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    HappyDD reacted to booored in Wondering whether to play this one........   
    Well this isn't a good sign.. I mean it is a LCG. Its similarities to the other games is stronger than its differences. My bet is that your problems with the other games will not suddenly disappear in this game.

    Yeah I think it is fairly obvious they have tried to keep a kind of flavour form the original. Not so much inspired by but I think there are connections between the games.

    Look, theme is important, I think most of us here, before the game is even launched are here because the 40K setting appeals to us, so I can understand the attraction. Still your words fill me with doubt. This is a LCG and so it requires a few things to be even worth considering.
    You need someone, preferably a few people to play with. If you had problems finding games and your collection just sat around gathering dust the last few times you tried a LCG and you expect that not to change then what is the point? Your own "interest" is not the factor here, but how much it interests your friends as well.
    The entire point of a LCG is the deck construction. You want players who will engange you and build decks. Even in a 1v1 situation with a love in partner (what a lot of casuals do) if both players are not building decks then the game will stale rather fast.
    ALso, LCGs may be cheaper than a CCG but they are not cheap, with a pack a month and a box box like every 6 or so. Card will come out so fast and so often that unless you play a lot, and I mean a lot you will end up with much of the game feeling it is doing nothing.
    So you need someone to play it with, you need someone interested enough to buy the packs as you do and build decks regularly to give you the varied experience the LCG is designed for and you need to someone who has a relatively decent cash flow, or focuses on the game and is not a generalist collector of tons of other games. This is common to all LCGS.

    Look try it, why not? You can always sell it latter if it duds out. This is what many people do, get in on the ground floor and then if I like it I find a lot of Cores on ebay cheap to get my 2nd or 3rd Core to complete the set.
    Also someone will probably make a table top application version, like OCTGN or LACKEY. You may want to just wait and try it that way. Something to consider. Personally I can not stand virtual table tops, especially octgn with all that retarded automation.. omg.. it sucks so baddy.
    All in all from what you said my recommendation is to try it.. why the hell not. Though I expect you will sell it as the "LCG experience" is basically the same among all LCGs. If you tried 2 and they both crapped out on you, why would this one be different.. it won't be.
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    HappyDD got a reaction from shoreless in Learn Your Lore   
    You are mostly right, booored. Back in the day the fluff was an excuse for the models to be fighting. Since then, in the 25 years or whatever has passed, the demand for concrete fluff has grown to the point where GW is trying harder to keep that stuff consistent. It has grown out of control with dozens of authors trying to fit stories within the existing fluff and still keep it all together, but it's a money maker for them. Look at newer companies (e.g., Spartan), they have very sparse fluff too but it's probably by necessity.
    If you fancy yourself old school you probably don't like all these kids on your lawn with their strict attitudes towards fluff, but that's what nerds are: people who thrive on knowing minute arcane things regarding fantasy worlds. I don't find it appealing to argue over whether or not the Black Templars would help the Eldar in one specific situation, but there is no harm in people wanting to read about the Emperor or whatever.
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    HappyDD got a reaction from MechaBri.Zilla in Assault vs. shooting.   
    In literally every card game some abstraction occurs: in Cthulhu a little kid can hit an Ancient One with a crowbar, in Invasion two goblins can kill a huge invincible demon, in L5R you can win by making great origami cranes while your opponent burns down your provinces, the list goes on. Perhaps in Star Wars it was over done with Ewoks fighting Star Destroyers. I will bet you one million dollars that there will be something like that in this game. That stuff already happens in the source material (40K) with Imperial Guardsmen being able to shoot Space Marines to death with their crappy lasguns. People are already raising their eyebrows at the alliance wheel, or whatever it's called, so imagine their dismay when a Dark Eldar comes in waving a massive Chaos sword or Orcs ride around in Imperial Guard tanks. 
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    HappyDD got a reaction from sammann11 in Warhammer Invasion - Solo Variant - Working Title = Seige.   
    Attercop: You should post whatever you originally had up here. The people want to know about variants!
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    HappyDD reacted to klaymen_sk in Crossing my fingers for... an expantion allowing more than 2 players   
    Invasion is actually quite good as a multiplayer game.
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    HappyDD reacted to dboeren1 in Crossing my fingers for... an expantion allowing more than 2 players   
    I've heard both sides on Thrones.  My impression is that more "competitive" players seem to prefer 2p because then it's just a duel with no collusion/politics.  More "casual" players seem to enjoy multiplayer.  But these are only rough guidelines and most people who play enjoy both even if they have a preference.
    Disclaimer: I only rarely play Thrones myself and when I do, it's with a borrowed deck.
    The other game I always hear is awesome for multiplayer (because it was designed specifically for that goal and has no official 2p rules) is V:TES.  I've played a couple games only, but it seemed to be pretty cool and I think a cleaned up & modernized version would be awesome.
    Whether you like Doomtown specifically or not, I think all of us would benefit from a 2nd major player in the non-random card game (i.e. - LCG-like) market.  Competition drives innovation and benefits consumers, so I'm hoping it's a success.  Not to mention that any LCG-like game that hits big (like Netrunner for instance) helps draw more people into the hobby and increases the market for all companies involved so it helps FFG too in an indirect way.  Bigger market = more pie for everyone.
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    HappyDD reacted to shoreless in Ork Strategy Thread   
    Call da boyz Fight Win Orkses is never defeated in battle. If we win we win, if we die we die fighting so it don't count. If we runs for it we don't die neither, cos we can come back for annuver go, see!
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    HappyDD reacted to TragicTheBlathering in Was so excited but now am sad. :(   
    I think the difference board was trying to make in his oh so charming way is that you can build a Swars deck with trial and error. You do not need any ability to make or even truly understand the card pool. You just need to swap out a objective set witch replaces 20 cards in your deck and then see how it runs. This is not the case in traditional deck building were you have to design the decks holistically form scratch. 
    For me though the big problem with the PoD system is that the decks are designed not at the player table but by FFG. The synergies and combos are set in fixed card sets. The few that are down to player choice are as discussed able to be found through trial and error, because new sets are added as modifications to existing decks. So these deck slowly mutate over time but power decks stay around forever as power deck are always powerful (with slight trail and error tweaks) and are never removed until a new deck designed at FFG comes out to replace it or counter it... as counter decks can not be designed by the players. Now and then a big flux of cards come in with the deluxe, but again.. these are sets designed at FFG.. not by the players. As the pool gets larger the players will be able to make meaningful decisions that are unable to now as the choice will be so much larger.. but never will a power deck be able to be teched against. The meta is forever in the hands of the developers and not the players.
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    HappyDD reacted to dboeren1 in Was so excited but now am sad. :(   
    Here's the deal with Star Wars.
    People who play other card games keep pointing out how the deck building in SW is extremely limited.  And it is.  Not only does it have the smallest card pool out of the LCGs, it also uses the objective set system which hugely reduces your ability to tune your deck.
    People who like Star Wars feel that this is some sort of attack against them or their game, so they feel compelled to argue.  Usually this is done in the form of saying that Star Wars deck building is "challenging".  And this is true too.  But, challenging basically just means "difficult", it doesn't mean "rich and varied".  Deckbuilding in Star Wars is difficult because of the restrictions placed on it.  You're trying to build a coherent deck but each card you put in voluntarily brings up to 4 other cards you didn't necessarily want.  It's great that a skillful player can work to reduce the damage this does to their deck (compared to a freely-constructed one) and this DOES require skill and knowledge, but you're just fighting an arbitrary system.  Like sure, it's harder to pass a math test while hopping on one foot and dodging baseballs being thrown at you, but don't mistake that for having passed a higher level math test because those are two different things and their difficulty or "challenge" stems from vastly different sources.
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    HappyDD reacted to dboeren1 in Was so excited but now am sad. :(   
    In the grim dark future, there is only co-operation!
    Seriously, I don't think the theme is a good fit for that.
    But tell you what, you can have your co-operative 40K game with Orks and Eldar exchanging hugs right after I get my competitive Tolkien LCG so I can build a Witch King deck and go smash some rotten hobbitses.  Deal?
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    HappyDD reacted to Mallumo in LCG playmats for trade   
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    HappyDD reacted to cetiken in Imperial Guard and Orcs   
    New BFFs apparently.
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    HappyDD got a reaction from gertat in cardgamedb not updated   
    If you are flexible, the best deck builder I've found for Invasion online is deckbox.org. They have everything up to and including Hidden Kingdoms and a really nice interface. Even when cardgamedb got their Invasion builder up and running I still preferred deckbox. I wish they had the other LCGs at deckbox too.
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    HappyDD reacted to Maik in Just to let you guys know...   
    Hm, I thought that was their main use. I see the action to completely disregard loyalty cost as an added bonus - by itself, this would be to situational to make them worthwhile, I feel. You can't use them for their own race, which should keep them from being too strong.
    Regarding the discussion about Barbed Snares: Limiting this is indeed long overdue, and while you're at it, I'd also recommend slapping a Limited on Soporific Musk and Burlock's Ingenuity before someone finds a way to abuse them. By the way, did you already ask FFG whether they were planning to do a final update for the FAQ themselves?
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    HappyDD reacted to gertat in What a great addition Hidden kingdoms is   
    Today I testplayed my Wood Elf deck against my Lizardmen deck for the first time.
    Got to be ready to kick my brothers Warhammar as in the christmas holidays.
    Soon after the pictures was taken Wood Elf burned the Questzaone and won the day.

    What a joy to play these two factions. So much fun even if the decks can be much better with a little practice.


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    HappyDD reacted to jonnel in Wood Elf Smackdown!   
    Am I the one to say it?
    It's over nine-thousand.
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    HappyDD got a reaction from Oodako67 in Hidden kingdoms   
    Classic comedy. 
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    HappyDD reacted to SeanXor in Reflections on the game   
    I think I have moved through the five stage of grief about the canceling of the game and I have reached acceptance.  I am actually excited about moving forward with this game in different ways.  
    Up to this point all of my energy has been involved in making the best tournament style decks possible.  I was constantly refining and testing new ideas to come up with the best deck possible.  However, that is no longer an issue.  Also, since I have all of the cards that means this is a "complete game" for me.  
    Moving forward I am going to be looking to do two things with Warhammer: Invasion. First, I am going to make all new decks.   However, instead of trying to make the best tournament deck, I am going to try to make decks that are balanced against each other.  Especially with Cataclysm, if I could make four decks that balanced well so that any of the decks could beat any of the other decks, I will have a ready to go package to play at game nights (or even teach new players with!)  
    Second, I am excited about revisiting the draft format.  The core set is essentially a pre-built cube.  Using the card make up of the core set of a template and the full card pool, I can make new cubes to draft from.  With my wife and other experienced players this might be the most fun way to play the game now.   
    While my focus of how I engage the game will need to change, I am still looking forward to a lot more Warhammer: Invasion! 
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    HappyDD reacted to meggypeggs in Capital Boards (homemade)   
    Had a bash at making my own Capital boards (idea taken from another fan).
    Didn't turn out too bad though it came out a little darker than I wanted.

    All in all happy with it though.
    Lets keep the game alive

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    HappyDD reacted to slick in Reflections on the game   
    only game i know where ppl want to buy the stuff when it ends
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    HappyDD got a reaction from cparadis10 in Reflections on the game   
    Same for me: First LCG. It got me back into card games in general, since after Magic I figured I'd rather have money than be good at a card game. I never suspected WH:I would be the first to bite the dust.
    I have to give props to all the designers who worked on this game to make it my favourite one.
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    HappyDD reacted to cparadis10 in Reflections on the game   
    Now that development of Invasion is officially over, I'd like to take an opportunity to look back at the game.
    It was the first LCG I played, and I absolutely loved it. It was a great introduction to the warhammer world, and provided me hours and hours of fun.
    So thank you FFG for such a great game, I know others feel the same way.
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    HappyDD reacted to KingOfOdonata in Selling Entire Collection   
    AND SOLD! For $475+Shipping.
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