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  1. One thing you need to capture about the old CCG is that going to dangerous places meant you were facing bigger hazards. The encounter decks as they stand right now are balanced more or less against each other. Going to Moria is no more dangerous in this game (encounter set wise) then traveling through Hollin. I actually think you should seriously consider rethinking deck construction. Make it tougher to play certain, allies, attachments and titles without exploring certain locations. It just depends on whether or not you are trying to recreate the whole feel of the old CCG or just the exploration aspects.
  2. I own almost everything, but I'm way behind in this game, so I'm still just finishing the Dwarowdelf cycle and haven't played any Saga, Nightmare or PoD scenarios. I still enjoy the Mirkwood quests.
  3. You should check out the Progression Series videos. They cover going through the game and evolving your deck as you gain new cards from the new packs. Otherwise, if you own all the cards it's possible to build decks that can beat 90% of the scenarios and never need to change.
  4. My recommendation is to buy the whole 1st cycle and skip the GenCon Print-On-Demand stuff until later. Then buy each cycle one cycle at a time. Soon there will be 50 quests + Nightmare for this game. So there are hundreds of hours of enjoyment awaiting you.
  5. Yeah. Eleanor's job is to save the group once (sometimes twice) per game.
  6. Very cool. I was a HUGE fan of the original CCG. The things I miss about that game are the sense of freedom and the sheer number of cards you got to play in a given game. I don't miss buying boxes and boxes of cards though. This might be a cool project, but if you're ditching quest cards you might need to figure out what the game objectives are going to be.
  7. There are tons of deck lists online. Don't let deck-building stop you from playing, though I believe it adds to the enjoyment, but not everyone agrees. Keep in mind that soon there will be almost 50 quests in this game, and that excludes Nightmare mode. IMO you can play theme decks in Easy mode, play regular decks off the net without any tweaking in standard mode, and only need to deck build for Nightmare mode if you chose to go there, but you'll be several hundred hours into this game before you even need to touch Nightmare mode.
  8. The Ranger of the North will be good in 4-player games where you cycle the encounter deck, but pretty useless for solo IMO. Rule clarification: When it says to shuffle the encounter deck, do you add the discard pile in or can you wait until the encounter deck is almost depleted before putting the Ranger in so you're likely to get him from a tiny remaining encounter deck?
  9. It's $54 at Cool Stuff. Just buy it and stop complaining everyone. It's ridiculous. If you're smart enough to understand how to play this game and you can't afford the $54, go back to school and get a decent job.
  10. The game seems to be in good shape right now, but I think it's a mistake to not have more organized play. It doesn't necessarily have to be competitive in the usual sense, but something like campaign mode for Mirkwood, etc.... I even think they should have organized play for how to get new players into the game. Maybe 4 decks that can be built with the core set playing Easy mode Journey Down the Anduin as an example. Game Night kit difficulty 9 scenarios are not a great way to introduce new people to the game.
  11. The biggest shame isn't the lack of power cards, it's the existence of useless cards. It's almost like they weren't playtested. For instance, the The Fall of Gil-Galad card is absolute rubbish. No good player is putting that in their deck and to add insult to injury they put 3 in the pack and you can only use one in a deck. Ridiculous.
  12. My only big beef is with the lack of playtesting on certain cards. Zigil Miner should never have made it out of the gate for being too powerful. Dain and Glorfindel are definitely on the edge. On the other side of the coin I don't think cards that are useless should have ever been made. I believe in cards that are either very useful or situationally useful at least. There are some cards that are just crap and no one would ever play them, and that's a waste IMO. Theme isn't enough to justify some of these crap cards. Lastly, I'll just say that it would be nice to make a Leadership deck one day that didn't include Steward of Gondor as a no-brainer card, or a Spirit deck without Unexpected Courage. As it stands I love those cards, but they are auto-include, which makes deck building more boring.
  13. I disagree (even if he cost 5 he'd still be good) but how good is Sneak Attack Treebeard... just sayin.Yeah Gandalf is a Wizard but Treebeard is an effing Ent!! And he had 2 less willpower and one less defense so he should definitely cost 4. Really? 3 actions every two turns and just as good at attacking as Gandalf and almost as good at defending and he stays on the table forever? I think he should be 5, but 4 isn't completely crazy I guess. For the record, I don't want him to get nerfed. I just want him to cost 5. It's more balanced. Right now he is an auto-include in every deck. Not very interesting.
  14. They should make him cost 5. He's better than Gandalf even right now.
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