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  1. Is there any way to filter the upgrade cards? I can't remember offhand which cards come from which boxes (and therefore which cards I have) - is there a list anywhere?
  2. I'm amazed to see Spirit Pippin doing so well (he now has 2 votes)...
  3. Most of these were fairly straightforward for me (although one or two will be controversial picks) - think the later rounds will be interesting Nori Bard Eowyn Thorin Frodo Thalin Boromir Eleanor Imrahil Denethor Gloin Idraen Merry Gandalf Haldir Galadriel Beorn Mablung Celeborn Gimli Hama Dain Eomer
  4. Has anyone tried making cards with the newest version yet? - I've been trying just now, and noticed the symbols for attack/defence/willpower in the text seem to have gone - does anyone know how to insert them? i thought the html tags were <as> <ds> <ws> but that's not doing anything.
  5. The new Frodo in the Black Riders combined with The One Ring allows you to play with 4 heroes. The quest log now even has an option to add this version of Frodo. However, there doesn't seem to be a way to actually log a 4th hero! (i.e. only 3 boxes) I can also see there are stats up now for how much you use the Baggins sphere- but no option to log these Bilbos is this planned to be changed soon?
  6. Mattr0polis said: I think this adventure pack should be the one exception to the 'one hero in each pack' rule. Merry and Pippen should come together. Merry and Pippin spend quite a bit of time apart (fighting in the siege of Gondor / riding with the Rohirrim) ElladanandElrohir could be one word for the frequency with which they're ever referred to seperately. They came in two different packs.
  7. I've now accepted an offer for these- thanks for all the messages.
  8. The subject says it. I no longer get time to make it to tourney's, so I'm looking to sell my collection 2x Core Sets Complete Clash of Arms Cycle Complete Raven Cycle (40 card versions, with a second copy of ong of summer) Complete Defenders of the North Cycle (40 Card version PLUS 60-card Return of the Others. Complete Kings Landing Cycle (60 Card version) Complete Brotherhood w/o/ Banners cycle Complete Secrets of Oldtown Cycle Complete Tale of Champions Cycle All houe boxed sets - Housecard + 1x version for Greyjoy. 2x AND 3x Version for Martell. Stark, Baratheon, Lannister, Targ, 1 version only Currently cards are in 3x Ultra pro lever-arch files. Also have 2 packs of Jon Snow Art Sleeves, and 2 packs of the Melisandre ones. not to mention several plastic deck boxes, and more penny-sleeves than you can shake a stick at. Looking to sell the whole collecton as one lot, UK would be easier logistically, but I am prepared to ship overseas - haven't yet investigatd shipping costs, but I will factor these in to whether i accept an offer or not any questions please ask
  9. Boromir tried to take the ring Faramir didn't (and don't let Peter Jackson convince you he even thought about it much) therefore, Faramir was clearly both wiser and much less "weak"
  10. A-E have various other bits lying around, but am generally torn between them and re-reading things i've already seen…
  11. I can see the thematic nature, which is nice (like Boromir v1) right now, I think this card is pretty mediocre, because of the very limited range of Gondor allies out there, although obviously, we'd expect to see that grow a lot over the next cycle. Biggest disappointment about this, is the fact that it pretty much guarantees no Faramir hero in the box (I assume it's two heroes again, and they've already spoiled Beregond) typical big brother hogging the limelight.
  12. Has anyone else been having problems with this lately? It still has all my quests logged, but in the summary screen it says that I've completed 0 quests (0%) and used each hero 0% of the time
  13. we've basically been houseruling that Bilbo gets sting (either starting in play, or in his deck, depending on the situation). thematically it fits, and it makes the original Bilbo card less stupid. (and the third hobbit quest vaguely possible)
  14. Spirit Games in Burton on Trent is listing this as "in stock" - I assume it's the same game- has the same title, designer, year and similar looking artwork from the small picture on their website.
  15. Slightly random question, but does anyone have any experience of getting FFG products delivered to China? there's a vague possibility of needing to move there with work, and I was wondering whether anyone had either ordered from FFG directly, or from a webstore, and had stuff arrive safely at a Chinese addresss? - I know other people who've had customs issues with packages needing to be albelled in chinese saying what their contents are, and can see potential issues there…
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