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  1. Adeptus-B

    Afriel Mechanics?

    For what it's worth, I took a crack at adapting Afriels in Only War: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/96059-new-abhumans/
  2. Adeptus-B

    Steal this plot!

    LIFEFORCE (1985) Astronauts making a fly-by of Haley's comet discover that it is 'towing' an ancient alien spacecraft in its wake. Entering, they find it filled with hundreds of mummified bat-like creatures, and three carefully preserved humans. Taking the bodies aboard their space shuttle, the astronauts begin their return... then Earth loses contact with them. A rescue mission finds the shuttle drifting in orbit, with one crewmember missing and everyone else dead- reduced to mummified husks. And the three mysterious bodies found on the alien ship are still intact, so they are brought down to Earth... Eventually it is revealed that the three beings are still 'alive', and they feed on human life-force, reducing their victims to mummified husks- which reanimate an hour later and feed in like manner on other humans. The three beings escape into London, causing an exponentially spreading zombie plague as the heroes realize that an event like this was the inspiration for ancient legends of vampires. Can they figure out how their ancestors banished this threat before the world is doomed...?
  3. Adeptus-B

    Wrath & Glory

    The new 40K RPG has been announced: http://www.ulisses-us.com/in-development-wrath-glory-for-warhammer-40000-roleplay/
  4. Adeptus-B

    Ogryn as a Space Marine candidate?

    Yeah, the fluff makes it clear that no 'genetic deviants' are allowed in the hallowed ranks of the Adeptus Astartes. And, frankly, why would you want to play an abhuman space marine? SMs will certainly have superior abilities and stats, and there is undoubtedly a SM Chapter that already incorporates the flavor/personality traits of any given breed of abhuman.
  5. Adeptus-B

    Giving team no chance for real succes

    Yep, what he said. It's fine to send your players on a mission where the most likely outcome is failure, but don't arbitrarily sabotage them if they think of a way to beat the odds.
  6. DH2 isn't 100% compatible with DW. I would recommend using Ascension- in addition to being the same 'generation' as DW, the x.p. levels are supposedly scaled correctly. I can't confirm that latter bit with first-hand experience, however...
  7. Adeptus-B

    Bizzarre character contest.

    Half-Eldar Space Marine Chief Librarian! Oh, wait, 1st Edition 40K actually had that...
  8. Adeptus-B

    Who is the Lord of Misrule?

    It's taking all of my willpower not to make a Trump joke...
  9. Adeptus-B

    I've lost my will to live....

    Well, to be fair, 99.9% of the world don't know what Warhammer 40,000 is...
  10. This might be helpful to you in that regard: ENCYCLOPAEDIA CALIXIA
  11. Adeptus-B

    Steal this plot!

    REPO MAN (1984) Petty criminals steal a car, unaware that their are highly radioactive alien corpses in the trunk. As the car changes unwitting hands, it is pursued by a combination of government agents, UFO cultists, and street punks seeking a reward, while the deaths from radiation continue to mount... This basic plot could make for a fun DH mission, as the Acolytes chase some kind of commonplace item -which is actually possessed by a highly-Corrupting daemonic force- through a hive city, competing with various 'interested parties' (criminal gangs, decadent nobles, Chaos cultists) who don't know the item's true power.
  12. Adeptus-B

    Reflection Time

    I heard that it was due to FFG releasing their own miniature combat game, which (supposedly) violated a 'non-compete' clause in their contract with GW. I suppose we'll never know for sure... Amen to that!
  13. Adeptus-B

    Gangs of Commorragh!

    The 5th Edition (I think) DE Codex established that there are a number of other races living in Commoragh (the Sslyth being the only ones to receive any detail). So expansions should theoretically be wide open, but given that the boxed set of the basic game only uses pre-existing figures, I doubt very much that GW will produce anything new for this game.
  14. Adeptus-B

    Reflection Time

    I started RPGing with AD&D, late in the reign of Gary Gygax in the early 1980s. I think the last RPG I bought during that initial frenzy of nerdism was the first edition of Cyberpunk (than set in the far-away year of... 2013). After my gaming group drifted away one by one, I pretty much lost interest gaming, until I was laid off from my job in the late '90s and, to make ends meet, was forced to take a temporary job at a comic book store. There I discovered WH40K (I'd been aware of it before that, but had never looked seriously at it). I became obsessed with the 40Kverse, and started collecting minis. Around this time, I bumped into a co-worker from my previous job, who told me that he was interested in testing out the then-newly launched D&D3E. Two campaigns later, we heard that a WH40KRPG was coming out soon, and since our regular GM needed a break, I volunteered to run it. That campaign is still going to this day. We've been forced to take several breaks due to unforeseen circumstances (the worst of which involved two rounds of brain surgery for one of my players!), but we are now on the brink of Ascension. So, yeah, I guess I have to call myself a fan, despite the numerous mechanical flaws in the system. It scratched exactly the I had at exactly the right time...
  15. Adeptus-B

    Gangs of Commorragh!

    Okay, the 'terrain' is pretty freakin' disappointing: http://spikeybits.com/2017/01/gangs-commorragh-box-contents-revealed.html