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  1. Xenu's Paradox said: Most of the really cool/interesting characters are Dark Side. I mean, who DOESN'T want to run a deck full of bounty hunters? In the movies, anyway. In the expanded universe, the Light Side has got heavy-hitters of its own!
  2. Personally, the cooperative dynamic is so refreshing! Everyone is willing to play a game much more often! The Dark Side is seductive, sure, but when you're watching the movies, everyone cheers for the good guys.
  3. We're fine! We're all fine here now, thank you! ....How are you?
  4. And then sure enough, I found it right after I made the above post. Now, if you'll excuse me.... ~Collects remaining dignity and stubs his toe on the way out~
  5. I did some digging around to see if this topic was posted elsewhere, but I couldn't find anything. Not in the face! ~Cower~ I was wondering how a co-op LCG would/could work in organized play. Any news on this?
  6. This will be the first hobby game I've ever picked-up at launch! Will the cards be printed with first edition icons? Is this something FFG has done in the past? Sorry - I'm the new guy.... Better set some money aside....
  7. Frog said: I almost bought into that Eldritch Void known as Call of Cthulhu LCG based on their tutorial video. Thankfully, I came to my senses and realized I'd never find anyone to play it with and did not fall prey to the Shoggoth pits! Haha! Then it looks like you had more foresight than I did. I new for certain I'd be able to game with my girlfriend but outside of that, we're still looking into hobby shops. >.<
  8. When I clicked on this link, I only intended to read the OP and move along, but I just spent the past 15 minutes completely awe-struck and obliviously clicking through the pages. That was an incredible experience. I'm not surprised OP hates cooperative games....
  9. That looks fantastic! Glad to see the artists are doing Middle Earth justice!
  10. sepayne7l said: Welcome to the club. It is a great game and I think very unique in its gameplay. My only problem is trying to cultivate more people to play with. That's the problem with any card game I've ever played. My girlfriend and I just started yesterday and we were lucky enough to find a very successful hobby gaming shop about thirty minutes away that features free play every Wednesday. The managers say it's always a big turn-out, so we're looking forward to getting involved. Though, at the moment, we're feeling pretty overwhelmed. I guess that's to be expected with any new game, though. Loving it so far!
  11. My girlfriend and I just bought the core set and two Asylum Packs yesterday. I was hoping there would be some kind of pre-constructed deck guide in the core set that would help us get a feel for what factions were best at or the kinds of things to look out for when building decks of our own. We read the rules cover-to-cover and we're aware of the segment that suggests combining two faction cards and the neutrals, but it isn't necessarily helpful in what to watch out for when building. Shame they don't have set training decks.
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