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  1. The Empire Strikes Back A New Hope Return of the Jedi The Force Awakens (this one is pretty equal to RotJ, TBH) Prequels...I dunno. They are all pretty awful in their own special ways. Attack of the clones is perhaps the least irritating, but RotS/PM are bad in very different ways...I find it difficult to say who's the worst. Perhaps RotS for its horrid wrap-up.
  2. It was cool. Not the best SW film but far from the worst. Some confusing things but overall, two thumbs up.
  3. I agree on the healer thing. You can go a long way with stimpacks and a few dots in Medicine and/or high Int, unless your job is to get shot at a lot. Or filleted. Or stomped. Or exploded.
  4. It sure looks like they will be better! The characters seem to have a lot more personality, just in the trailers and teasers, than any of the characters in the prequels had in all three movies put together. I don`t hate the prequels, but when you don`t care about the characters in them, it gets boring fast. Hopefully the sequels will be good. But then again, the Phantom Menace trailer looked great too. My solution is just to assume they will be, optimistically, ok. I either will only be slightly disappointed, get what I assumed I'd get or be positively surprised.
  5. At this point, I don't think there is much more to say about the prequels. They were a disappointment to a great many people and while not a financial disaster by any means - hell, I did not like them and I saw all three - they failed to live up to both their critical and financial potential. One can analyse them to death and still not change that fact. We will see if Disney and JJ Abrahams manage to do them one better in three weeks' time.
  6. Funny thought, if they were to get caught, wouldn't they end up on the cover of the tabloids? "Breaking news, reality show cast arrested for chef smuggling" We have some worries that Dinner on the Rim will backfire on us rather badly. At one point someone might connect the dots. The Nar Shadaa pilot episode and follow-ups coincided with the disappearance of two of the Hutt crime boss' favorite dancers. The Cristophsis episode (Dinner on the Rim, Fast Food Edition) coincided with a local drug syndicate losing several shipments and two of their ships to shipjacking. The upcoming Coruscant episode - Dinner on the Rim: Rim vs Core episode will hopefully go off uneventfully (yeah, right) but be followed by the disappearance of the same Hutt crime boss' favorite chef. At some point an enterprising law enforcement official or bounty hunter might take a special interest in everyone's new hot cooking show. Koobis the cameratech (and surveillance!) guy and Ihl Kuun, the Face of Dinner on the Rim (under an assumed name and appearance) might be worried, but getaway driver/pilot and comic relief co-host Jaster, hidden behind his less impressive hick mustache disguise, is convinced everything will work out for the best.
  7. If the players find alternative ways into the gala, to fix the cloud car race, to break into the exhibition room or whatever, there is not stopping you from going off-script. We did some heavy cheating in the cloud car race: one of the players exploited the abrasiveness of the Hutt driver and his gambling problem by setting up a sabacc game where he tricked him into believing his copilot had cheated, while the others sabotaged the two main competitor's cars. During the gala we dove into the soap opera and used the rivalries to drive up the price, but in several ways the adventure had not outlined. We also backstabbed the Shens but mostly ignored the security firms. So we didn't keep to the vanilla plot but still followed it in broad terms. As it is, JoY provides a mission and a framework for that mission, but many of the scenes can be omitted. You don't need to race, you can bluff your way in to the gala. You don't need to mess around with the auction at the gala, you can do pre-gala work on the bidders. The only thing you really need to to is to try to steal the jewel and reroute the bank transfer, and even those can be fudged. If your players don't want to play a heist adventure, JoY might not be the adventure for them.
  8. A Nebulon-B has a crew of just under a thousand so I imagine it would be pretty expensive to run. It might be more reasonable to, for example have them operate medium freighters, repurposed with hangar bays. Most medium freighters can fit 2 Retrofitted Hangar bays for carrying fighters and the bays can be modded to take medium fighters. It would be easier to scatter them if they come under imperial or rival heat and they are not as high-profile as a bona fida warship. A Nebulon-B costs something like 8.5 million credits, and even the cheaper escort carriers cost ten times or more what a medium freighter clocks in at. They could have a small fleet of such ships as well as a more agile freighter for boarding actions and not have to maintain enormous crews.
  9. Are you in a US workplace or can you speak to your union rep?
  10. Tricky, I guess, but right now, with the new canon, a lot of that history seems to have gone right out the window - which means that even FFG, with their licence, ends up flailing at times. For example, the AoR rulebook states that Kenobi and Luke were the only known Force-Users allied with the Alliance at the time of the destruction of the Death Star. Rebels, however, have three of them running around at the establishment of alliance military power, just five years before...and somehow, I don't think they're going to kill off the kid protagonist of a kid's show to comply with FFGs statement (Ahsoka, I suspect, might buy it for the effect at some point). Also, people have so different opinions on what feels like Star Wars. Take armour. It doesn't seem to do all that much good for the people wearing it in the shows and movies and is barely worn by the heroes except as a fashion choice or more frequently, to hide their identity. But it is pretty important in the game, especially for combat-oriented careers and there are specializations that optimize it. Likewise, funny gadgets and tech modification is a big part of the game, with hard points and the like. That's not really the case in most of the movies and shows. The Force Users in FaD seem a far cry from even trainee Force Users in the canon - even someone barely into Padawanhood can deflect blaster bolts far more effectively than high-level FaD characters - whose specializations might not make them Jedi, but which definitely are based on Jedi canon, including the names of the lightsaber forms they can learn. It all boils down to SW being a very cinematic universe, not one well-suited for getting to technical and spesific. FFG is supplying us with material that encourages us to get highly technical and spesific, though, which is the tricky part. Perhaps that design decicion was not the best one, but it's the one we've got. So I think the smart move is to use what you think works, fudge it and not think too much about rules matching canon, as many of the posters here already are doing.
  11. Star Wars is the kind of fictional universe where you really shouldn't stop too long to think about how things ought to work in detail.
  12. I do not think I have the time to dive head-into 2nd Ed competitive play (nor is there a local scene, so far, in Oslo, Norway, as far as I know) but I have bought the box to play casually with my little GoT series viewing group. During off-season we met every other week or so to play boardgames and watch other series relative to our interests, and I imagined the card game would be a good and thematic way to spend the time. We're trying the in-box decks with four players, but if we wanted some variation (probably netdecking a lot) how many boxes or future expansion sets do you think we'd need to have a good, casual game going with some deck variation?
  13. Let's see. He sure loves his punctuation. As Punning Pundit points out, it reads like an audiobook script. There are also some odd things that should have been caught in editing. In general the whole thing has a very flat tone, from start to finish. Slapstick and humour is described with the same flat tone as combat and horror. The characters are ok. The story feels rather Star Warsy, with random stuff happening that would work well in a movie. A prequisite for galactic leadership seems to be a lack of understanding on how to run anything. Then again, this was also the case in the prequels and originals. The Empire is as incompetent as the Old Republic and the New Republic is as incompetent as the Empire. I liked the little snapshot vignettes. Perhaps the book should have been a novel collection of expanded versions of those?
  14. There are more issues with Christensen's acting in the prequels than his facial expressions, but it is kind of difficult to determine if it is him, the directing or the script that makes him look so bad in the two movies. Anakin is obviously the most powerful Jedi evah, though. He has such control over his post-death projection (where did he learn that trick, exactly, though...) he turned himself young and sprightly again where Yoda and Obi-Wan have to settle for being old forever
  15. Even if this is true it doesn't really make any of the movies better. Or worse.
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