung across the galaxy to inspect potentially catastrophic phenomena can not, somehow, be given some flak jackets and autoguns or <INSERT COMPARATIVELY AVERAGE POWER:LEVEL PIECE OF GEAR HERE>. Remeber, an acolyte cell costs an Inquisitor, in game terms, 5 permanent requisition points. And as they grow, their missions grow, so those level 6 acolytes inspecting a possible genestealer cult might very reasonably be given some chainswords and bolters for their shooty types. No need to play the Well, hey, we were in transit for two months, right? So thats two months pay? So I do have enough for a bolt pistol..ah..wait..does this have a pop of 10,000 or less? 2: Adjust appropriately. maybe use quality indicators to mark particularly advanced or primitve equipment. 3: The fluff overdoes the unreliability/non-utility of astropathic comms a bit. While it may not be the best way to send stock prices, or exact numbers o bullets remaining per gun type, you can pretty easily send "sell pigs here." "need more artillery shells-lots" and "oh dear Emperor, its a green tide! Shoot them Shoot them nooow!" It will generally be faster than hard copy in the warp. That being said, several of the more formal and binding documents of the Imperium (to include a formal carta to bring in an Inquisitor) can ONLY travel hard copy. Even so, the delays, and the lack of perfect fidelity, in the most common form of communications essentially renders centralization extremely difficult, which is one of the prime reasons the Imperium is decidely feudal.
  7. Shrine world. Nobody does shrine world, and they are chock full of 40k ridicolousness, pomp, and bombast. And you could make it something like 'secure the alliance of Ecclesiarch so and so", so that your inquisitor can jusitfy his puritan/radical actions elsewhere, and run from there. The 1st mission, of course, is happily maneveruign and purgeoning on the Ecclesiarch's enemies, all while platying by the rules in a byzantine hierarchy.
  8. Adapt, Improvise, Overcome. More seriously, the best thing you can do is let them. Chances are one of four things will happen: 1) They find the clues through their helping hands. Great. Story rolls. 2) Their helping hands don't know/only know a wee tiny touch. they return to your pre-planned plot. Story Rolls. 3) They start requesting assiatnce and such that intrigues the biggies, who promtply ignore/circumvent/lie to/accidentally expose/make a stink about said acolytes, with Consequences. Consequences being defined as Story Rolls. 4) The people they are suborning are the bad guys. Story Rolls.
  9. Worhsip the Emperor and no others, in a manner not considered heresy by the ecclesiarchy. Give the pyskers of your world to the black ships. Pay the Emperor's Tithe. See to your defense, and provide for the defense of the Imperium as needed. Do not trade with or porvide succor to the enemies of mankind. Thats it. Everything else is negotiable. Now...how much security and scrutiny a world recieves is directly relatice to its percieved value to the Imperium and its ability meet the big ones. A true backwater might have just enough administratum to make sure the Tithe goes smoothgly, just enouh Ecclesiarchy to make sure its not a heresy in the brewing, a handful of astropaths, and thats about it. The planet might not see anything other than the odd trader and tax collector for decades or more. Its quite possible that the entire planet could be conquered and no one would notice until the tithe collection failed.
  10. Well, there's always the option of loaning/granting them items from the Inquisitor's armories. Presumably he does not send his cells to fail. So if they need carapace armor to have a chance in hell...well, they get some. Of course, if you think they only need it for the big fight, they happen to get some that is traditionally used as Inquisition Ceremonial
  11. Let me preface this post by saying that in the spectrum of GMing, I fall hard on the side "fast and loose." Combat, plot points, xp spending, exactly what you can and can't do, dice rolls, effects, you name it...all in the name of a good time and a good game. That being said, there are somethings that CANNOT be fast and loose and still have you in a game set in 40k, and not "how I wish 40k was homebrew." The terrible responsibility, power, and sheer magnitude of personality of an Inquisitor is one of them. This is not some Imperial Guard garrisson, or minor clerical post of the administratum where if you serve enough years without causing amazing failure (or dying) you'll happily retire as a sergeant/senior clerk/what-have-you. This is not even becoming a battle brother, where one in three thousand might prove worthy to finally assume the full power armor. The Calixis Sector, with an abnormally high concentration of inquisitors, will still likely never see their number above four hundred. To become an Inquisitor is not in any way inevitable. Or even likely. In addittion to being EXCEPTIONAL, not just "good enough" in Inquisitorial work, you have to have the discipline and character required, a patron, some form of political support from other inquisitors, and quite frankly, the good luck to be in the right place in the right time where you can prove yourself several cuts above the merely excellent. It requires a combination of enormous talent, remarkable success, and the blessings of Fate to even be considered. And even then, it must be proven to Individuals who have already achieved the stature, who may approve or deny for reasons Ideological as much as the entry fee of being better than one in a billion. So, in short, he has probably already failed. he is morally unreliable, suspectible to the most basic of tempations, and most damning of all, utterly incompetent. He not only won't be an Inquisitor, he's not even in the running. He will never make interrogator, because you don't make your right hand man out of a moronic, poor impulse control, unstable dumbass if you have the choice. And I assure you his Inquisitor, with hundreds of acolytes and staff, as well as political debts to peers who have subordinates who ARE deserving of the role, has the choice. Your acolyte cell wiill, without further ambtions from an actual potential, be relegated to acting as a cell for their owning Inquisitor for the rest of their lives. Which will likely be much shorter than his. So now its come to jesus time with the player and group. If the player wants to assume the mantle of leadership, theres only three paths I see: 1) Your early in (still sub rank 3/4) and the assassin changes his spots. With hard work to prove himself and erase his past foolishness, MAYBE he can be considere dcfor an interrogator, and then have the possibility of Inquisitor around 13 or 14 when he has truly proven himself. 2) Assassin dies/relegated-to-obscurity and the player , after carefuly GM vetting, gets the chance to run a new char from a start point with enough time to at leats prove to the group that is was a character flaw, and not a player flaw, before bestowing the title upon him. 3) The player is frankly, too immature to handle it, and too bad, so sad, it doesn't happen. Really, the core of this is identifying whether its a player issue or a character issue. He can even, still, remain a nasty bastard. If he was ****** to crush the pyshcological spirt and utterly shatter the human being he was ******, in the name of Mankind, realizing that, in the face of the inquisition, this is an abominable tehcnique, yet far better than consigning a planet to die,..and that this still is the product of an arorgant and twisted mind, okay...may not be many tables cup of tea, but at leats the Player is in the right frame of mind. If he's doing it because "hhr..hhr..he has sex"...no way shoudl you.
  12. I prefer a subjective fast and loose version of XP spending. Generally speaking, if your not locked in drama time now, you can spend on basic skills, but talents and advanced needs to wait until down time. Think of it as the "adventurer's bag" only for skills and such. Metaphorically, you can buy rope and a waterflask, but not a flaming greatsword. Shaodwing because you plan on tailing someone later tonight? Sure. Lightning strike because the ork Warboss is coming over the ridge? No.
  13. Simple solution: All players, roll up DW characters. Excellent.. Should your DH team ever call for, be assigned, or ohterwise end up being more or less involved with a killteam doing dirty work in your camapaign..this the team that does it. Everyone gets a few sessions of runnign around being nigh invincible supermen doing amazing things, then you can get back to the business of being skulking acolytes without having to worry about wher eyou hding the 9 foot, 400 pound, angel of death who looks like the statues in the local temple.
  14. Ah. The Laptop screen is excellent. In that case, still use excel...and keep a copy of the plot outline (or at least the factions/objectives) right under it, so that you can recall whats supposed to happen next, write in suddenly developed characters, and look down the road to see how this partiucalr player decision might cause some editing, and where it will fold back into the path.
  15. If you play face to face, just keep a single stat line with mooks 1-100(or whatever) on the wound tracker, and indicate any standouts. Over the internet, excel is your friend.
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