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  1. Just wanted to share my experience with my group. This September marks the four year aniversary of our continuous 3rd Ed campaign. I remember how people were worried that the system would not support long games very well. Another argument was that PCs would progress way too fast if the one advance per session is applied. My experience is that both worries are unfounded. My players still have plenty of plans how to advance their characters even in rank 5. Another thing: when a new PC joins the group (PCs die, you know) there seems to be zero problem integrating them. Yes there is a quite large difference in power compared to the established characters, but the system really helps everyone feeling useful, no matter their rank. Note: I pretty much use rules as written minus the rally step.
  2. Or even better: an encounter or short one-off adventure POD with a small booklet outlining the plot and location-, creature-, item cards needed for it. I'd buy one of those every month.
  3. I'm glad we are through with the core set casters. Here's hoping we'll see some non-caster career PODs next.
  4. Thank you Matchstickman for sharing that. I guess that ruling goes for all cards that say they "replace" another card, including talents. Btw I think it quite wothwhile to replace three cards with only one to socket. Well worth spending one advane on (esp. at epic level).
  5. Thanks, should apply to counterspell too, then.
  6. Thanks Jay. Would be an awsome career ability too. Of course, one would have to design a fitting career first…… Snake charmer?
  7. Can manoevres only be taken on ones own turn, or can stress/fatigue be spent to use one at the opponents turn (to switch a talent, say)?
  8. Does an advanced action like 'Advanced Counterspell' require the PC to already have the basic version in order to be allowed to aquire it? Of course I'm talking about a situation, where the basic action was not aquired for free at char gen.
  9. DothL is not just a Dylan Thomas quote, but also a nice little campaign from the first edition days. In my experience (3/4 through) it ties in nicely with the published 3rd ed material. The adventure has no world-sweeping impact so is you are willing to use some 1st ed tropes, you don't have to change much. The campaign has Fimir and references to gods of law and a more obscure chaos god. I welcomed these things mostly for sentimental reasons. The adventure ties in nicely with 'The Witch's Song" due to proximity (DothL starts and ends in Marienburg witch the rest of it set in the Wasteland). In my game, I had the group finish "Winds of Change" which promoted our Wizard's apprentice, who then was asked to get a book of lore in Marienburg. On the way there the group stopped in a little town called Faulingmere….. Finishing The Witch's Song they thus had ample reason to continue to Marienburg which sets DothL in motion. DotL features a giant octupus pretty eartly on, which is an opportunity to let the "Beast of Faulingmere" reappear (severly wounded from the tunnel collapse). Happy gaming!
  10. Jay, since we are derailing this thread something fierce, I'll start a new one over at the GM forum and answer your question there.
  11. In regards to DothL: it's a blast, ties in perfectly with The Witch's Song, kept my group busy for the last 10 sessions or so (we are 3/4 trough), and gave me a fix for 1st ed. sentimentality (gods of order, Fimir, morality turned on it's head). The best thing so far that happened in my group during that campaign: SPOILERS Our troll slayer, who became disgraced when his brother turned to chaos worship and who hated chaos with a burning passion, finally found a glorious death defending a village of peacenik MUTANTS. Have fun!
  12. A reaction is a great idea! Maybe to every PC engaging with it beyond the first?
  13. Wargor seems about right (very cool pics btw). I guess a T and S of 4-5 would be appropriate for Fimir warriors. They should probably also have some sort of tail attack and maybe get the blinded condition when fighting during the day or against PCs carrying a light source. Other ideas, maybe for the Dirach?
  14. I started runnign "The Dying of the Light" (1st ed.) recently and actually used that campaigns MacGuffin to get the heroes to Faulingmere and thus into the vacinity of Marienburg. Now DotL was the last published adventure to (quite heavily) use the Fimir before GW dropped those awesome baddies. How would you guys transfer them into 3rd ed? What would a creature card look like, what creature abilities would you give them, what action cards would be appropriate, etc? Would love to hear your ideas....
  15. korknadel said: Don't confound tributary and distributary. Thank you! You completely untied my brain!
  16. That's a really good point and answers one of my questions. The other remains though - how can the Bäch run south to flow into the Reik and north to flow into the Mouth of Morr at the same time?
  17. I'm trying hard but I don't get it, fumbling my education check again and again. How is this river running through the mouth of Morr in "The Witch's Song" supposed to work. SPOILERS: Supposedly this river is the Bäch. The Bäch has to flow into the Reik in order to allow the adventurers to arrive from there. How can it flow into the Mouth of Morr (adventure book, p. 40) at the same time? And then, to reach the Sea of Claws a ship would sail throug the cave, up the river to be later hauled over land to be watered again into an unnamed river to get to the sea????? Aguirre style????? Please, somebody explain that to me, it's driving me nuts!
  18. Awesome idea! Man, the possibilities......
  19. Yes, I can see where you are getting at and the scenarios you are decribing all make sense. I still think rolling is OK because a) hitting anything with simple difficulty is pretty much an assured hit anyway b) trolls are stupid enough (INT 1) to just keep hitting things without sense c) I like to not make a PCs demise just another GM decision. I don't mind killing PCs (too much), but the mentioned troll slayer acted very much in character (albeit stupidly so) and I respect that. Again. doing it your way totally makes sense too. Feeling much less defensive now...
  20. Yes, it becomes a little difficult because chance to hit and damage are interwoven in WFRP. Substituting T and WP in spell damage calculation while disregarding armour soak doesn't change the outcome very much however, unless you are talking about a very heavily armoured target, which would imo just serve to illustrate my point. Just browsing through the spells we have so far, it seems to be a very rare occasion anyway.
  21. Well, there are moments in roleplaying where fluff becomes more important than rules. At least if what you essentially want to achieve is immersion in a story. I think the above mentioned spell is such a case. If I would have just deducted soak and toughness after describing the spells effect there would have been a hollow situation in storytelling where people go "huh?" and immersion ends. To me that's good enough a reason to houserule. Especially since a) the system wants me to houserule all the time anyway and b) the rule that you use is not very clearly mentioned (it's not even in the magic book!). There are plenty of good RPG systems which make a difference between spells that affect you physically or mentally. I think it's important to make that distinction. I don't think that it is needed for WFRP very often, because there are not that many damage dealing spells anyway. Also, most of them seem to be clearly physical (bright order). To sum up: yeah, houseruling that soak doesn't always count against magic makes it more powerful in very few situations - in the name of good fluff, so be it!
  22. more SPOILERS The other PCs were fighting in the yard and in the cellar before they had finally worked their way into the main house. It was all encounter mode. Would have been silly to switch into story imo. At that point I would have just decided if the PC lives or dies and that's never a good idea. Anyway, I'm not sure why you want me to defend how I handled the situation when this is clearly about an important rule missing in the system.
  23. Yeah, I'm gonna houserule the heck out of that. No soak against spells that are clearly mental manipulation attacks.
  24. Well dvang, thanks for the lesson in GMing! Let me asure you, in this case it was perfecly justified, that the monster kept hitting the PC after he was down. Actually, it was like this.... SPOILERS! During tGS's 'When night Falls' all PCs took a very cautionary approach to dealing with the greenskins. Only the newly dishonored Troll Slayer smashed into the front door, found the troll and saw it as an opportunity to die the good old glorious death. Meanwhile all other PCs were unaware of a troll being in the house. The Troll Slayer thought "I really should solo that" and got his just deserts. Actually, the other players got him out before he died, but the troll sure KOed the slayer (just starting rank 2) and kept hacking away lacking any other enemies to hack away at. All that being said, and agreeing with your genereal notion that it should be a rare occurance, I still think the rules should adress such an important issue.
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