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  1. I'd like to see alternate center sections or corner sections. I keep all my expansions separately and personally never use them all at once, especially the small boxes as the theme gets diluted.
  2. Actually, I'm pretty sure that is the letter "d" you can see poking through on the minstrel card, making the text "Ally card". Usually they qualify with the word card, rather than just saying Attachment, ally or Event
  3. Maybe he got injured? :-) I will always try to justify thematically as that is the type of player I am.
  4. I have the Alan Lee illustrated editions of the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings
  5. I guess the multiple Mount attachments can be viewed the same as multiple Citdel Plates and the like - the Hero just has one especially versatile Mount. For example, Eomer puts in some extra time in training with Firefoot to gift him with the abilities of the Rohan Warhorse as well!
  6. It's been a while since I read the books, but in the film at least, Sam takes the ring after Frodo is incapictated by Shelob and taken off by the Orcs.
  7. I've always interpreted it as any character belonging to any player as well.
  8. Add me to the two-handed list as well. I've been playing like this for a while now and have never looked back.
  9. Here are the two-handed decks I am currently playing with. It is largely a Hammer/Anvil deck with some tricks up its sleeve. Deck 1 - The Lore of the Land (Ranger / Mono-Lore with Leadership splash) HEROES Faramir (11) Berevor (10) Mirlonde (8) Starting threat: 26 (with Mirlonde reduction) ALLIES Erebor Hammersmith x 2 Miner of the Iron Hills x 2 Longbeard Map-Maker x 2 Haldir of Lorien x 1 Warden of Healing x 2 Ithilien Tracker x 2 Ithilien Archer x 2 Anborn x 1 ATTACHMENTS Steward of Gondor x 3 Forest Snare x 2 Protector of Lorien x 2 Song of Kings x 3 Dunedain Warning x 2 A Burning Brand x 2 Ranger Spikes x 2 Ranger Bow x 3 Poisoned Stakes x 2 Scroll of Isildur x 2 Elf-stone x 3 EVENTS Secret Paths x 2 Parting Gifts x 2 Advance Warning x 2 Forest Patrol x 2 Expecting Mischief x 2 Deck 2 - Arrows and Eagles (Eagles / Mono-Tactics with Spirit splash) HEROES Legolas (9) Thalin (9) Brand son of Bain (10) Starting threat: 28 ALLIES Northern Tracker x 2 Winged Guardian x 3 Landroval x 1 Radagast x 2 Descendent of Thorondor x 2 Vassal of the Windlord x 3 Eagles of the Misty Mountains x 2 ATTACHMENTS Blade of Gondolin x 2 Unexpected Courage x 2 Song of Travel x 3 Support of the Eagles x 2 Gondorian Shield x 2 Mighty Prowess x 2 Book of Eldacar x 3 Gondorian Fire x 2 EVENTS Feint x 3 The Galadhrim's Greeting x 2 A Test of Will x 3 The Eagles are Coming! x 3 Hands Upon the Bow x 2 Trained for War x 2 Gondorian Discipline x 2 The general tactic is that Berevor gets buffed as a super-defender, while Legolas and Brand attack with Ranged. Berevor takes Dundain Warning, Burning Brand, Gondorian Shield, and also Song of Kings and Steward of Gondor. In addition to the Resource generation, this also supplies Berevor with the Gondor trait, thus boosting the Gondorian Shield's effect. Legolas gets buffed with Blades of Gondolin and Support of the Eagles. Legolas is always left ready for attacking, whereas Brand is pretty handy at a pinch to go questing instead depending on need. Brand's ability is used to ready Berevor allowing her to use her card draw ability. Mirlonde, Faramir and Thalin will generally be questing every round. Other than the above, there are lots of ranger traps and massing of Eagle allies to be had, along with mono-sphere synergy cards. These decks have so far successfully battled their way through all the core quests and Shadows of Mirkwood quests with no alteration to the decks at all. My only gripe with it when I play is that Faramir is pretty wasted, largely being used to quest unless Unexpected Courage comes his way, though even then its usually a good idea to drop the first one of those onto Berevor. I am looking forward to adding Wingfoot to the deck to be able to free him up for some action!
  10. I was just having a little fun with the previous post to mine :-) I'm a big fan of Ranged and Sentinel interactions and love using a Hammer/Anvil setup
  11. "retarded two handed crap" This is the second thread I've opened where you've used that vulgar term for a style of play that I enjoy immensely. Please try to have respect for others.
  12. I play solo (multi-handed, not boring unbalanced classic solo ) I play themed decks, and will think about how my band of heroes have come together for the quest, and specifically use allies, events and attachments that relate to one of the heroes in some way. I build the decks with versatility in mind to be able to play through an entire cycle with little to no modification.
  13. I keep all cards separated out and use one small box expansion at a time, and use which ever corner sections we feel like at the time. I love theme and hate having everything mushed in together.
  14. I managed to get mine on ebay towards the end of last year. Yes, the effects are duplicated by other cards, but still nice to have. I like the artwork on the Doppelganger too.
  15. I'm still quite far behind as I go through phases of being into Talisman - just ordered the Highlands!
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