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  1. We'll do them for you, if you want. We work mainly with transparent acryl anyway. Here's what our stuff normally look like https://www.tabletopzubehoer.de/Acryl/Star-Wars-X-Wing-2/Manoever-Entfernungsmesser/ That's full colored version. But it's all based on transparent raw material. Just let me know
  2. Hey Majorjuggler, BLACKBOX Seven has merged with MIRACLE (one of the first to produce full color acrylic accessories for X-Wing) and is selling worldwide. https://www.tabletopzubehoer.de/Acryl/Star-Wars-X-Wing-2/ We also do custom production runs (tokens, templates, whatever), just ask.
  3. Poe by himself isn't the problem. Only when combined with Maz or Rey is he taking off the ground (Maz being the best choice of course). So in Poe/Maz the real problem is Maz. But since there will probably be more cards coming with similar effects it's probably easier to do something about Poe if someone (game designer) really wants to break the Poe/Maz deck. That will leave Maz in the wild of course, to go partner with some other charakter (Maz/eMace going to be a thing?). The amount of action cheating is really annoying, and until rotation sets in or drastical change in rules happens (only allowed to do x actions per turn, similar to the limit for resolving dice that reroll back into pool) that will only get worse with each new expansion.
  4. It's easy to spot that Maz is the problem here, as mentioned above. The speed and the dice manipulation through focus, which doesn't cost you an action thanks to her ability, is too good for her meager 8 points. I've played against eLuke/Maz and the same problem there; Luke loaded with fast hands and force speed, rolls in, resolves FS, activates Maz, focus and/or resolves his damage sides. One more turn for playing upgrades or non-damage resolving, than claim. Not teh same damage as Poe, but just as fast and also quite reliable. Lukas stated that he wants the game to be fast, but I'm not sure that it's healthy for the game when it's over in round 3... Plus, every new expansion will worsen the actual situation (FFG is not known for great balancing, especially when their expansion train starts to hit the road).
  5. Probably a 'N' formation is what he is after (according to the explanation). Makes the most sense though, always alternating between the teams
  6. a little push, to see if anyones interested after all... else it shall fade away :-)
  7. Yellow card is not allowed in the deck if no yellow character is used. well, for a game this young the TO should check deck lists/decks for the tournament to ensure that beginners didn't make any big mistakes (like wrong color in the deck, what OP actually describes here). So while it wasn't ok fo rthe ePalp player to have a jetpack, TO should have caught that!
  8. well, you have to weight the chances which one will come up with the lower value though... you might end up giving the opponent a good result and removing yours :-)
  9. There's a "Big Destiny Trade Thread" which is good, lot of trades done there. Only problem, it's almost exclusively US-only or english only (almost everybody posting there sets that limitation). Post here if you are willing to trade international, no matter what language (really, I don't care what language the card is for my second Vader die). Please make sure to mention the language My list HAVE (all cards are in german) 2x Baze 2x Krennic 1x Erpressung (Blackmail) 2x Obi Wan 3x Z6 Baton 1x A180 1x Akolyth 2x Asajj Ventress 4x Aurra Sing 1x Tagebücher (Journals of Ben Kenobi) 2x C3P0 2x Chirrut Imwe 3x Vader Dark Apprentice SOR 3x Delta-7 1x DT-29 Blaster 4x FN 2199 3x Imp Disziplin 1x Jyn 3x Kommandofähre (Command Shuttle) 4x Lichtlanze (Light Pike) 2x Machtheilung (Force Healing) 1x Machtstoss (Force Push) 3x Maz Kanata 1x Mon Mothma 3x R2-D2 2x Roter Gardist (Royal Guard) 4x Schmuggler aus dem Äußeren Rand (Smuggler of the outer rim) 3x Temmin Snap Wexley 3x TIE Pilot 2x tragbarer Schildgenerator )Personal Shield Generator) 3x Trickbetrüger (Con Artist) 1x Unkar Plutt 1x Verhördroide (Interrogation Droid) 1x Verlockung der Macht (Lure of Power) 4x Versorgungslinien (Supply lines) 2x Vibroschlagring (Vibroknucklers) 1x Sith Holocron WANT (names are given in english, but I take almost any language) 1x Darth Vader (Awakening) 2x Force Choke 2x Jabba the Hutt 2x Jetpack 1x Kylos Lightsaber 1x Luke Skywalker 2x Poe Dameron 1x One with the Force 2x Thermaldetonator 2x Holdout Blaster 1x Nightsister 2x IG-88 I'm located in Germany
  10. well, about the best you can do with the stuff you have. If you want to streamline this deck by buying/trading cards see the suggestions from several people above (all of those would make your deck faster and stronger). Try to get to the point were you have all blue (except for the vibroknives... you really want those 2 vibroknives), your "No Mercy" will be devastating with all blue.
  11. have 2 ready to play. About 8 more on the deck builder app that could be put together within minutes
  12. the problem I had with dark presence: while in theory it sounds good (great dice control) I claimed the BF more often than my opponent. So I started the round and had to roll my dice in (no upgrade on hand or too expensive, nothing else to play since all other stuff is also dice control), so even when I hit the discard there were no dice in his pool to remove. That happened several times in 5 games, so I dropped the card. Do you simply pass then, or how do you get Dark Presence to work in such cases?
  13. I'm not sold on Lure of Power for Palp. It has 2 blank sides, not so cool. When I first build my ePalp I had it in there too along with Anger, but it didn't work out as planned :-) Same goes for Dark Presence, I could never get it work, not enough dice that could trigger it - I didn't add the droid of course (I would add Force Choke to my deck if I had any... although it's not helping against Poe/Maz). How's your win ratio?
  14. drop: it binds all things - if you don't get it on start hand it's worthless 1 Power of the dark side - it's mostly attractive with lure of power, but other than that there aren't many empty sides on your dice Aim - this deck should go for melee Block - meta is ranged, not many melee around Disturbance in the force - it requires bad roll on your side AND decent or good roll on opponents side to be useful New orders - while it's nice to have your BF it's not essential, at least not that bad that you add this card Take Cover - use another immobilize The Power of the force - I'm not convinced of this card, even in mono blue where you might end up with 3 upgrades when you play it Force Lightning - again, go for melee Infantry grenades - same Add: 2 Force Speed - 1 is nice, 2 makes it more likely to get it 2 Vibroknifes - make your damage unblockable 2 Force Illusion - it will buy you at least one more round before your characters start to die 1 Holocron - really 1 Mind Probe Either Lure of Power or (my favorite here) exchange Lure of Power for 2 Makashi Training (solid card) edit: On second thought, you have only "Mind Probe" that really requires Holocron. Either add some "Force Throw" to get more out of Holocron or drop "Mind Probe" and Holocron altogether and go for direct melee and damage. Add "Force Strike" then, maybe "Enrage" to ensure you have Resources when needed, put in another "Lightsaber Throw".
  15. ok, here's my take on the ePalp deck BF: Throne Room 2x Force Throw 2x Sith Holocron 2x Force Lightning 2x Force Push 2x Force Illusion 2x Mind Probe 2x Now you will die 2x No Mercy 2x High Ground 2x Doubt Overconfidence 2x Trust your instincts New orders 2x Isolation Mind Trick 2x Feel your anger Use the Force Not completely sold on Overconfidence, Mind Trick and Use the Force. I want as many removal as possible, so there's really no much choice here. Overconfidence could be used on my own dice if need be, same goes for Use the Force. Mind Trick is almost too expensive, although I tend to remove 2 - 3 dice everytime I play it. The 2 games I lost (out of 14) were very close, only 1 - 2 hp that I was missing with his last character having less than 3 hp left over. Maybe add some healing? Suggestions?
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