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  1. ill pre-order it if anyone got the news when will t be released please post as soon as possible, realy want this
  2. here is my opinion: 1st its only me & my wife , then our son is born he is 9 weaks of age the game minimum number of players are 4 ( i played as 2 character & my wife 2 ) & from that time WE REALY had fun , after our baby was born we sttled at the moment with his feeding & sleeping patern , we played the game adding him ( will u know ) & he won ( LOOL) no seriosly we took turns to control his cards with the other 4rth when my brothrs & sister camed .... we played actual 4 players & the result was ADDICTING , very fun game 7 yes i recommend it for everyone who has family memebrs, youngsters , any kids around or adults who like to enjoy a fun gathering moments i am open for any questions
  3. i ordered it from amazon & still not yet have it, ill order it from here, as soon i recieve it ill inform all of you
  4. hello all, i am an old fan & user in this web site but apparently after the renewal of the site & yes i forgot what was the email & password i had, i bought descent in the 1st year it was released, now me & my wife are playing it, actually we just played our 1st official game against each other so i got these questions which i couldnt find it in the rules & i forgot about them : 1-magic attack: is it reduced by armor? meaning if i attacked a monster with magic & ruled dice the result is 6 damages, the monster has 2 armors , does the end result of damage is 4 or magic ignores the armor effect so the monster will get 6 damages? what about if the monster was attacking the hero with magic to? 2-when we were playing, my wife turned me to a monky (she was the overlord) at that time before i was to be turned i had BURN effect on me, so after turning to a monky: does the status element effects stay on me like BURN-POISON-WEB or no? 3-about curse items: i opened a chest & got a weapon 1 hand shield & it was cursed: MUST I equip the cursed or the rule only applies to the dark relics? 4-we played the 1st dungeon in the 1st game (into the dark): should i put the bronze-silver-gold treasure cards of the expansions & equipments with this quest or only when playing the expansions of each one i use its new treasures & equipment for the corresponding expansion lastly i just ordered "road to legend & the tomb of ice" later ill get sea of blood with its new sea board ........ & also got a deal on a brand new heroquest (costs me much tho ;-p ) ,
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