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  1. 48 hours left for that sweet sweet coin (and the rest of this glorious collection).
  2. You should buy it and resell all the promos. If you charge $5 a card and $20 a mat you'll earn it all back. Free coin!
  3. Not sure where else to post this: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Star-Wars-LCG-collection-lots-of-promos-and-unique-items-/141852478505?hash=item2107110c29:g:DAYAAOSwwE5Wbglz#shpCntId
  4. You can replace the word "When..." with the word "After..." (I think that's in the FAQ somewhere), so both cases in Q1. Q2: After Q3: I think you could trigger them all off the same condition (opponent drawing cards), but the way it is worded says "... if he has 7 or more cards in hand." So each instance of the action would go off, but each instance would require the opponent to have 7 or more cards in hand. Either way you pay the cost, so you would only trigger as many as you could execute. E.g., using case a, if he draws one card to get 8 you want to take the action on 2 Harpies to get him down to 6. If you take the 3rd, your opponent won't have 7 or more cards in hand.
  5. Neutral cards are neutral, no matter what trait they have. The Lizardman neutral race consists of cards that have the "lizardman" trait. They are not special other than that (or any other special rules printed on the card, like "Lizardmen only"). So you can put neutral cards in any deck, but Lizardman decks try to get the most use out of that trait.
  6. All neutral cards can be used to augment any deck (obeying all the rules, like "Order only" or whatever it says on the cards). I still put some Skaven cards in Orc decks, for example, even though the Skaven are their own race.
  7. I can tell you which one I like more, but that's probably obvious since I don't own cards for this game. I'll message you privately regarding how well they compare.
  8. Rzarectz tried to get me to play with him by absolutely destroying me. If only I had my own cards...
  9. Wait, you agree with the cool interpretation or the uncool one? Be cool.
  10. Ugh, I have been on the receiving end of many situations where the game has been over but it wasn't obvious. I can remember one of Mallumo's odd/even Orc decks dropping insane bombs on me from turn one and essentially knocking out everything I had. Dark Elf decks that get turn one Hate, turn two Call the Kraken into Dark Elf Infiltrator can essentially end the game right there. Nothing as insane as what you describe, but the odd/even was very surprising.
  11. That's good to hear people like the Forever War cards! I think we talked about Cataclysm while the game was still alive and we were young and beautiful. Episode 13, it looks like, under the archive: http://winvasion.net/podcast-archive/
  12. This is one of those things that goes all the way back to "How does Toxic Hydra work?" Cool people like me think that Toxic Hydra does not create a constant effect but is a one shot thing, but that was never clarified in writing. So the analogue here is "Does Slayer Oath create a constant that the unit gains P = # units in discard pile that is on until the end of the turn? Or does it simply check # when you play it?" I would play it's a one time thing, again because I am cool, but coolness has no weight in rule interpretations and I have been wrong in the past. Many, many times. For what it is worth: I was playing a game with Brad Andres present and he ruled that Toxic Hydra created a constant effect. That means that using the same logic he employed in a most uncool fashion, the Slayer Oath would result in the unit gaining 0 P after you play Reclaiming the Fallen.
  13. So you were playing Raise Dead out of your discard pile somehow? The cost of the unit you are using Raise Dead on never matters, that's why people do stuff like discard Grimgor (somehow) to Raise Dead him for 4 and still get his ability. Raise Dead would not be cheaper if you play it from your hand yet have Burial Mound in play.
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