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  1. Please tell me there's some whisper (in darkness) of an expansion on the horizon? I'm in love with this game, but 4 scenarios is still 4 scenarios...
  2. Let me preface this with the fact I'm an enormous FFG Arkham Files fan. I've got all of the Eldritch Expansions, heading the same way with Mansions, and will likely do the same with Arkham 3e when they start rearing their heads. So I was explaining/selling the concept of Mansions to a friend recently, and singing the praises of the app over the 1 hour+ prep from 1e. To which he asked an odd question. If the app does a lot of that, then why is it a board game? Why not just go the extra bit of effort and make it a fully digital game? I didn't have a great answer beyond "it's just better, it's fun, I like the physicality" etc. But it got me thinking. Do any of you have answers for this? Has it come up at your tables?
  3. Just wondering if anyone has had any experience with building decks made up solely of the one faction (and neutrals)?
  4. Just curious, has anyone tried to use this as a writing tool? I've been toying with the idea of using EH as a story generator, seeing how the overall narrative sounds when all is said and done.
  5. I'm sorry for the basic question, but... Please assume I'm a complete moron and explain space docks to me. I get the production capacity of [planet resources] +2, but how does this work when building shops etc???
  6. I find deck building a bit of a bore, but I have less interest in decks that are perfectly tweaked to win all the games ever. So, any of you have decks that really capture a flavour or aspect of a runner or corp?
  7. Ah, couldn't make out the design. Thanks! One more for now - Why would Priority Requisition be something that the corp would want to be kept quiet?
  8. Hey all, New to Netrunner (just picked up the core set), but in love with the setting. One thing I was going to suggest, was are there any cards that don't immediately make thematic sense? Anyone interested in making a stab at what it might be? Off the top of my head, the Weyland Agenda of Project Atlas. What could it be? This isn't exactly vital, I just get a real kick of fitting everything into the theme and setting. Thanks! C
  9. That's perfect, thank you. The confusion was relating to the fact that once you wake up Yog, you still need to solve 3 mysteries and then do the final thing. That's great, thanks for clearing up. Now I can't wait to see how they do other Ancient Ones!
  10. Hi guys, I've got some problems trying to understand Yog Sothoth's rules. Specifically, how the Key and the Gate encounters work. It says that "If the investigators solve 3 mysteries, they win the game" But how do the key and the gate/lurker on the threshold things on the back of the card work? Confused. Thanks, C
  11. This might sound really stupid, but how do the expansions fit into the core set? What I mean by this is, if I am partway through the campaign, is there value in getting these? I can't get my head around how and when they come into use. Are there more campaigns to do? Relayability? I live the look of them but just need to get a better understanding. cheers, C.
  12. Hey guys, wanted to clarify something that's been bugging me the last one or two games... 1. The subject of Damage, be it health or sanity. Should I be giving the players their full health and sanity in tokens to begin with and taking it from them as they lose it, or giving them tokens of damage as they accrue it? 2. In relation to this, the trauma cards. If a trauma card says nothing on the brain/heart, I can give that to players any time I like that they accrue damage. But, if a number is there, (eg. 4), does that mean I can only give it AFTER they have accrued at least 4 damage, or does it mean that I can only give it after they have accrued enough damage to bring their health DOWN to 4 or less? I guess the question is how is health meant to be measured. Thanks in advance.
  13. What do you use to paint with? You think my old Warhammer paints/washes would be suitable for them?
  14. Perhaps a silly question, but from what I've seen it seems to be the best guarded secret ever. Does anybody know if you need the Guides if you have the Vaults or vice versa? I quite like playing WFRP with all the materials that come with the original set. Easily laid out information, everyone knows where they stand, all the usual pro points that people cite. But nobody seems to know if the Vaults will require the guides to be used. If this is the case, FFG are about to take a nosedive in my (and quite a few others') books I think.
  15. Outta curiosity, how long did this take to run?
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