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  1. Base set: 88/91 Darkness Awakened: 128/128 Light & Darkness: 91/91 Break Of Dawn: 162/162 Promo's: 29/30 Tip Cards: 4/5 X Card: 1/1 Piece Of Memory 5/37 Rejoin: 0/54 Endless Darkness: 0/72 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ WANTS: Base set: Goofy Lv 3 SR Bambi Lv 4 SR Dumbo Lv 3 SR Tip Cards: Tip Card #2 Any Japanese Cards from PoM, Rejoin, or Endless Darkness. Also any Promo's not printed in English.
  2. Also, If anyone wants to buy something, Im willing to post it on Ebay with a Buy Now, If you want to pay the shipping cost. I know i have a low trader level, So that could help anyone who's Sketchy about anything.
  3. Do you do paypal? If so, Id like to buy 1 Cid Foil. And 1 Event 1 Non-Foil.
  4. Mainly intrested in your tip cards, and the Awakening Sora. If you'd like, you could Send me an Email, and we could work something out. Xujhad01@tmail.com Or if you use AIM, feel free to IM me. Xujhad
  5. Haves: Set 1: ALL COMMONS, UNCOMMONS, AND RARES SR's: Sora Lv 1 x2 Sora Lv 2 x2 Donald Duck Lv 1 x2 Donald Duck Lv 2 x1 Donald Duck Lv 3 x1 Aladdin Lv 1 x1 Aladdin Lv 2 x1 Aladdin Lv 3 x2 Ariel Lv 1 x3 Ariel Lv 2 x1 Ariel Lv 3 x1 Simba Lv 2 x1 Simba Lv 3 x1 Simba Lv 4 x1 Genie Lv 2 x1 Genie Lv 3 x1 Genie Lv 4 x2 Bambi Lv 2 x1 Bambi Lv 3 x1 Tinker Bell Lv 2 x1 Set 2: ALL COMMONS UNCOMMONS AND RARE'S SR's Donald Duck Lv 4 x1 Goofy Lv 4 x1 King Triton Lv 2 x2 End Of The World Lv 3 x1 Riku Lv 3 x1 Jack Skellington Lv 3 x1 Sally Lv 0 x1 Beast Lv 1 x3 Hercules Lv 1 x1 Hercules Lv 2 x1 Peter Pan Lv 2 x2 Yuffie Lv 2 x1 Leon Lv 4 x3 Dumbo Lv 4 x3 Tinker Bell Lv 3 x2 Tinker Bell Lv 4 x2 Soul Eater x1 Behemoth Lv 5 x2 Queen Of Hearts x1 Hades x3 Clayton x1 Jafar x1 Ursula x3 Oogie Boogie x1 Captain Hook x1 Maleficent x2 Disney Castle x1 Set 3: ALL COMMONS UNCOMMONS AND RARES SR's: Ansem Lv 10 x2 Fairy Godmother Lv 2 x4 Aerith Lv 2 x4 Cloud Lv 4 x3 Sephiroth Lv 4 x1 Genie Lv 1 x4 Ultima Weapon x3 Jafar-Genie Lv 8 x3 Dragon Maleficent x1 Dark Riku Lv 3 x3 Crescendo x3 Kairi Lv 0 x1 Aladdin Lv 4 x2 The Cheshire Cat Lv 2 x3 Jasmine Lv 0 x1 Pinocchio Lv 1 x3 Wendy Lv 0 x2 Winnie The Pooh Lv 1 x5 Owl Lv 0 x2 Tinker Bell Lv 0 x1 Aeroga x3 Lord Fortune x2 Agrabah Lv 1 x2 Agrabah Lv 3 x3 Monstro Lv 2 x1 Neverland Lv 2 x3 The King Lv 0 x3 Set 4: ALL COMMONS UNCOMMONS AND RARE'S SR'S Sora Lv 3 x3 Sora Valor x3 Sora Wisdom x4 Ansem Lv 10 x3 Roxas Lv 1 x3 Mickey Mouse Lv 1 x6 Minnie Mouse Lv 1 x5 Diz Lv 1 x3 Captain Pete Lv 0 x4 Alice Lv 0 x3 Jasmine Lv 1 x3 Jack Skellington Lv 4 x3 Yuffie Lv 2 x3 Leon Lv 4 x3 Auron Lv 4 x2 Pete Lv 2 x3 Phantom Lv 5 x3 Behemoth Lv 6 x3 Cerberus Lv 6 x3 Parasite Cage Lv 7 x3 Jafar-Genie Lv 8 x3 Hades Lv 8 x3 Destiny Islands Lv 2 x4 End Of The World Lv 2 x3 PROMO'S Riku Lv 2 Non Holo x3 Riku Lv 2 Holo x2 Simba Lv 1 Non Holo x3 Simba Lv 1 Holo x1 Sora Merman Non Holo x3 Sora Merman Holo x1 Sora Halloween Holo x2 Sora Flag Non Holo x3 Sora Flag Holo x2 Tinker Bell Lv 0 Non Holo x3 Tinker Bell Lvv0 Holo x1 Cid Non Holo x1 Tigger Non Holo x50+ Tigger Holo x1 Daisy Duck Non Holo x1 Daisy Duck Holo x2 Kairi Lv 0 Non Holo x2 Kairi Lv 0 Holo x1 Snow White Holo x50+ Cinderella Holo x1 Aurora Holo x1 Belle Holo x50+ Event 1 Holo x2 Other: Tip Card 1 x1 Tip Card 4 x1 Black and White X Card x1 Japanese: Cid Promo Non Holo x2 Cinderella Non Holo x1 Promo with Sora, Riku, Goofy, And Donald, Non Holo x1 WANTS::::::::::::: Set 1: Sora Lv 3 SR #67 Goofy Lv 1 SR #71 Goofy Lv 2 SR #72 Goofy Lv 3 SR #73 Bamby Lv 4 SR #88 Dumbo Lv 2 SR #89 Dumbo Lv 3 SR #90 Set 2: Chip n Dale Lv 0 SR #20 100 acre wood Lv 1 SR #94 Beast Lv 2 SR #101 Beast Lv 3 SR #102 Hercules Lv 3 SR #105 Peter Pan Lv 1 SR #106 Peter Pan Lv 3 SR #108 Winnie The Pooh Lv 0 SR #109 Moogle Lv 1 SR #112 Parasite Cage Lv 7 SR #118 Destiny Islands Lv 1 SR #127 Set 3: Alice Lv 0 SR #77 Promo: Cid (Foil) Snow White Nonfoil Cinderella Nonfoil Aurora Nonfoil Belle Nonfoil Event 1 Nonfoil Awakening Sora Lv 3 Foil Awakening Sora Lv 3 Nonfoil Other: Tip Card #2 Tip Card #3 Tip Card #5
  6. Looking for Chip n Dale. Only buying via paypal.
  7. x1 SR Cloud x1 SR Sephiroth x2 SR Ultima x1 SR The King x1 Cid Promo Foil and Non x1 Snow White Promo Foil and Non x1 Cinderella Promo Foil and Non x1 Aurora Promo Foil and Non x1 Bell Promo Foil and Non x1 SR Soul Eater x2 R Soul Eater x1 Awakening Sora Foil or Not. Higher wants for all the Promo's, I only buy Via Paypal.
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