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  1. Kiton said: Its B, minus the part about having to actually roll. hench the quote marks around the word, thanks for the answer.
  2. I´m still a bit fuzzy on the Wealth background, is it: A) a extra requisition "roll" but with a +20 limit instead of a -10? or B) a standard requisition "roll" but with a +20 bonus (so say you could request one best quality plasma pistol, something that normally be impossible as it´s -30 but the +20 bump it up to -10, just at the limit)
  3. Shadow Walker said: Still they do not need BS aptitude but they need more strenght and toughness. Now they are weaker and less tougher than Ork Nob which is unfluffy. Vechicles size in Adversaries&NPC chapter should be changed according to IG vechicles size from latest update. I for one welcome the BS aptitude, makes Ogryns darn good heavy weapons users (like seriously, stick a heavy stubber in a Ogryn with high BS skill and he can run around with the other players like a rifleman on steroids!) all in all, in my book the BS aptitude is a good way to ensure players can get out of the streotype swamp by not having there Ogryn being a dumb bruiser….now he can be a dumb gunman X-)
  4. Shadow Walker said: Great update. Now I need only more fluffy Ogryns [T/S unnaturals of at least 4, scrap his BS aptitude, give his cc attacks concussive] and some little changes in Adversarie&NPC chapter [wounds of 25 for Weirdboy, BS of 19 for all Boyz etc.]. That and give Operator 8+wounds. *looks at you* *looks at the Ogryn wielding his ripper gun* *looks back at you* *looks back at the Ogryn wielding his ripper gun* why would ya remove there BS apititude?
  5. HappyDaze said: I've taken to using the term Light Power Armour to refer to any non-Legion/Astartes PA in my games. as in ya always calling them that, or as in BC humans can never get the standard none legion power armour?
  6. HappyDaze said: Older models were generally heavier than the 'modern' models. None of the armour used by Space Marines has ever been 'light' power armour. I was talking purely out of a aesthetic angle, I´m fully aware Space Marines never used light Power armours, I was drawing parallels between the design of Heresy era Marine power armour and how a light power armour could share the same sources of inspiration, consider the Black Crusade book hints it seamed more common back then for the Imperium to make power armours fit for common men, not just the Astartes.
  7. brother maxximus said: I always imagened a more form fitting model without the bulky shoulder guards. Actually reading threw the text in the core rulebook about how often traitor forces, marine or not have Power Armour that can be all the way back to the Horus Heresy era. Consider the blunt, medieval feel of older generation Marine armour, I could imagen light armour looking like some modernised medieval full plate.
  8. ShadowRay said: Sorioritas Power Armour is essentialy Light Power Armour. And it can be easily found by google. Other than that I don't think I've ever seen one in the books. I think they would be somethink like in Fallout Tactics: BoS (it even has armlets, and all WH40k power armours have epic armlets). ah forgot about those, that´s right, guess I google that then PnPgamer said: I'd think that space marine scouts use light ones? Deathwatch describes Scout Armour as a special type of Carapace armour.
  9. Just curious if anyone had any good reference images of how a light power armour looks like in the 40k universe. since obviously the iconic standard one worn by Marines kinda gets front cover.
  10. Bron said: What would be nice would be a system for designing vehicles and equipment (for the GM or Players under GM approval of course) where you put in what you want it to do (both advantages and disadvantages) and could then consult a table showing cost and rareity (not being on the beta myself I'm not entirely sure how equipment is bought in game). sounds nifty, tho lore wise a bit iffy, consider the kinda main thing about the Imperium is they copy and very rarely if ever design anything new. They basicly hug to tried and trued centriues old blueprints like they are texts out of a holy bible. Having a system for tinkering with existing equipment and vehicles would work better in my mind, as it makes sense guardsmen would as time passes tinker with there stuff to make it fit there work.
  11. Santiago said: - Solid Slugs for shotguns (+1 Dam, +2 Pen, +50% Range) - Chain Bayonet (Lancers are cool) - Rifle Grenades - Artillery/Air Support (rules for fire support) - Dozer Blade (ramming and digging rules) - Gun emplacements -agreed for slugs, stats looks fine tho obviously they loose the scatter Special too -text say melee attachment incorporates chain blades as examples - is there any lore support for that? Hard to say such a thing gets much use 8/10 regiment uses Las guns anyway - there already is stats for artillery guns, some common sense from the GM could work those in without making it some separate equipment diddle daddle - same here really, some common sense from the GM and some shovels for the players and you can make this without it being some kind of equipment.
  12. Kshatriya said: Isn't the draw for lasguns effectively unlimited ammo (given charging stations) at the cost of power, vs other weapons having more stopping power but needing physical ammo (bullets, chemical canisters for melta and plasma flasks for plasma)? Regardless, I've never understood why lasguns aren't full-auto. because if I´m not mistaken las weapons have to charge up between shots, hence the only way they ever manage to make a auto firing las weapon was going minigun style with the Multi-Las.
  13. DJSunhammer said: Except they couldn't… Any weapon capable of punching through inches thick armor is going to have enough recoil to turn a human being into paste when he fires it. Not a very useful weapon to be honest. last I checked recoil is caused by the rapid expansion of gas when the powder in a current day bullet explodes, rail & gauss weapons is about using magnetism, directing all the force forward along the barrel (unlike a bullet, where the gas is leaked both front and back, the later the cause of recoil)
  14. Manyfist said: Unholy_Ravager said: Wait as in roll randomly for the regiment? Why? Roll for each choice, like you roll for a home world, type of infantry..etc. much like in DH where you have the option to roll for everything including your name. Instead of a point based regiment creation you roll to see what you get. Then roll for either speciality or guardsmen then roll for career. Right now the regiment creation is bare. frankly I find rolls like that in games like DH to be dead wieght, things like your starting characterestics, wounds, etc to be fine, but why would you want to trust things like regiment setup (or heck character choises) to a random dice?
  15. DJSunhammer said: No one in their right mind would spend resources on an expensive weapon that can't even be used in any kind of extended battle. Especially when you expect the soldier carrying that weapon can be expected to fight behind enemy lines, without resupply. "Just leave the gun at home" is a poor argument. well here is a classic case where war game and rpg translation gets iffy, in the war game, Stormtroopers are basicly heavy armoured frontline fighters, where ya can argue fluff wise they have some guardsman acting as there ammo monkey fetching new backpacks from base. Of course one could house rule and give them ammo as the backpack "clip". I personally think the hot-shot is intended to be the Stormtroopers frontline gun (and it makes sense, with few expeptions a Stormtrooper player is more likely to get frontline duty then the spec ops work lore say they do) and the trooper wisely picks something else for those spec ops missions.
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