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  1. I did last week, heard nothing as of yet, probably cos of the above.
  2. Light bulb moment: NOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooo I was wrong lol
  3. Now I am quite a few 800 point games in we complete in no longer than 2 hours. There is a lot of opportunity for slower players to pontificate for ages in the mechanics though, which card, which order, to pull from bag or not etc etc. Need BB8 or R2 with an electric prod in wait for some opponents LOL. When playing at the club or FLGS I am finding a lot of time is spent answering onlooker questions as well which will pass I suppose. All in all rambling post to say under 2 hours will be the norm I think.
  4. They are so they will fit multiple size coins in the same capsule. I use 33mm one which the tokens just fit in with a squeeze. Also got the 35mm ones and there is no real rattle room.
  5. I have tons of IA and WOTC figures and tend to mod other systems to use the figures with - frothing over Legions and will probably build up the forces but use the cards and stuff with the IA and WOTC figures until I have gathered and painted enough. Next year suddenly seems a long long way away lol !
  6. Can't find the thread I thought was here. Question is do dupes help out are they all killed before end of phase when Poison goes.
  7. Can't find the thread I thought was here. Question is do dupes help out are they all killed before end of phase when Poison goes.
  8. I am just getting back into the game after about 2 1/2 years out - and have grown to hate TLT with a vengeance !!
  9. Cheers - was just completely managing to miss the text by trying to read pdfs and not actually using the real booklets !
  10. Hi Ok I am being thick probably but can't figure out how duplicates work really - I get you can put them on cards, can't marshall them if you have a copy in the dead pile etc but can't see how they 'save' - unless it is as easy as just the top card gets 'killed' leaving the other in play as is. Please enlighten me Cheers
  11. Limited cards like the locations - you can obviously have more than one 'in play' - What we can't agree on is that each one once in play triggers or if you can only 'play' one and hence trigger one. Basically the location cards with gold additions - do you only receive one lot of gold in the marshalling phase, all of them, or one of each type OR non of those options lol. Cheers
  12. Thanks for that guys - very useful for me being a London noob - even if I did get killed at the Thameside today !
  13. Army Painter do one and its great - we use it for X-Wing, Imperial Assault and Armada all the time.
  14. Some of the new cards in the expansions allow dice outside the 'range' on the range ruler so I figure the Opening Salvo text means ANY dice. However to add to the issue even more is the text that says a legal attack is one where the target is within range at the first stage - so does this mean you can't add dice to an attack to hit longer range than your initial hull armament (as in the corvettes with blue can only fire to medium range no matter what) ?
  15. Also it seems some of the wave one cards say you can add black dice but only up to medium range - which has pushed me into the 'card means you can add black at long/red range' camp. BUT if that premise is right we came up with another query at the comp today. An attack is legal at the measuring phase if you have dice of that range in the initial pool. SO if you only have blue dice on hull card you can only shoot to medium and therefore can't add red or any other colour to strike at long range (maybe, possibly etc)
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