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  1. If worlds is 4 days again, can each day have a side event available to players of each game? It would be great to have a full schedule for the game I'm interested in despite Missing (or making, I guess) the Cut.
  2. Someone make sure to book enough space at a bar before hand too, I don't want them running out of alcohol.
  3. FYI - I will be donating some Battle at the Wall 2014 swag from spain to the prize pool!
  4. I freaking *love* the LCG model. The "catch-up" problem is a big one, though. I think there should be some re-releasing of "favorite" cards, perhaps by house, in theme packs. Something like the Team Covenant house packs, which are great for a new player getting into the game, but possibly prioritized by cards that actually see play (instead of, say, Observation Point) For CCGers who need that rush of opening packs, I think draft fills that need nicely - though it might be nice if you could just buy draft packs instead of chapter packs for a cycle, and get a random mix of cards. This doesn't ameliorate the whole "rarity" issue; but maybe there's an alternative to that (Alt Art, foils, full bleed cards, etc) which wouldn't totally ruin the game for people like myself who just want to spend $20 every so often and stay caught up. Actually, the more I think about it, the very real demand for Alt Art cards seems like it slots nicely into a reason to buy randomized packs instead - I know people are willing to pay money for that, AND they can double as tourney prizes eventually (for bigger tournaments after the cycle they're in has been out a while, so as to not ruin their cachet).
  5. @bomb - as much or more skill compared to Hand's Judgement/Paper Shield? Yet I challenge you to find a T1 deck without events....
  6. OCTGN is bad enough that I'd rather reimplement it than set up a windows vm to run it...
  7. As a mac player, I hate that I can't run octgn. I wish someone would write an online play site, which was compatible with octgn file formats, and was ok with FFG. I would play a HECK of a lot more if I could play online reliably. For the record, I would be MORE than willing to write it if I thought it had a chance of implicit FFG approval. I understand that monetization of the IP is problematic, but I suspect that it'd be better than nothing...
  8. I don't run any events because there are so many cards that cancel them. It's just too unreliable.
  9. +1 ktom The only time in recent memory I've been annoyed by a negative keyword was Jorah discarding my Fleet from Lys... On the other hand, I've seen House Divided *way* more than any ally hate. Then again, I don't play in a T1 environment, so.
  10. A friend of mine from Cincy is moving there soon - I'll make sure he sees this!
  11. Totally agree. Then I could build a deck, print it out and play, instead of trying to dig through the nightmare that is my card stack. Seriously, this would be amazing.
  12. I am - I booked a flight back that friday just to play!
  13. I'm going to try and bring him to a thursday; the first one after thanksgiving
  14. I have a friend at work who is not new to games (i.e. he played magic seriously) and would like to learn agot lcg. Are there canonical beginner decks (not the ones in the core set), that are balanced against each other that I can use to show the various aspects of the game? The core set decks are, imo, not great for introducing players as they're suboptimal in a lot of ways. I'd like to ideally have like a semi-competitive aggro and control deck - maybe Stark rush vs GJ choke? or Martell renown vs Lanni kneel? I didn't see anything like this in any of the beginner resources; and I'm not even sure this is the right way to teach the game. I'm open to suggestions though. Any ex-magic players have advice on how they learned?
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