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  1. ozean said: Not to sound cheeky, but maybe your decision becomes easier if you imagine what your character would want to wear: how (s)he would like to appear in front of others, how (s)he would like to move, where (s)he would get the armor etc. Would you prefer to walk around in a full-length chainmail, with a chain hauberk on, dragging you down, looking somewhat weird but also very combat like… or would you prefer to walk around in a mail shirt, with free hands and maybe a stylish slashed white and red set of pants in current empire fashion? No worries on that score. The group here loves to RP. But thanks for the advice. But I take my RP from the perspective that my characters really do live in their make-believe world (make-believe for me, real for them). And they know how their world works, even if I don't. They live in it, they adventure in it, they're professionals at what they do, and because they've chosen an unbelivably dangerous profession (adventurer) they want to make gods-be-damned sure that they do it right, using all the knowledge and information they have at hand (and research if they need it). Anything else is just asking to have their adventuring career end, tragically short, in some unmarked grave somewhere, or maybe in a monster's belly. Accordingly, I belive a martially oriented individual living in this harsh world knows exactly why a one type of armor is preferable to another, and he can and should make his decision based on form AND function, style and survivability. All that being said, I wasn't really asking about what armor I should wear. I was more interested in getting a feel for how the game mechanics work.
  2. Right, I get that (the corrected version). I'm just wondering, in the experience of the, uh, well, more experienced players here, whether 1 point of Soak is preferable to 1 point of Defense, or vice versa. In the long run, my character will be taking a ton of attacks against him. That will amount to roughly half a ton of successful damaging attacks, more or less. Would avoiding a few of those hits (when that one point of defense actually cancels out a success that makes a difference) net me more, less, or about the same amount of total damage sustained, compared to not avoiding extra hits but always avoiding 1 damage from the successful hits? Anyone have an opinion either way?
  3. Hi all, I just bought the game and my friends and I whipped up a few basic characters and tried a few mock battles and such to get the feel for the game. In our experimenting, we came up with a bunch of questions, but I think I found all our answers in the FAQ or searching here, except this one: In our limited play so far, it seems that defense is more valuable (more protective) than soak. For example, one fighter in a Mail Shirt (Defense 1, Soak 2) seemed to consistently take fewer hits/less damage than a similar fighter in Chainmail (Defense 0, Soak 3). Really the only difference there is that the Mail Shirt has "traded" -1 soak for +1 defense. And yet the Mail Shirt is less expensive. So it seems odd to us that the less expensive armor seemed to provide better protection. Or maybe it was just luck. I couldn't find anything in my search, so I was wondering what you guys think. Which is better, soak or defense? If a genie popped out of a bottle and offered you (your character) a magical ring that added 1 to either your soak or your defense, which would you choose? Thanks in advance!
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