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  1. Simply put, FFG needs a Star Wars LCG. LCG's are one of the main cornerstones of their business, and their Star Wars license needs to touch all the different corners of their product portfolio. They would not remove a Star Wars licensed LCG unless they were going to scrap the existing one and replace it with a new one. I don't see that happening anytime soon. Plus, they have limitless expansion potential with all of the new movies coming out.
  2. Roseville is a suburb of Minneapolis, so you don't have to worry about renting a car and driving off into the countryside. There are plenty of hotels to choose from - however the past two years, FFG has reserved a block of rooms at the Radisson Hotel Roseville for Arkham Nights, so you'll get a reduced rate. Not sure if they've done that again this year or not, but the hotel is within walking distance of the Event Center, so it's worth looking into if you plan on gaming late into the night.
  3. I just hear "Andor" and immediately think of Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series - but this appears to be unrelated.
  4. Played this for the first time at Gen Con this weekend. Kind of glad I didn't decide to sink a bunch of money into it! Too bad, though, as I really like the game mechanics, and the setting is very interesting.
  5. Yes, at the In-Flight Report, it was noted that the three new races would have their own league. I suppose if Goblins were released, wouldn't they be in the Chaos Wastes Confederation (CWC) the same as the Orcs? Or, I suppose, for whatever future release contains the Lizardmen, the Goblins will be in that league. What would the third race be in a league of Gobbos and Lizardmen?
  6. My wife and I drove up from Indiana the past two years, but sadly won't be able to make it this year. She actually won the big contest drawings from both years, so now someone else will get a chance!
  7. Well, we're coming up on mid-November with not even a News feed preview item yet. So I'd figure we won't see this until after the first of the year.
  8. I'd agree that the swag bag was not as good this year. There should be something in there for all of their games. While I liked the art for this year's art print, it's useless as swag, as it's too small to nicely frame, and contributes nothing to any of the games. Limited-edition game items are what people really want. Something to symbolize attendance at the event that also adds some exclusivity to your game, as well as having some actual play value. However, for my wife and I, the swag bag is not why we attend. We live in Indiana, so it's a long drive for us, but we turn it into a mini-vacation, and a four-day weekend. We eat out at nice restaurants, we go shopping at the Mall of America, we see local museums and sights. And the draw to the event itself, aside from our love of the Arkham Horror games, is the chance to meet, talk, and hear from the developers of the games, and the chance to get to play the games with them, or, in my wife's case, to get to help design the next Mansions of Madness print-on-demand scenario. Even if we hadn't won the drawings, the developers are all accessible for questions, discussions, etc., which is really great. Also, I think FFG advertised it just as early this year as they did last year. They were advertising Arkham Nights at Gen Con this year, which is the same time and place we found out about it last year. So it's been promoted by FFG since early August, at the latest. Whether they announced it prior to that, I'm not sure. But overall, as you said, there needs to be better promotion, and more valuable swag to actually get people's attention. The event has kind of a half-measure feel to it-- FFG wants to have the event, but pushes the threshold on how little they can possibly do and spend to make it work. It's more than a local Event Center event, but they haven't pushed it enough into something that is a nationwide or at least a regional draw. (beyond people such as myself who can find other reasons to go to Minneapolis beyond the event itself) It's possible that adding a more "prestigious" tournament for Call of Cthulhu or Arkham Horror league play would increase interest. Although even at Gen Con, they have trouble pulling numbers for the Call of Cthulhu tournament.
  9. I hope FFG continues to do this every year. I went to last year's and this year's, and the attendance definitely seemed lower this year. I wondered if it wasn't because last year's organization wasn't quite as good, so some people were turned off. Last year, they did sign-up sheets for the set up games, which led to, I think, people feeling like they weren't going to be able to play the Arkham Horror variation they wanted. This year, it seemed much more informal, and we got into all sorts of variations of Arkham Horror AND Mansions of Madness, as well as plenty of copies of Elder Sign available for play. Also, FFG staff and volunteers were much more quick to round up people who were standing around looking at games and setting them up with games to play. It just seemed a lot more casual, flowing and fun this year. Although the lower attendance did, I think, contribute to my wife and I both winning some of the drawings this year for cool stuff. So hopefully it will be a continued annual tradition, that won't face diminishing returns and eventually end.
  10. The Falcon and Slave I seem like they would be good ships to include in specific scenarios. Otherwise, you'll probably see them in every game, just because, who wouldn't want to play the Falcon or Slave I?
  11. If there are differences between the FFG version of the game and the Stronghold version of the game, that seems more likely to result in some sort of compromise being worked out and both being released. I suspect there would be more legal animosity between the two companies if they were both trying to release identical products.
  12. Very nice! I like that it's not too complicated. Some jack-o-lanterns these days are a little over the top.
  13. I think FFG will look at it from an expense perspective. The whole purpose of POD was to provide regular content expansions to the game that would not otherwise be economically feasible for FFG to do. If translations fit into that, then they will do them, but I think with foreign-language versions, it will likely come down to demand-- so contact FFG and demand translations, so they know they'll be able to make money on it!
  14. I haven't heard anything about their apps working on Android, but hopefully this means we'll see eventual Android applicability.
  15. I felt the same way about wondering if any of the characters would be killed off. Hopefully that's an option for the author. It makes it more interesting if you know that no character is safe.
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