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  1. I've been away from X-Wing for a while now and have a number of models from the old box set and some of the expansions, I just picked up the Force Awakens box starter set which has the updated rules. Are the new ship maneuvers for X-wings and Tie fighters in the Force Awakens box available for old X-Wings and Tie fighters ?
  2. cpe111

    EoTE and AoR

    Has anyone come across any guidelines for merging EoTE and AoR and managing duty and obligation? And I suppose with the new beta there will be another system to contend with also. I was considering using obligation and duty side by side with a character possibly having a mix of both - consider Han Solo - he started out with obligation and then later developed a sense of duty albeit grudgingly.
  3. While I agree that instantaneous galactic communications and near instant galactic travel times limits the types of stories you can tell, it just wouldn't be Star Wars without them. It would be like playing Star Trek without transporters and matter replicators. On the other hand limiting the holonet to major systems would add an element of both. There are billions of habitable systems in a galaxy. Not all of them can have holonet relays. It also adds an interesting twist where different regions may be serviced by different networks.
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