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  1. Unless OggDude has done something drastic, I don't think this will run natively on a Mac. It runs stable in VirtualBox though, and I share my data folder to the VM so I can work on characters on my PC or Mac. If it's released on Sunday, you can bet your patootie I'll be updating and putting it through it's paces.
  2. Dunno if this bug for 1.8 has been discussed, but there seems to be an issue with the Talent: Deadly Accuracy. It's an unhandled exception error. You cannot choose the combat skill to link Deadly Accuracy to, and in the data editor you cannot modify Deadly Accuracy. If I changed it from Combat to General skills under the "Choose Skill" pane, update, and save. If you go back in, it's reset to Combat. I can get you the details from the error log if you'd like. This was found in Virtual Box (latest build) and in a Boot Camp partition running Windows 8.1 on two different MacBook pros.
  3. Heya dude. I have a Mac, plus I run your CharGen in either Bootcamp Win8 or a VM running 10 (virtualbox). If you want it run in any enviorment, LMK? I work in a digital forensic lab so I have access to any build of windows environment on a Mac.
  4. I'm looking to offload some Premium Allies but don't want to violate any policies. Can I post about them or post a link?
  5. Harikaridog said: In this case I would suggest that this is an example where the rules were changed at the last minute and the fluff was not modified. During all our playtesting of Dust warfare last year (I was in Andy C's test group) the 4.2" rockets were always single use. 'Single Use' was an actual trait until the latest iteration of the rules. UGL's, Panzerfausts and demo charges were also single use. If you wouldn't mind, I'd like to pick your brain on what I see as some balance issues? It may be related to misunderstanding some rules. I had tried to discuss them in a previous thread however some rabid fanboyishness clouded what could have been a civil discussion. Is there a preferred method I could contact you outside of this thread?
  6. Having played a few games, I have to say that I do agree with Gimp's OP for the most part. My main issues are the imbalance between factions. Cover plays a large role in the game and the Allies faction has a huge advantage over the Axis faction in negating cover, having access to several units with weapons that allow you to ignore it. The Axis have 2, I think? The Axis have nothing to match Phaser weapons. In return the Axis have 2 units that ignore suppression. The Zombies lose most cover benefits and the gorillas are weaker versions on the Allies rocket equipped troops who don't trigger reactions on the move and have better CC weapons. Snipers in general are broken. The Axis have Laser weapons, which I'm underwhelmed by. I have a 1/3 chance to get another hit and a range shorter than the basic weapon of my opponent which btw puts them in reaction range. My opinion is that the game hs too many issues to be fun. It's already beginning to die at my lgs and we are switching back to tactics. I'm going to hold on to my stuff for a while to see If FFG is interested in making much needed changes. If not, I'll have a large collection of premium models for sale in the next year.
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