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    HappyDD reacted to Saturnine in What Is the Plugged-in Tour?   
    About as easy as dismissing the opinion of someone more fortunate than you?
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    HappyDD reacted to Keggy in What Is the Plugged-in Tour?   
    If all of the feedback for this thing is negative, you can be **** sure FFG will never have something like this on a global scale.  This is a test run, let them see how it goes on a small scale before getting so angry.
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    HappyDD reacted to Saturnine in What Is the Plugged-in Tour?   
    I find it baffling that so many people ascribe the location selection to ill will on FFG's part rather than thinking about the time and money restrictions that are behind a project such as this. Since FFG staff is planned to be present at all events, and FFGs staff is not unlimited, they require travel arrangements and accomodation, and have also other work to do besides touring the country, don't you think FFG would have organized events in your area if they'd have the time and money to do so?
    While it is unfortunate for many people who'd like to participate but won't be able to, the sense of entitlement displayed by many is unfortunate as well.
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    HappyDD reacted to gertat in Moondragon, discardpile, corrupted unit   
    We knew the answer to 3b (sometimes you must ask obvious questions in context with another) but we feel the answers on 3a and 3b should be the same.
    Now we know.
    It's great to have you guys to ask because it helps in some heated arguments.
    Instead of arguing we just say For now we play like this and after we ask the forum.
    Love this game.
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    HappyDD got a reaction from gertat in Moondragon, discardpile, corrupted unit   
    I'd say yes to the first two and no to the last.
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    HappyDD reacted to Mallumo in Winvasion, the Warhammer: Invasion podcast   
    Well, there will be the two hour long Cthulhu Corner special. Just no Invasion.
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    HappyDD reacted to sammann11 in Winvasion, the Warhammer: Invasion podcast   
    I'm late to the party here - been off the forums for a while, sadly. I just discovered your podcast and it is great guys! I love Warhammer Invasion but don't get nearly as much of it as I'd like (No one around here plays). My brother and I play over "facetime" and we've got a system down where it works pretty darn well. Most of my time is spent playtesting decks against myself. This podcast is exactly what I needed! Living, breathing (albeit recorded) people showing enthusiasm and knowledge for the game! I learn a lot and am thoroughly entertained. Bravo!
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    HappyDD reacted to Kaine82 in Hidden Kingdoms - new expansion!   
    Q3 = 3rd Quarter = oct, nov or dec
    I'm stupid
    july, aug or sept
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    HappyDD reacted to Maik in Dreamer of Dragons + Redirect   
    Okay, we got this hashed out on the german forum: the crucial point is that 'take damage' is equivalent to 'deal damage', except that the target is also the damage source. Since damage is dealt when it is assigned and applied, the redirected damage does not trigger the +1 power for the Dreamer - although the damage is assigned to him, it is then applied to some other luckless guy, so he did not take it.
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    HappyDD got a reaction from Entropy42 in Borgut Facebeater - in 3rd attack   
    Ellyrik, who is competent, volunteered to answer your question. No one owes you an explanation just because you posted on the rules forum, so a good strategy is to be thankful for responses.
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