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  1. Is there any way that we can get a date on when the cards (or should I say if) that are out of print are going to be back ?
  2. Ok here goes ... What i was saying with out using mtg as in direct ways is this you can buy boster packs and even boxes of unlimited witch was the first mass produced ccg ever that was over 25 years ago and you can still get the cards. Now i know and understand that this is a lcg and they dont want to be the evil mtg however there is a problem with people wanting the cards and not being able to get the, some people will look for them and have fun in doing that however others, most likely the younger group of players, that is the largest group of players will just give up and run to there local game store and what will be there to comfort them but good old mtg. What I'm saying is this it worries me that a ffg would not produce more cards to sell it looks to me that they wanted to test the waters and not jump in. Every day that people cant get the cards they want is a day that wizards of the coasts hooks another player with there crap play and lack of story line.
  3. Guys come on now you can still get cards from any game even ones that have been out of print for years, if there are people who want the cards and have the money to buy them then why not sell them i understand wanting to bring some value to the game but it is to soon to cut us off. You can find hundreds of black lotuses witch is the "rarest" card in ant ccg and it was printed over 20 years ago but you cant find any of the old ap boxes what is up with that ? Im worried that they will pull the plug on the game and we will be stuck fighting over the small amount of packs that are left and the game will just die off befor it even got started. Joshua James Harper Bell
  4. Thx homes I would try my best but I'm not sure why they make it so hard to do there is no place to go or no link or anything I have sent out some emails and am trying to get the ball rolling but you would think that it would be more orderly like you go here click here kinda thing. I Have been buying all the cards that I can get my hands n what do you guys think is the best AP of all time and why ? Joshua James Harper Bell
  5. In the rules book the big one that comes with the starter it says something about becoming a person in your area that helps to set up games around where you live but i cant find anything about it on here at all i know it is a little off topic but i think it may help me get cards and get more people playing so its kind of not at the same time ... So does anyone know what I am talking about or how to do it ? Joshua James Harper Bell
  6. Whats is the best Lovecraft story of all time and why ?
  7. I think the best part of the coc game are the rules they are both simple and complex at the same time, i have not found them yet but i am sure that there are some problems with the rules anyone know any that are giving them problems or allowing them to do something cool hit me up Joshua James Harper Bell
  8. Hey guys I live in central ky in the richmond lexington area and am wanting to get a CoC league going meeting once or twice a week anyone who would like to play or wants to throw out advise for geting this going just hit me up Joshua James Harper Bell
  9. Im trying to get a good game going in my home town of richmond ky it is a college town with about a million MTG players anyone know how i should get CoC going here ?
  10. I'm looking into what you guys think is the best CoC LCG deck ever send in your idea and tell how it works and we will see who is the best CoC deck builder of all time! Joshua James Harper Bell
  11. I'm looking to buy all out of print or hard to find asylum packs paying well hit me up with info and we will work it out thanks all. Joshua James Harper Bell
  12. If anyone is selling the any AP im down to buy just let me know the info. Poon that sight was crao they dont have the cards!
  13. Thx for the offer Max but yuor email is not working for me for some reson just post on here what you have n a new eamil n ill buy them for sure!
  14. Thx for the info great sight. What is the best way to do this should you buy the Asylum Packs in 3s or should you go for booster boxes and are there more cards in the boosters that are not in the APs ?
  15. Amy one at Gen Con that finds the older AP and wants to sell them hit me up would love to buy them
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