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  1. Hi, I'm based in Hereford until August. I usually drag my cllect down to London to play with my old group, but would be up for playing somewhere closer!
  2. I'm currently in Hereford, but will probably be in Birmingham from July. Make the trip down to London regularly to pay with my old group.
  3. It's probably because they needed to fit more things into the encounter deck for Thing in Depths rather than anything actually sinister.
  4. That's honestly a problem at your FLGS; mine got it just after Christmas
  5. Technically, The Hobbit quests (all 6 of them) happen about 60 years before the rest of the deluxe and adventure pack cycles (Which is set in the 19 years between Bilbo's birthday party and the start of LOTR), and which is then followed by the LOTR Saga boxes.
  6. BH: Sam BI: Beregrond BJ: Elrond BK: Tactics Aragorn
  7. I want a Spirit Faramir. In fact, I was shocked to find that we weren't getting a Spirit Faramir hero in Land of Shadow. Faramir is one of the few people who have successfully resisted the lure of the ring and has many characteristics that define the spirit sphere.
  8. Gondorian Spear on a Shielded up Beregrond sounds amazing for this quest, if only to knock out Sorceries.
  9. AZ: Galadriel BA: Frodo Baggins BB: Legolas BC: Beregond BD: Elrond BE: Gandalf BF: Aragorn (T) BG: Arwen Undomiel
  10. AJ: Galadriel AK: Spirit Glorfindel AL: Frodo Baggins AM: Leadership Aragorn AN: Lore Aragorn AO: Legolas AP: Beregond AQ: Mablung AR: Elrond AS: Damrod AT: Gandalf AU: Erestor AV: Éowyn AW: Amarthiul AX: Arwen Undomiel AY: Leadership Faramir
  11. D: Galadriel E: Lore Pippin F: Spiritfindel G: Sam Gamgee H: Beravor I: Beorn J: Éomer K: Idraen L: Aragorn (Lo) M: Prince Imrahil N: Legolas O: Denethor P: Beregond Q: Bard the Bowman R: Haldir of Lorien S: Mablung T: Elrond U: Lore Faramir V: Spirit Merry W: Damrod X: Gandalf Y: Halbarad Z: Treebeard AA: Erestor AB: Éowyn AC: Eleanor AD: Elrohir AE: Tactagorn AF: Celeborn AG: Arwen Undomiel AH: Elladan AI: Leadership Faramir
  12. I actually quite like named/unique allies. FFG tends to put more interesting effects on them, or make them more powerful, in ways that make them far more fun to play with compared to their non-unique counterparts (See Orophin vs Silverlode Archer or Arwen vs 2 cost spirit allies). It also gives a better sense of immersion. I think Thalin, Eleanor and Beravor were originally from Middle-Earth Quest, and there may be some background material in that game, though I'm not 100% sure.
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