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  1. I've been playing 40k for over a decade and have read over 2 dozen 40k novels. Nevermind any fan boys, it is completely in line with the 40k universe to have a Sister accompany a Deathwatch team. The game master could easily create a story arc or premise for such a team. It's your game, let your imagination run wild. Having said that . . . In the real world the truth is often stranger than fiction; so don't put unnecessary constraints on the imaginations of players within a fantasy world.
  2. Yes I remembered that too and assumed the same thing was the case with Deathwatch this year, but then I saw some conflicting information about the release date and also noticed the 1 hour duration. Oh well, hopefully there will be a surprise So is the Amazon September 7th date the official FFG release date as well?
  3. Ah thanks. I didn't notice that. So that means it's a presentation on the game and there will be no Deathwatch materials or gaming at GenCon?
  4. I noticed an event for Deathwatch in the GenCon event guide and signed up for the 11am Thursday slot at the Westin. My question is . . . who exactly is running that event? Is there a way we can build characters before Thursday or go over the rules? The event is only an hour . . . is there an opportunity to play Deathwatch for more hours/days with a group? Thanks.
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