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  1. 1 do you have to be the marine atracked to use Magnum Shot? Or you can use Magnum Shot if other marine is attacked? 2 a Demon attacks and rolls lets say three hits. You play Magnum Shot what happens? 2A You take three hits and then the Demon that attacked takes three hits 2B you take three hits and roll the same dice and the demon suffers those hits 2C you do not take the three hits and this three hits are taken by the demon
  2. to activate the imp special hability that costs 1 argent and if i have four imps on the board to use the special hability one time for each imp do i have to spend one or four argent?
  3. Assassin may nominate one of the two face down cards that are not in play?
  4. You can not deploy two limit cards at the same round. But if you have two support limited cards in your HQ can you exaust the two at the same round?
  5. When you play a shield from your hand do you have to pay the card cost?
  6. So if there was an atachment that said: Gain 2 ATk Exaust this card to avoid damage to the atached unit The exausted atachment would still give 2 ATK but could no more avoid damage
  7. The atachements that do not say in the card that get exausted, never get exausted? There is one atachement that doubles a unit hp, this one does not get exausted?
  8. This atachment when exausted durind first round of combat is refreshed for second round or is exausted untill the end of combat?
  9. Can one unit has more than one atachment?
  10. Player a has initiative Player b has the only warlord in that planet During round one of combat player b has initiative Then the warlord retreats. Does player a regain initiative?
  11. Can you atach this to an enemy army? Enemy warlord? Can one unit has more than one atachment?
  12. Well, after a few games became obvious that if you always attack the other player Warlord, he does not libe long and you win the game before conquering 3 planets with the same symbol
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