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  1. One shot, one kill. Why the need for lots of ammo? But to answer the question; I first bought the Dark Heresy screen, where there are some different weapons listed up, like the hunting rifle. Then I found the errata! I let the arch-militant change weapon if she wanted, and before she had decided, Into the Storm came... so now she got a Sniper Rifle. Not that she ever use the rifle, she's more like a store-house of different weapons: 2 boltpistols on her hips, hellpistol legstrapped, flamer and sniper rifle on her back, mono-groxwhip in her belt and legstrapped knives. I think she use the whip more often than the rifle!
  2. Using d6 for NPCs are great in a number of ways: 1. Player Characters use d10s, often lots of them. Now they can roll all their d10s and their "goon's" d6s at the same time. 2. d6 is used in the Warhammer 40k strategy game, which these role-playing games are all based upon. 3. Most everyone have easy access to lots of d6s (loot boardgames, yatzi etc), not everyone have lots of d10s (unless you also play World of Darkness:) ). 4. d6 takes less space than d10. Easier to toss 100d6 than 100d10 at the same time. ...but if you rather want to use d10, I can't physically stop you from doing that I've also been thinking on ways to improve the "Goons-rules". "Goons" was mostly for random nabs that are easy to acquire in large numbers. A quick way to improve them, lift them from Goon-status to more proper soldier-status is to let the unit use d10 for damage. In effect rolling the unit's number of d6s, and adding the successes to a d10 roll which then gives the combined damage from that unit. Example: 20 guardsmen with lasguns, semi-bursting, with skillnumber 5. Rolling 40 d6s, where 5+ counts as hit and damage. 40d6 would constitute about 13 hits. 13+1d10 = final damage to a player character. So what we have here are some examples of different approaches to mass combat. Maybe we'll end up with something insanely awesome, or develop further in each direction
  3. Maybe the Space Marines codex could be interesting for you?
  4. Tactica Imperialis: How to conquer a planet. 1. Scan the planet from orbit. 2. Find the 2nd largest city. 3. Fire a salvo of the ship's guns down at that city. 4. Make the enemies know that you will continue bombing them until they surrender. 5. If they surrender, round up their leaders and make them work for you. 6. If they don't surrender, repeat step 3 and 4. 7. Leave the rest of it up to the administratum. 8. Go have a cigar, you've earned it. 9. And a glass of fine whisky. 10. For the God-Emperor!
  5. Cute! There is a very good reason the Inquisitor showed up. In case my players pop in here, I will not write it down in detail. Lets just say that someone that are annoyed on the players also are very rich and also have a vast influential network (gee, who could that be? Ever-growing list of snubbed people!). The Witch-Hunter came to check for chaos activity, and since the players and their ship was at the location, he wanted to inspect them. Coincidence?
  6. I have been thinking about the same "problem". Light powerarmour + stormbolter + heavy bolter... They do show how dangerous and scary the bolt-shell is. So, to counter the armour: Hellgun. Its relatively unproblematic to get hold of, it can even be of poor condition, the thing is that the penetration is high and damage is enough to make it sting. Some of the goons will probably get to semi-burst in their faces. I was also thinking that in most roleplaying games the most dangerous enemy is something similar to yourself. In Rogue Trader that means other rich groups/cartels/dynasties/nobles/captains etc. People that are rich enough to have their own starship and have much tech, can call upon favours and field a little army. These guys have plausible cause to buy hellguns and carapace armour for a few units of personal soldiers. They might also have Gun-Cutters or other nasty vehicles to defend themselves! Rak'Gol and Orks have high tougness, which makes them relatively hard opponents. Especially in large numbers Sorcery, snipers and crazy beasts can also be fun. I made a beast that is Untouchable, it freaked out the Astropath Since I also have a few Codices for the 40k strategy game, I was inspired by the Codex: Eye of Terror. Its listing typical equipment for normal troops and more elite troops, ideas for big mutants, ideas for Eldar etc. Much fun. Of course, the worst opponent is someone they can't kill. High-ranking individuals within the Imperium, Inquisitors etc. The Inquisition doesn't show up to TPK, but to check upon the RT and the crew, maybe interrogate and torture a few, then move on. Maybe execute a few, depending on their corruption. I had the Inquisition take everything remotely xenos-looking from the RT and confiscated it.
  7. WhiteLycan said: Svarte Hanske said: Yes and no. IF you are mutant and got Psy rating, you could potentially take the astropath career, but as an unsanctioned and rogue psyker. Otherwise I agree. Navigator and Explorator are pretty weird. Navigators are born into Navigator-dom, they cannot be made. Impossible. Explorators (Tech-Priests of the AdMech) are created through years and years of dedication and selection. Not something you just say "Sure, I'll MC into that" Astropaths are soul-bound to the emperor. They are blinded permanently but given the gift of seeing out to 30ft through their powerful psychic abilities. This is after the Inquisition rounds them up, trains them for years and years, then brings them to Holy Terra. You don't just say "Hey, I'm a mutant, I'll just go soul-bind myself to the Emperor real quick and gain astral telepathy". Unsanctioned = rogue mutant with psy rating that haven't been on Terra and all that. You are right, getting the Astropath special wouldn't really fit, but allowing them to use the scheme to advance could work.
  8. You mean this link? http://warhammer40k.wikia.com/wiki/Carapace_Armour
  9. I agree with Decessor. There's not much complications really.
  10. The Farseer can easily handle one flyer or tank, its more problematic with several (Telekinesis ftw). My players had 2 units of soldiers with them in the Farseer-battle, one of the teams with heavy weaponry and the other with assorted guardsmen gear, which helped alot. With the psychic powers I managed to roll ridiculously bad, and my players rolled like under 10, so they survived the mind-squashing. One of the arch-militants charged Serranon with powerfist held high, only to be stabbed in the heart and exploded on the crit-table. The RT ordered a planetary bombardment far away so only the shockwave would wash over the Farseer. It was complete chaos, but they managed to win it mostly because the sniper-character critted and critted and critted. In the end one pc dead and everyone else needed medical care for weeks and months. Everyone spent fatepoint(s) to survive.
  11. Yes, if hit by such weaponry it would have a problem! Thus the good man. to hopefully dodge a few salvos, and trying to cling to blindspots. Frigates do it from behind? You're right with the transport, it wouldn't work good enough. Maybe drop the drop pods and add a small cargo compartment?
  12. Yes and no. IF you are mutant and got Psy rating, you could potentially take the astropath career, but as an unsanctioned and rogue psyker. Otherwise I agree. Navigator and Explorator are pretty weird.
  13. My players want a really huge ship, minimum cruiser, preferably Grand Cruiser or heavier! More firepower, more void shields, more space, more everything. So I sat down and looked at smaller ships, and being a sucker for frigates in general, I decided to make a Sword-class frigate for a npc captain that could be a menace in the future. I like the design and it has turret rating 2, which is pretty awesome. Strip out everything of commodity for the crew. We need space and power for other things. Stale air and pressed-crew quarters. Other components are pretty much normal stock. Reliquary of Mars: Added an archeotech Logis Augur thingie that makes ballistics and detection easier. A machine spirit that loves war and makes targeting better, but never backs down from a fight. Add in Barracks. This ship needs soldiers. Murder-Servitors. Splatter horror. Command Bridge. +45 to hit and run and +25 to boarding :3 Drop Pods. Because we have barracks and it is cool to invade. Add in 2 macro cannon batteries. Retro-Thrusters for better manoeuverability. In the end this ship is relatively fast, it is fairly easy to pilot, its also easy to shoot, board and hit & run with it. I can see it gliding under another ship on silent running, blasting with the dorsal cannons and sabotaging the opponent ship before they understand what is going on. The problem with this ship is range. It can shoot outside of its range with the cannons, but ships with better range could be a potential problem. It also need to come close to another ship before utilizing its full potential: unleashing the soldiers and murder-servitors. Thankfully it is faster than most other ships, and could focus on dodgy flight until it get close enough to let slip the splatter robots. I think this ship could cripple larger ships pretty fast. And think about it: The explorers have found a fantastic treasure on some surface of a planet, shipping goods up to their ship. This frigate shows up, starting to sabotage the explorer's ship while launching drop pods down at the surface. Suddenly they have a war in space and on the ground. The frigate lacks cargo hold, but as one of my players suggested when they were discussing their new huge ship: "why don't we spend all the space on guns and war, and have some little piggy bank transport floating around behind us?" So this frigate got a piggy bank transport full of slaves, thrones and other candy.
  14. *shrug* in a game where Powerfists and Storm Bolters exist, not to mention the insane starcraft weaponry, xenos and psykers, powergamers would be made into butter anyway
  15. Rogue Trader as NPC. The characters as troubleshooters or something like that. Arch-Militant, Missionary, Void-Master etc...
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