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  1. And for all of you who loved the artwork of the game, Naïade, the illustrator will sign the game on Funforge booth during the Essen fair. Do not miss this unique occasion of getting an original artwork in your copy!
  2. Funforge will release a first print-run of Isla Dorada in English and German editions (limited quantities) during Essen. To be sure to get your copy, pre-order it now on Funforge's web-store: https://www.funforge.fr/store/ This offer is valid only for this first "Essen" print-run, all other editions (except the French one) will be handled by FFG. Regards,
  3. Funforge


    They are two of them: - Main artist (characters, cards, etc.) is Xavier Gueniffey Durin (a.k.a. Naïade) - Board artist is Georges Bouchelaghem (a.k.a. Gorg) Happy that you like the designs!
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