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  1. I got a core set on the first day. They mentioned they were trying to get more to the con and they were in the FFG warehouse in the states. Whereas the Armada release was still in China and they would not have any more of those.
  2. Using the bridge as a pedestrian crosswalk is a great idea. Looks awesome.
  3. I dont know who can fix it, but Stephan is listed as soldier type 3 instead of soldier type 2.
  4. From what I understand the Major was so upset with the direction the game was going based on your report. He smashed his entire collection of Dust models, so I think it is only fair that you replace everything. its all fun and games until someone loses a Dust model.
  5. "Some sets will include tank traps or crates in place of soldiers" LMAO That is some funny stuff. Reminds me of a famous quote: "Don't believe everything you read on the Internet" Abraham Lincoln
  6. "> New unit I saw posted on Dust Models. So it appears wheeled vehicles will have agile.
  7. I have been playing that if an ability cancels out a Armor roll that the target unit still benefits from Cover is applicable. But, my opponent is telling me that Cover is part of the armor roll, therefore if the armor roll is cancelled so is all cover. So am I playing correctly? The other question is Blocked line of sight. If you have a area of trees (soft cover) and the attacker is on one side not touching or in the area of trees and the defender is on the other side again not touching or in the area and all LOS has to go through the area of trees, this LOS is blocked and no attack is made, correct? Obscured would be rubble or something that is not as tall as the miniatures, but all the LOS or at least 1/2 is traced through the area of rubble? Thanks, I know basic questions, but I think I am reading into them to much. Dan
  8. Someone may have mentioned it already, but all three Command Sections for the axis state that they are a Command Section of Assault Platoon, instead of Sturmgrenadiere, Schwer andBlutkreuz. Otherwise I love the cards and use them all the time. Thanks Dan
  9. Dcal12

    damage cards

    Chairborne said: Why did you not just separated the cards by type and then divided each type into two piles. Unless you lost some cards, you should get two decks of equal numbers? That's what I kinda thought.
  10. I think they look great, can't wait for them to be released.
  11. Tab2000 said: A little misleading on point number 2. Any UNIT can attack multiple targets but a MINIATURE in that unit would have to use all of it's weapons on a single target. So machine guns and grenades could be used on one target ONLY by a miniature figure in a unit. why and where does it say that? So you play a miniature that has a StG 47 and a panzerfaust can't fire at a soldier unit and a walker?
  12. Am I playing the Hero Limitation rule correct. 300 point Army, I am allowed maximum 2 platoons and a maximum 2 Heroes for my army. The 2 Hero Maximum inlcudes a Hero that I have as the Command Section. The only way to have a third Hero in a 300 point army would be to pay 5 AP plus the cost of the Hero in the Allied build? Thanks for any clarrification.
  13. I already signed up for it, looking forward to what it has to offer. After purchasing everything Axis and Allies premium to date and now working on SSU, the discount will come in handy. I think I will come out ahead in the long run.
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