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  1. Im from Germany Düsseldorf and i just received an amazon package with my copy of 40k! Yeah!
  2. Hey! May be its a mistake but amazon.de tells me the 15 Juli is the release. Date to be deliviered is one week later? Could this be true im asking myself ?
  3. Kallador

    Core Rulebook?

    Hello everybody! Im desperatly looking for the CoreRuleBook of Fireborn! First i made the mistake to think the "Game Master Book" would include the core rules, but it doesnt. (Besides its says "include ALL RULES for starting a fireborn campaign…) So i kept looking for the Core Rulebook… but it is nowhere to be found…. All Sellers of the PDF tell me that ist not available! So im asking my self: Why (HELL!) would somebody offer supply books for are RPG without offering the Core Rulebook???? Or im just making a mistake????
  4. What i would really like to know is: How did FFG solve the Problem?? On Page 396 Deatwatch Corebook you will find following Playtesters: Sarah Cawkell Rebecca Williams Chenoa Crabb (which is hoepfully a femal Name...) I would like to know which kind of character these three Female Playtesters played ! FFG ! TELL US! SOLVE THE RIDDLE NOW!!!!!!! Under this condition there must be a moment in the development of Deathwatch, where it was clear to the developers that there will be the big "FSM-Problem". They must have thought about it at least because there is a BIG Market of female Rpg-Players out there. But maybe they couldnt solve it and so they didnt write a Word about it in the Corebook. For me it is especially hard, because over 50% of my players are female. So im sitting here now with Deathwatch, feel the Fluff of the Space Marine everytime i read it, but canot play it until i find a solution how a female character fit in a dethwatch kill team and uses the same rules for team and solo mode and so on... So i hate it, becaus i love the fluff, but a female chapter would be the easiest solution: You just have to change the story a little bit... i mean , in the name of the emperor, there must be a Magos out there or a Apothecarius who has try it! Nearly 50% of the Popolation on a space marine home world are female, so it would increase the possibiltys for any recruitment. Genetic and drug enhanced Women would be strong as any other male SM! (Even today you can do it... just need some steroids...). And at last: FSM would look a little bit different, but they would follow the same Codex as any Space Marine. Its nit importent if you are a FSM or a MSM... when suit up for War und put on their power armor they are all the same: Space Marines! I think there could be really nice roleplaying in which the players characters not only have to leave their Chapterbehavior behind to build a functionally kill team, but also leave their gender behind and all the prejudice that cames along with it!! Man and Women, leaving behind all prejudices and fight side to side in the name of the Emperor! I like that... Live is really hard.. isnt it?
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