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  1. Well, it's called gamism, probably the dominant factor saleswise when it comes to RPGs. Both D&D (in whatever iteration) as well as 40K RP feature essentially gamist-simulationist systems with an emphasis on gamism. That's where the market lies, that's what is mainstream. FATE didn't change that. Also, we shouldn't consider "influential" only in the context of system design. Dark Heresy has introduced A LOT of players to a play style different from D&D's hack & slash dungeoncrawling. Alex
  2. icv2 is doing a ranking based on sales. They biannually publish a ranking of the top 5 selling game lines, this chart is a compilation. http://icv2.com/articles/markets/view/35144/top-5-rpgs-spring-2016 Alex
  3. I really think there may be a bit of exaggeration going on, perhaps because 40k is a relatively established franchise and has a very "vocal" devoted fandom, whose adherents cannot resist spouting memes wherever they believe likeminded people to hang out. You might just think it's not difficult to find a group, and consider that as a trait of a "major RPG", because you already know precisely where to look. I actually think L5R is quite niche, but if so, why does it have both more votes on the aforementioned ranking site, and about twice the number of reviews on amazon.com? What does that say about DH? One of the problem with echo chambers - and make no mistake, this is the FFG forums, so it certainly qualifies as a biased place - is that most of the time, people won't realise they are in one, leading to perceptions that do not line up with the outside world. Not that this makes Dark Heresy a less awesome game. I'm just not convinced of this supposed "influence" anymore, the more I look around outside of this forum. My observations are based on several general role-playing communities, both german as well as international, though. And then there is this: A bit late to have shaped the entire decade but it certainly came with a bang. In the 10s, FFG's Star Wars is certainly also a noteworthy gameline. Alex PS Hasn't echo chamber become too much of a buzzword these days?
  4. Whoah. As much as I like Dark Heresy and its sister games, that's a pretty big comparison. Shadowrun existed for several decades and spawned numerous novels and videogames. Dark Heresy went for 8 years and, in terms of ancillary merchandise, has but one novel series which was cancelled after the 2nd book. Granted, Shadowrun had the advantage of launching in an age where P&P itself was still more popular, but on the flipside Dark Heresy had the advantage of profiting from an established franchise with a sizable following with people who seem to have way too much money on their hands. I have to agree with Nimsim that Dark Heresy still clung a little too tight to "established industry wisdom", although at least the various games did undergo an evolution of sorts, most prominently dropping classes and talent trees for something more open. FFG certainly was caught between a rock and a hard place, though, considering that they had to balance DH 2E carefully in order to not scare away their existing fans. See that huuuuge discussion about the use of action points (which, to this day, I think might have been interesting). That's not to say I'm forgetting all about Dark Heresy (or its sister games), mind you. I've still got a lot of books, and I expect to have fun with them for many years to come. Legend of the Five Rings? Granted, its first book was released in 1995, but most of its material falls into the 00s. On ranker.com it's more than twenty places (#20) before Dark Heresy (#43), for whatever that's worth. Obviously not a very representative ranking, but still a sizable voterbase considering the 1st place (D&D) had more than 15,000 upvotes. I just hope FFG, which recently acquired its license, is going to continue the RPG line and not just focus on the TCG. I don't think Shadowrun is too big a comparison. They are comparable in that they are a main staple of RPGing and that it shouldn't be too difficult to find a group. FATE hasn't one trademark product line, even Spirit of the Century is too obscure. PbtA covers an (important) niche in the hobby but it's just a niche. 40K RP with its gamist system and it's widely known license plays in a different ballpark. I think the franchise is a much bigger fish. There's a couple of major games lines out there, those who kinda have an eternal general on 4chan, ahem... among them D&D (and related), Shadowrun, WoD, maybe GURPS... these are the main staples of gaming. L5R has faded a bit into obscurity. 40K RPG persists and will, even if there is no new version forthcoming in the next few years. The underlying license is too strong. As an aside, I am making a serious attempt at publishing a RPG this year, the system of which uses something akin to 3 action points per turn but out of completely different considerations and with a complete different turn order. Too bad the forum here winds down so that I can't shill it in here. (Just kidding, that would be bad form. ) It depends on what you call influential. I'm going with "influences other things in the RPG community." I can't think of many games that were influenced by the 40k rules or setting besides attempts to put the setting on a different ruleset. Influential games from Dark Heresy's time are D&D 3.5 (since it did the whole D20 license thing). That basically DOMINATED the 2000s. Late 2000s and 2010s saw a lot more influence coming from Fate, Apocalypse World, and the OSR. On the other hand if you're talking popularity, then yeah 40k games are in the top 5 sometimes top 3. Yeah, I mean if people think back of 00 gaming, what do they think of besides 3.x, Pathfinder and OSR? Again, FATE and PbtA have been too obscure. (FATE might have its heyday ahead of it still.) What is the Shadowrun of 00s? I say it was Dark Heresy. The game has taken foothold as a major RPG, not a small feat, even with a strong license as backup. Alex
  5. Well, I don't see many contenders in this thread for a more influential game of the 00s (excluding the usual D&D and derivatives). And I don't mean system design, that wasn't 40K RP's forte. It is a solid gamist system though. In certain RPG parts of the internet, Dark Heresy was all over the place.The world, the art, the grit (in part due to crummy stats on rank 1 PCs)... it all clicked. 40K RP is a major RPG now, ranking on the level of Shadowrun. That's pretty impressive, oWoD and SR were quite influential in the 90s themselves. And it burst when 40K was really huge and 40K memes were all over the net themselves. Alex
  6. I just tried to register at RFH but it told me I can't due to email domain. Don't know what's wrong with @t-online.de... Alex
  7. rpng.freeforums.org We have a place. Been running for three and a half years now and we always welcome more people to come talk 40k and play in some PbP games. Feel free. This is nice but it would be much stronger if there was a central place where a forum like yours could run as subforum, bringing more gamers together. Alex
  8. Gregor, I am currently working on publishing my own game, so I don't think I can be very active myself. But feel free to port over anything you want to from that site, in particular the unofficial forum-based errata'd stuff and the Squad Mode clarifications. You will find that I linked to each clarification for DW that was posted on DW the forum by a staff member, so NONE of that is a houserule made up by me. I recommend you secure some evidence for posterity in case someone doubts the veracity of these erratas. I have included on the site as a whole a few select things that are not mine, make sure you ask the respective creators whether you may port it over to Roll For Heresy. (For example Lynatas interesting combat system.) Good luck and all the best! Alex
  9. This. Also Shadowrun 5E core arrived at my place yesterday. Just holding such a beautiful book in one's hands, it's smell, the feeling of turning the fresh pages... I feel it's very well worth paying for good quality print books. Now, I like PDFs for scenarios, stuff that only gets used once and which I don't have to pass back and forth to my players. But core rulebooks and key supplements? Hardcopies every time, all the time. Alex
  10. True. So... where you migrating to now, Lyn? Alex
  11. Hey! This might have better gone into the 1E forum but... with the license and the community winding down, I guess this would be the time to look back, reminisce and share some thoughts. Dark Heresy has had a bloody good run. And following game lines did too. Was Dark Heresy one of the (if not THE) roleplaying game of the 00s? (Carrying over to some degree into the 10s.) Sure this is a biased crowd here but I am not sure any other game has had the impact that DH had. Maybe FATE, although I feel it's only exploding now. But I feel the game that has had the biggest impact (not system-wise, mind you) on role-playing since D&D 3E/Pathfinder was Dark Heresy. A lot of it harkens back to BI, of course, and WFRP before it but overall FFG has done a pretty good job on these games (excluding RAW Squad Modes in DW, what a rushed job that was). Certainly 40K RPG has been upping the ante when it comes to layout and presentation. It was bleeding, cutting edge throughout its run. The system turned out to be very solid, leaning clearly towards the gamist side of the spectrum. Some issues at higher ranks with talent spam, especially in DH 1E, though. Probably the biggest issue of these games. A round of applause from me for Ross Watson and everybody at FFG who has been involved in these games. I also enjoyed how responsive FFG has been to player feedback in the months right after publication. It's good business policy and good for the fans. Could they have done more from a gamer's perspective? Sure. Would that have been economical? Probably not. But yeah I would like to know your thoughts if DH has been the most impactful RPG of the 00s and beyond. What other game would be a contender? Surely not D&D 4E, except in terms of sales. Pathfinder is a 3E spin-off, so I don't count it (though it's impact is undisputed). Vampire has fallen into obscurity, as has RIFTS, Shadowrun is still doing what it does. So, yeah, thanks again, FFG! I'm a fan. Alex
  12. ak-73

    Codex: Deathwatch

    Fair enough but it may impact the RPG. The new Deathwatch marines have new Wargear. A new Flyer, a Heavy Bolter/Heavy Flamer-Combi, etc. As soon as I have the rules (and not just rumors), I might try a conversion. Alex
  13. I like Ultras best as matter-of-fact, let's-get-to-business, hardest-working-marines-in-show-business types. All the fancy gold decorations and the glory stuff don't do it for me. My Ultras only have one thing in mind: to get stuff done. Who cares about glory? GIrlyman for me is the no-nonsense Clint Eastwood type. Is this canon? Probably not. Should this be canon? No accounting for taste. Is this the way I prefer them? Hell, yeah. Alex
  14. So we finally get an official Codex. Anybody else who is excited for that? I know I am. Those models sure look darn fine too... Alex
  15. Nope. The rule says Cohesion must be paid again if the power is not sustained and the power can only be sustained by the marine who triggered it. So your Ultramarine must be held in Squad Mode at all times. Which means there must be at least one other Astartes in Squad Mode within support range at all times, including between combats. For a comprehensive overview, see here: http://40kroleplay.weebly.com/40k-roleplay-blog/rule-clarifications-squad-mode Attack Patterns normally don't give bonuses outside of combat (it's an Attack Pattern after all), so a house rule that limits its effects to combat situations might make sense. Alex
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