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  1. They could add banners to allow minor clans, even adding influence costs to them for dynasty characters wouldn't be a hard rework and could be done in a big box release down the road. I like the idea of adding in the smaller clans as characters but even as a former Shadowlands/Mantis player I'm not sure I want more playable factions anytime soon.
  2. Ah perhaps the best pun gets the storyline prize to determine what was in the Egg of P'un Ku.
  3. I also like that a clan can be silent to show dissatisfaction with the emperor or their own champion. As to what the chant is/becomes I like the idea of it.
  4. They are having the World Championships for several of their games this week so there could be a delay. Then again that could be courtier misdirection.
  5. Not sure which clan I will rep in tournaments as a Shadowlands then Many is player. I guess I will have to give them all a go.
  6. Columbus, OH. Hoping to set up a weekly L5R night at the Guard Tower after release.
  7. Anyone still playing at Packrat or The Soldiery? Or anywhere else in central Ohio?
  8. I often found myself in a resource lock with the DS deck, but I have luck that will always deny statisics. Unfortunately it isn't in a the good way. I imagine it doe better for those that the laws of statisics work.
  9. I know they had the NA Championships for some of their games at GenCon last year I was just hoping they had an idea of how they wanted to do things this year. It looks like building a playgroup in my area will take some time and if I could get in a large tournament at either GenCon or Origins for a national level warm up it would be nice. I understand that FFG doesn't attend Origins but perhaps they could get someone to run some events for them, I'm not even sure if their OP system is setup to allow to happen though. So much to learn withevery new system and company.
  10. I work retail so my schedule shifts from week to week and there is the little one to consider for me but I am going to swing by the shop today before work and pick up my first core set. I frequent The Guard Tower, what about you two?
  11. Hello, I know the Worlds events have shifted to the FFG events but I was wondering if their would be a presence at hopefully both conventions this year. Later days, Tom
  12. Hey, I have been looking at taking the jump and was wondering if you have found any players in Columbus? Thanks in advance. Tom
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