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  1. Adeptus-B

    Miniatures Gallery

    Various other critters, starting with some Ripsaw Scuttlers: Some killer armoured slugs, made from EPIC Tyranids: A handful of aquatic threats, made from MAN O' WAR figures:
  2. Adeptus-B

    Miniatures Gallery

    An 'alpha predator' beastie: The body is an old WFB River Troll, while the head is a Black Leviathon from GW's old ship-combat game MAN O' WAR, spliced on with 'green stuff' (two-part epoxy). I sculpted the tail entirely out of green stuff.
  3. Adeptus-B

    Miniatures Gallery

    Well, I meant to follow up on this in a more timely fashion... Better (very) late than never, I suppose. The party in my (absurdly long-running) DH1 campaign are currently on the ill-famed swamp planet Dusk. Here are a few of the unpleasant things they have run in to. Saynay cannibals. I went with pulp-style savages over the 'effete aristocrat' version of Saynay depicted in later DH supplements: They are mostly made from Empire Flagellant bodies, with Crypt Ghoul heads.