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  1. Thanks for the advice everyone. On that note, how many Jawa Scavengers should I grab? Will any of the campaign missions require, or allow more than one at a time?
  2. Hey everyone, I recently picked up Heart of the Empire, and noticed that the minions (riot troopers and security droids, and possibly the shape-shifters as well, all have 3 cards...2 basic, and 1 elite...with the core set, they released a Storm Trooper blister, but also, I want to say they had enough minis to represent all the groups you can deploy....I have been painting elites with red bands around their base edges, but this will get confusing when fielding two basic minion groups, and one of them is marked as elites. I guess this is just a 1st world problem, and bringing this up wont really solve anything...but has anyone else found this annoying? What are you all doing? I assume the best way to go is mark one group as elites, and then in missions that use two basic groups....just make sure we remember the red ones don't have elite stats, etc.
  3. Hey all, I’m looking for the best/most active FB fan/discussion groups for the various Arkham Horror files games. Does anyone have any recommendations? I’d like one that is for fans of all the FFG AH games, but failing that...specifically for Mansions of Madness 2nd Edition, Arkham Horror LCG, and Arkham horror 3rd Edition. im having a REALLY hard time (First world problems, I know) deciding whether to base my figures on the giant black square bases that come with MoM, or on clear acrylic rounds...I’m sure this has been discussed countless times, but I’m looking for as much input and as many opinions as possible to help me decide. I plan to use the figures from MoM in other AH games, maybe even the LCG if they match up the figures released to the available investigators in the game.
  4. Hey guys and gals, I've only played a handful of games (never played competitively or in any organized format, and to be honest, I'm not sure that really appeals to me anyway). But I really love the theme, and got carried away collecting all of the cards. I'd like to introduce this game to a friend who has never played it before. I've forwarded him the link to the rulebook hosted here on FFGs website so he can at least get an overview of the mechanics before we get together. He's played Magic before, so isn't new to deck-building card games, but isn't familiar with the asymmetrical style of Netrunner. We both have two jobs, wife, mortgage, and kids, so game time is precious and limited. I'd like to have two pre-built decks so that we're ready to roll when we get together, and I'd love for them to be as balanced as possible so one doesn't have an obvious edge over the other. I've asked him to read the fluff descriptions for the factions and get back to me on which ones appeal to him most, but he hasn't responded yet....so any factions are welcome. TLDR: Can you experts recommend a couple of thematic/fun and really balanced deck lists (one corp, one runner) that would be good for a beginner's first game? I've got all of the cards up through the first datapack in Red Sands, and I'm pretty sure I have two of the core box sets. The decks don't have to follow current rotation or MWL bans/restrictions. Thanks so much in advance!
  5. Like the topic title says...how many each of the regular and elite jawas can you field in the campaign mode of the game? Just one of each?
  6. Thanks Grimwalker, that really does help. I find that I like the theme and 'fluff' behind all of the corp factions, so finding a play-style that I enjoy will be my first step...so far, I like the money making ability that HB seems to have, and the sneaky tricks that Jinteki employs, so I will probably start out with one of those. Maybe I didn't read the rules carefully enough, but I didn't realize that competitive play required you having a corp AND a runner deck and that you play each other twice, reversing roles, to determine a winner...but that only makes sense, because otherwise you'd have more people with one or the other, and players left without opponents...not to mention players that never face each other due to having the same type of deck. I will start dabbling in some deck building this weekend and keep your advice in mind.
  7. I'm having this very issue at the moment...I was winning with the pre-made corp decks about 50% of the time against my 12 yr old son...but when I went to play my best friend, who is a very strategic thinker and experienced gamer, I could not beat him. We played several games over the past weekend and even switched up decks (me always playing corp) and I couldn't win one game. I fast advanced/scored a few agendas, but it's just too easy for the runner to get through the ice mid-to-late game...and too dangerous to place remote servers before shoring up HQ, R&D and (and archives when facing Santiago with the sneak card or Noise and his virus R&D trash) What are some good general strategies to keep in mind? I was able to do some serious net-damage using the Jinteki deck, but couldn't pull off a flat-line. NBN can get some decent trace/tags out there, but all of the corps suffer from slow cash flow, except maybe HB (with their free credit/install/turn). My opponent knows how important that income is to the corp player and fanatically attacks any PAD Campaigns or Melange Mining Corps that I manage to get into a remote server. I have been slowly acquiring the deluxe expansions and data packs...but have not had time to really get into deck-building, having just finished organizing the cards into binders. So far I've got an additional core set (it was sent to me by mistake when I ordered the Android board game from an on-line retailer, and subsequently sold to me for a reduced cost to save mailing it back), all four deluxe expansions, and all 6 data packs for each of the Genesis, Spin, San San, and Flashpoint cycles. I am really getting into the Android setting, and LOVE this game, so I really want to know the Corps have a decent chance of winning assuming experience level, and access to cards are about equal. I know there are 'net-decks' that I could just look up and build, but I'd like a real foundation understanding of what makes a great Corp deck and what strategies are essential for putting up a good fight against a decent runner deck/opponent.
  8. I know I'm 'Rezing' an older thread here...but I got mine on thewarstore.com. It's only a couple of bucks cheaper than retail there, and you have to pay shipping, but if you cant find it elsewhere, it's always an option. Great purchase though, I'm really enjoying using mine.
  9. Hey guys, this is from the Holiday Sale FAQ... I placed an order on the first day...when all of the servers kept crashing...took me several hours to finally complete the transaction and receive an order number and confirmation... It sounds like they got a record-breaking response to this years sale, likely due to the fact that there were a multitude of Games Workshop licensed items available at ridiculously low prices. I imagine quite a few people went on to grab this stuff to scalp on eBay later, as these games and the IP are well loved by much of the gaming community...and will shell out loads of money for them when they are no longer available at retail. I still haven't received a shipping notification or tracking number either, and actually came in here to the forums to see if the issue was being discussed. And here it is. I wouldn't worry too much about it, if you got an order confirmation and your card was charged, you should be getting the info and your items sooner or later. Id be very surprised if domestic (USA) customers did not receive their shipments well before Christmas. That being said, I'll keep checking back here to see if anyone posts an update to the situation.
  10. Really enjoying the podcast Noely! (This is Dave, btw) Haven't got through Ep 17 yet, but will do in the next day or so. I'm liking the new smuggler so far, and missed Davey in the last episode. I just got one of my players to start listening, and so far he really digs it too. We just finished Eye for an Eye, and had all but one of the players on Fantasy Grounds...two of them remotely. We are rolling right into Edge of Night next session, so I'm busy setting up the campaign in FG for that. I can't wait to see where your guys go next.
  11. Glad to hear you're enjoying the show Brother Bart. I'm having great fun GMing it and yeah I try to encourage role playing over roll playing. Feel free to leave a comment on the website as well http://theorderofchaosgamers.com (that way the team will be sure to hear your praise ) and/or leave us a review on itunes. As for our time slot. It's pretty fixed at Friday evenings at around 5pm PST start (which is a 9am Saturday start for myself and Michael who are both based in Hong Kong). Time zones have been a nightmare I'll be honest and have posed almost as much of a threat to the campaign as the slowly encroaching forces of chaos. Keep listening though and you'll hear some other great roleplaying cameos, some of whom unfortunately are no longer still with us, mostly because of time scheduling issues, but luckily the core of Smof, Gustav, Falco, and more recently Badigon who listeners have yet to meet, have remained a constant. I hear you on the kids front though. I have 2 little nippers of my own. Eldest 22 months and youngest just 4 months. Nothing like a screaming kid to break the immersion of a session. Anyway we're certainly up for the idea of yourself and fellow listeners joining for some one off cameo sessions assuming you get can get a babysitter lol Thanks for the offer Noely, I'll see what I can do to try and join in for a game or two...and I'll be sure to leave you guys a review and post on your site.
  12. Thanks for the offer, though I'd have to leave work early on Friday as it is to make a 5pm time-slot. And that's assuming my wife doesn't mind me geeking out in the garage for 2+ hours while she cooks and serves dinner while 3 crazy kids are bugging her. 10:00 GMT for me is 2pm (or if you mean 10pm, that's 2am here!). The darned time zones, if only we could remove the need for sleep. We usually try to meet about 6:30/7pm locally on a weeknight, Monday/Tuesday has worked for our group for about a year now. We usually go until about 11pm, so roughly 4 hours give or take. We used to meet every week, but we've found that every other week is working better for us now. My wife suffers me one night of gaming and the occasional weekend convention, which is more than generous considering we don't have extended family around to help out with the kids.
  13. I've been listening to your podcast and am really enjoying it. Lots of great role-playing, especially Gustav and Smof. I haven't grabbed FG yet, though Ive seen it, it looks great. I have yet to actually play an RPG on-line, mostly because I've been fortunate enough to have a regular local group. We are currently playing FFGs Star Wars RPG, but are gearing up to start WFRP 3rd when my campaign winds down. What time on Friday is your session Pacific time in the US? I'd love to join in for a game or two, but with a wife and 3 kids (two of them under 5), game time is hard to get if its before their bed time
  14. Oops, replied to another post with this list, but this post seems more apropos... Ideas for more adversary decks... - Creatures... Spintiri ice hounds, nexu, mynocks, gundarks, dewbacks, banthas, wampas, taun-tauns, rancor, krayt dragons (youth and adult!), etc. - Something themed for the Force & Destiny line... Force users (light and dark), inquisitors, etc. - Droids... Battle, assassin, astromech, protocol, medical, etc.
  15. While you're at it FFG, lets get a few more of these decks to expand the options. - Creatures... Spintiri ice hounds, nexu, mynocks, gundarks, dewbacks, banthas, wampas, taun-tauns, rancor, krayt dragons (youth and adult!), etc. - Something themed for the Force & Destiny line... Force users (light and dark), inquisitors, etc. - Droids... Battle, assassin, astromech, protocol, medical, etc.
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