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  1. I recently got this game and tried a two player game with a friend. On my turn i drew the siren, which states that everyone in the region misses their next turn. The space i drew it on was on a draw one card space. since i didn't have any other encounters coming up after this one, according to the rulebook i have to miss my next turn. so my friend missed a turn then i missed a turn then it's back to him. It's as if nothing happened. am i making some sort of mistake here? Also later in the game my friend got turned into a toad. so he dropped all his objects, followers and gold onto the space he was in. After he makes his next move can he just waltz back and pick up what he dropped or does he have to wait until he's back to normal? Also the toad card says when you turn back to normal you keep everything you had before being a toad minus objects, gold, lives, and fate lost as a toad or something like that. does this mean any objects and followers you gain through encounters as a toad you lose when you turn back to normal? Help will be appreciated.
  2. I was looking for a new board/card game, and i came across this one. It sounds interesting. It got a better score on board game geek than the regular anima card game. I'm not very big on collectable card games (dont know if this is one). i heard you need one light starter and one dark starter for a game, or something and its very recomended to by another figure or two when starting. So is this a collectable, if so should i play the regular version? If not which products should i buy to start? Also i don't know if this has anything to do with this but i am a HUGE fan of japanese anime.
  3. does any one else feel that it takes to long to feel confident to fight yellow challenges. eventually the doom track will be up to 5 doom counters. But the threat track goes to slow and we lose interest. anyone else use the the variant of exp equall to your level (level= exp counters +1) but then for 2 players should the cap off for number of exp cost be 9. then even if you have 11 exp counters it costs 9. Is that a good cap off. should there be a cap off. Also in this one game i kept getting knocked out. i lost all my items and lost 9 gold then 5 gold then 3 gold in almost a row. I use standard knockout rules. Do all of you guys use the standard knockout. i kept thinking that not losing gold would have people getting to 20 or more easily. And not losing items makes a lack of item variety. And not losing highest cost item means theres no more point of escape tests. Should i just leave regular knockout rules and learn to deal with it. So do i continue this level up exp with capoff 9, should i use doom track, but use threat track for solo. Also should i use travel hazards. Do you guys use travel hazards.maybe i should use it in solo and the punishment for not being able to get on an adventure counter is to miss your turn. or just use travel hazards. Should i use travel hazards in adventure varaint decks. And for sceptor of kyros do you think its a good idea to replace the red jewel spots with blue adventure counters. help is appreciated
  4. shadow?

    expansion help

    Also i understand that i cant possibly compile every market and adventure card expansion into one, so if i buy runebound expansions how do you recomend me to compile them, so far all i have is base game, artifacts and allies, relics of legend, the dark forrest, terrors of the tomb, crown of the elder kings, and sceptor of kyros. Also do the class decks work good with the box expansions
  5. shadow?

    expansion help

    what is line of fate? And the question is if i could only get one: runebound expansion, talisman or arkham horror which one? Also how long is a game of Arkham horror?
  6. since when did the lightning mace give a boost on skill checks the card says nothing about skill checks, and in the rulebook it said the term combat roll meant only attack and defense (or was it attack roll written on the card) and according to my logic taking a test such as melee hide lugging a lightning mace won't help you. Sorry just i had a problem similar to this with the lightning mace and assumed it didn't work on skill tests
  7. shadow?

    expansion help

    the only ffg game i own is runebound. I managed to buy a copy with the first wave nonbox expansions already set up in it (long time ago). Pretty soon i'll want more. The question is should i buy some expansions? I was primarily eyeing the second wave deck expansion or what i am really interested in are the class cards. Also are there any expansions that give new heroes other than the big box expansions? Ive heard mixed opinions on the class cards. Also im looking for games like runebound that take less time to play. Do the class cards work well with the doom track? Its either an expansion or Talisman, which i also heard mixed opinions on. But judging by the rules its not bad. Also i was wondering about Arkham Horror but by the look at all the peices it might take to long, plus i hate the horrible dice that come with it. But if i do get Arkham Horror i can just replace the dice with some irondie i bought on my trip to italy. But anyway its either a runebound expansion, Talisman, or Arkham Horror. Help will be appreciated
  8. no i use a home made version
  9. shadow?

    noob question

    just a little question: i was playing runebound as Mad Carthos and i was fighting an enemy who takes damage in a certain attriibute ( mind, body or spirit) and i was wondering if i can use Mad Carthos befor combat ability of taking a heart, making a magic test (spirit 14) and if success giving the challeng 2 hearts. Does this affect enemys that only take certain attributial damage, for instance the time i did fight that paritcular enemy he only took damage from mind value, and my mind value sucked and i decided that i cant use the before combat ability and ended up dying
  10. anybody like my variant: whenever you draw an adventure card with like a mission: eg go to a forest space without an adventure counter to find treasure, then get 3 gold. If you draw an adventure card such as this one, dont draw another one, but instead put the adventure counter your piece is standing on and put your exp counter on that card. it will be rewarded to you when you fulfill that quest. I originally thought this would go good with the speed of the doom track, but now im skeptical. Also about the market deck, i have a big market deck including artifacts and allies, and relics of legend and the base game. i thought it would be good since we never use at least half of it, to split it into 3: artifacts, weapons and armor, and allies. But then i would have a person choose a category when in a town so in setup each town would get one card of each category except for tamalir, and in a town a person picks the category and adds one into the towns market, but then in tamalir you would draw 3 one of each category each visit, but then i realized the market stack was intentionly random, especially in challenge cards like in Vorakesh's whose reward is a number of gold plus draw the top card on the market stack, if its an artifact keep it if not give it back. i reallized that the market stack is built for randomness. So i was thinking of buying a three sided die to determine these kinds of things since i wana keep it divided since it involves a variety which is my goal, i dont want a game with like 2 artifacts or something like that. But if so should i use the three sided die for store markets, and setup, and vorakesh style rewards. what do you guys think?
  11. i was thinking along the lines of that since the market deck is split in 3 and you could choose which deck to draw from in the town markets, some players wont have as much a variety if their looking for something, so the merchant would have like 1 or 2 of each deck, he would appear in places far away from towns: like forests or mountains, and players would be from his variety and he would disappear and reapear at another time with a completely new variety.
  12. shadow?

    Healing hearts

    no but runebound is a flexible game so you make your own house hold rules. on a website i heard they had a variant where you keep certain movement dice away from the others (similar to healing exhaustion) and roll those first, count how many symbols match your space and thats how many hearts you get, then continue with the rest of the dice that you were supposed to use, but this was initially made for solo runebound, and i personally dont use it but if runebound is too hard for you use it.
  13. glitch: they posted my reply twice
  14. you do know color blind people can see all colors except red and green which looks gray to them
  15. you do know color blind people can see all colors except red and green which looks gray to them
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