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  1. Final play through for this mini-campaign.
  2. Anyone know if you can start with any xp like in other stand alone scenarios?
  3. Anyone know when Labyrinths Of Lunacy is to be released? Thx.
  4. For The Golden Pocket Watch, it says that it is removed from the game. Does that mean for the rest of the campaign or just that scenario? Also if I can bring it back in the next scenario, do I have to pay another 8 xp? Thx. in advance.
  5. Thx. That is the way we play, just wanted to be sure.
  6. For cards like Overpower, do you HAVE to draw the card if you succeed or can you CHOOSE not to?
  7. I.A. All the way. Would only buy this if the minis were pre-painted...which they are not.
  8. I have the core set. What are the 4 best heroes out of the 6 to play the core campaign? Thx in advance.
  9. How come when i go to the products page, everything says it is unavailable?
  10. Anyone know when the pre-printed maps will be available? Thx in advance.
  11. Are they going to release Hiers Of Numenor befors the 2nd Saga expansion? If so that seems kind of silly…let me know, thx in advance.
  12. I am VERY happy. We play in a group of 4 of us and always have. We also always use Mono-sphere decks…this is going to be fun.
  13. Believe it or not i actually 4 fist(play 4 decks)> This might not be for everyone, but i enjoy it…you want to talk about card options!
  14. I agree. Do a 4 player player game, each person with a mono-sphere deck. Passage through Mirkwood and Journey down the Anduin would be fine. It is different with 4 players and a lot of fun to see all those cards getting used, you get your moneys worth!
  15. To get past quest 2b, do have to get 16 progress tokens AND reduce Durins bane to 0 hit points or once EITHER ONE of those conditions are met? Hope i phrased the question right, thx in advance.
  16. I have enjoyed the podcats and videos scince the beginging(yes this is Morbid or Mark L. if you prefer)The reason i like them is because you are just fans of the game. If this was being done by FFG themselves, i would maybe expect the negativity. I enjoy learning the scenarios and rules WITH you, so please keep all the content you do coming and i apprecieate your time and effort.
  17. I enjoy the videos a lot. It is cool that you take the time and effort to do this. (my you tube name is dungeon666, you might have seen some of my comments) Keep making these videos.
  18. There has been no news on this game scince 1/6/12. That is going on 4 months now. I think FFG has given up. I hope not but what else should i think.
  19. No info i know of as yet for a reprint. The issues with the 1st release do make the game unplayable and you have to ask FFG for the replacement parts. With all that siad though i am with you on matbe just picking it up because i think this game is going by the wayside.(there has been no new news about this game in months)
  20. What are the names of the 6 Locked cards that come with The Silver Tablet P.O.D.? Thx in advance.
  21. Are they ever going to sell anymore? The thing says not yet available and has for a while?
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