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  1. Well, we played one game today after completely re-designing the deck. And it wasn't even close. Since turn one I had full control of the game. Didn't get a chance to try out multiple games, but things are looking good.

    I managed to get Maester of War + 3 Refugees of the Citadel out by turn 1. And then The Viper's Bannerman on Turn 2. After that things went very well.

  2. My main goal for this deck was to play Knights of the Sun while it's summer and spend unused gold to make them grow. If I drop the summer theme, I might as well go ahead and remove most of the House Dayne characters (Starfall Advisor, Bannerman, Healer).

    So with your advice I'm gonna go ahead and try to make this a more Martell deck, rather than just House Dayne.

    For Arianne Martell, should I include a few Rusted Swords, so she can participate in all challenges? That with "To The Spears" could work really well.

  3. Me and my friends have recently begun playing the LCG, and we started off with the Core Set.

    I decided to buy the PotS expansion, since I liked the Martells in the books, and I liked the way some of their cards worked (making the most of losing challenges). My other friend got the Stark pack, and destroyed me pretty handidily most games while running a Tully-themed deck.

    So I decided to see if a Dayne deck would work to fight back. I took some old Magic cards, and a sharpie, and slapped together a deck to see if it works before I go ahead and buy everything I need to make a good deck. Unfortunately, it hasn't worked for me at all. I've been consistentey beaten, even though I have had the advantage at some points during the game. I think I won one game out of twenty.

    Here's what I came up with so far (it's at 67 cards, which is probably be too much, but I'm not sure what to take out/replace):



    Desolate Passage

    Tourney for the Hand

    Wildfire Assault

    Valar Morghulis

    Building Season

    Fury of the Sun

    A Time for Ravens


    Characters (33):

    House Dayne Reserves x 2

    Lord Edric's Knight x 3

    House Dayne Knight x 3

    House Dayne Squire x 3

    Starfall Bannerman x 3

    Starfall Healer x 3

    Starfall Advisor x 3

    Knights of the Sun x 3

    Maester of Lemonwood x 3

    The Red Viper x 1

    Areo Hotah x 1

    Ser Arthur Dayne x 1

    Darkstar x 1

    Edric Dayne x 1

    The Bastard of Godsgrace x 1

    Black Raven x 1


    Locations (18):

    Palace Fountains x 3

    Water Gardens x 3

    Southron Warship x 3

    Dornish Fiefdoms x 3

    Summer Sea x 3

    Lord Doran's Chambers x 1

    Dorne x 1

    Starfall x 1


    Events (12):

    He Calls It Thinking x 3

    Condemned By the Council x 3

    The Viper's Rage x 3

    Red Vengeance x 3


    Accesories (4):

    Dawn x 1

    Taste for Blood x 3


    As I was writing this I've come to think that losing challenged may not be the best "theme" for a House Dayne deck, and maybe I should re-do some of the events. Rumours of War might be a good addition.



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