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  1. Final play through for this mini-campaign.
  2. Anyone know if you can start with any xp like in other stand alone scenarios?
  3. Anyone know when Labyrinths Of Lunacy is to be released? Thx.
  4. For The Golden Pocket Watch, it says that it is removed from the game. Does that mean for the rest of the campaign or just that scenario? Also if I can bring it back in the next scenario, do I have to pay another 8 xp? Thx. in advance.
  5. Thx. That is the way we play, just wanted to be sure.
  6. For cards like Overpower, do you HAVE to draw the card if you succeed or can you CHOOSE not to?
  7. I.A. All the way. Would only buy this if the minis were pre-painted...which they are not.
  8. I have the core set. What are the 4 best heroes out of the 6 to play the core campaign? Thx in advance.
  9. How come when i go to the products page, everything says it is unavailable?
  10. Anyone know when the pre-printed maps will be available? Thx in advance.
  11. Are they going to release Hiers Of Numenor befors the 2nd Saga expansion? If so that seems kind of silly…let me know, thx in advance.
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