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  1. A rank 4 Isawa Elementalist can only do a Fury of Osano-wo once per scene with any reliability. If the bushi spends a Void point not to defend, then she's only dealing with maybe a 6 deadliness crit, since it's Ring plus kept strife. If the shugenja kept any more strife, he'd end up nuking himself and everyone around him from the spiritual backlash. Even if the bushi is severely wounded from flubbing the Fitness check while voluntarily using her katana as a lightning rod, she's probably more than capable of taking out the shugenja, unless he hightails it out of there. Not that shugenja aren't capable of powerful Alpha strikes, but the "choose not to defend" option severely mitigates their efficacy.
  2. The artwork on the dice is covered by copyright, so it could be tricky for anyone to legally sell their own versions without altering the symbols in some way. As Tonbo-san suggested, re-inking your dice is one option (though you might want to use an acrylic paint rather than wax). If you are willing to invest some effort into it, you could consider making your own dice sets molded from FFG’s. Rybonator has whole set of instructional videos on YouTube about how to mold, cast, and ink dice. If anyone has made their own L5R dice, I’d be interested to see the results. The printed and glued set I made for the beta, though serviceable, are hardly objet d’art.
  3. Wow, that was a fast turn around! Thanks! I also appreciate how you've set up the data structure. It wasn't hard to add Invocations to the available techniques or Social Skills to the curriculum for Fortunist Monks with the user data tables. It was a bit of a kludge though, and I can see having the ability to bypass restrictions being useful in other scenarios. One thing that might be nice is having the records in the Advances table in the Advancement tab include a field for which rank they applied to along with controls to manipulate their order. When you're making an advanced character (and you're being as indecisive as I was), it's not really intuitive to swap stuff out. I ended up removing several rank 3 advances a few times, just so I could make adjustments to my selections for rank 2. Again, corner case, but that's what they used to call me in high school.
  4. When the generator is calculating the contribution of out-of-curriculum advances, it's not properly rounding up fractions. (core rulebook p.98) I only get 1 XP toward school rank when I spend 3 XP on an out-of-curriculum technique and assign it to curriculum advancement, when I should be getting 2. (OS X v 1.2.0) [Edit] That wasn't the issue (mea culpa), rather the schools table for Fortunist Monk Order rank 2 has Social Skills as a "skill" instead of "skill_group" leading to miscalculation of advances in Courtesy. Another minor issue: Fortunist monks cannot add their free invocations, since they don't normally have access to invocations. [/Edit] Thanks for all your effort on this great project!
  5. One way you could change Air stance so that it still reduces the chance of hitting without reducing the efficacy of the hit as much, is to change it to: "When another character makes Scheme or Attack action checks that target you, they must cancel a number of rolled dice showing successes equal to half your school rank." By manipulating the die pool rather than the target number the attacker isn't locked out of keeping opportunities or bonus successes. Also this way the TNs won't outgrow the number of kept dice, so someone with sufficient skill but without a high Ring value still has a chance of hitting. Since attacker can drop successes with Strife rather than being forced to keep them in order to succeed, this version of Air stance is far less punitive to the attacker. It's not quite as simple as the version in the update, but it shouldn't be too onerous to implement.
  6. You can't actually. The update increased the rarity of the otsuchi to 8 (p. 4)
  7. The new Rising Blade kata doesn't specify what bonus successes do. The opportunity option implies that they increase critical hit severity, but it isn't stated in the text. So do they increase damage, severity, both, or neither?
  8. You can reduce the TN of subsequent checks through Void opportunities or the provoke action. It won't come up frequently, but it is possible to be forced into a hit by only rolling successes. The other scenario, where you choose to keep dice but you don't roll what you need from explosions, is far more likely. Having to keep at least one die and the fact that you need to choose to keep explosive successes before you see what the explosion nets you are pretty subtle quirks of the rules that could easily be overlooked.
  9. It may be worth noting that you can't always decide not to hit: If you're trying to overcome armor with explosive success, you've already chosen to keep dice and are probably committed to hitting. Also you must keep at least one die. So there are rare circumstances when you'd be unable to stay your blade despite not liking the outcome.
  10. There are a few problems with this sidebar: It is not at all clear when to use deadliness 8 for kihō. Does it apply to kihō techniques that involve an unarmed attack? Just on the immediate effect, or as long as the kihō is active? Is it appropriate for even the most basic, everyday use of kihō to have a higher deadliness than any weapon in the equipment list? Falls. Some falls deal damage, but don't list a deadliness. If the damage exceeds a character's resilience, what deadliness do you use for the resulting critical?
  11. Regarding #3, there are rules to allow it:
  12. Two schools, Isawa Elementalist and Iuchi Meishodo Master, list Sanctification in their advancement table. No such technique is described in the document. Possibly one of the rituals changed names and the table wasn't updated.
  13. Drawing a weapon as part of an action isn't useless if you are taking actions when it isn't your turn. For instance if someone triggers a Finishing Blow on the first turn of a duel (maybe they bid too much on the staredown or were already at the brink from prior provocation), Iaijutsu Strike lets you take advantage of it. Besides Finishing Blows, there is also the Wait action for which there might be scenarios when you only want to draw your blade if the action triggers. Iaijutsu Strike lets you defer the decision to draw.
  14. Isn't Force Push covered by Bind? You are momentally stalling your opponent, or moving them back if you activate the control upgrade.
  15. My idea for a Gungan character was an Makashi Duelist/Aggressor, just using Aggressor for Fearsome, Force Rating, and Dedication. He would be similar in character to Zatoichi, the blind swordsman. He would be self-effacing and usually armed only with a training stick. His opponents would engage him, and suddenly have some terrible realization (represented by Fearsome). Perhaps the stupid expression and clumsiness suddenly appear to be the death mask and jerky movements of the puppet of some unknowable entity. Maybe his movements were mimed flaws of his opponents. Perhaps his eyes glow the yellow of a Dark Side user. Eventually he would get Misdirect to enhance the more mundane perception shifts. I also liked the idea of Parrying lightsabers with a mere stick that thanks to Resist Disarm would stubbornly refuse to be sundered.
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