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  1. Oh wow, thanks for these! I've been meaning to better organize my big stack of post-it endeavours.
  2. Just my two cents. An old but good one: IRC. Several servers (sorcery comes to mind as just one) have a built in dice roller, or you can sync your own through a standalone application, or something like mIRC. IRC stores logs of what's going on, so you know who has what. And while the technology's dated, it's solid. Everyone logs in, you start the game, and zoom. It's how my group handles 90% of our games these days, including two different Rogue Trader games.
  3. Glad you guys like! I'm digging the planet markers, too. I hadn't thought of that. If I ever redo them, I'm ditching the shadow effect.
  4. Has anyone knocked together a brewed list beyond the one provided in the core book? There are some wonderful mutations in it, and really, that's part of what I love about playing a Navigator, the risk that's balanced every time you improve yourself. Anyway, I've tried making one myself, but unfortunately, I have little to no eye (no pun intended) for balance with the RT system.
  5. When I was first introduced to Rogue Trader, my GM was talking about endeavours and Achievement Points, and this sort of stuck in my head as a video game achievement type deal (I'm sure you're all familiar with them). So I knocked this together, and thought I'd share. Loosely based on a Purity Seal. Why? No clue.
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