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  1. Some interesting ideas. I like the concept of the Rogue, although I'd make two seperate characters out of it, one for gold(2) and one for cards(3). Sorcerer's effect is nice as well but rather fits (7) or (9) Concerning the prince: Concept that probably works quite well, often seen at other places. Advisor-Why not? May need some playtesting but I like the idea. Templar Knight-Don't get it, sorry.(So, why should they invest their money?) Both (6) chracters-Nice, but probably too strong... Farmer-Nice, maybe a bit too weak. Blacksmith-Nice, but too similar to the alchemist.(Although there are small differences, the basic concept is pretty much the same) Ambassador-Here I miss the interaction w/ others' buildings-part. Tyrant- Don't know exactly why, but I don't like that idea so much. That's just my opinion. All in all you did pretty well, I think PS: If someone has character ideas, may they put the card images online and post the link in their topic? Would be quite nice to see them w/ their nice picture
  2. This isn't a complete Set of 9 new Characters but - as the title sais - just some ideas. I'm interested in what you think about them and maybe some ideas to improve them. 2 Pirate: Choose a color and gain one piece of Gold for each district of that color in any player's city. Districts of that color in the city you chose can't be gained gold for again for the rest of that round. 2 Slave trader: Sell a district card from your hand to the bank or a player of your choice (they have to buy it) for halve its value (round up) 3 Warlock: Gain a card for every character who already drew cards in that round. For the rest of that round :Whenever a player draws 2 or more cards gain one of them(for the normal drawing it's the one that would normally be thrown away). If so, you can discard 1 card to choose which one you get. Otherwise the drawing player decides. 5 Inquisitor Gain gold for blue districts. Name a character. From the beginning of the next round until a new character is chosen by the inquisitor, that character is out of the game. 7 Scientist You may not build during that round. You may first exchange Gold for cards and then cards for gold. 9 Jester Gain one gold for every district of the color you have the least amount of districts of (except those colors you have none of) . You may give one of your districts a color of your choice(Therefore districts can be ordered to show which ones belong to the same color). ?-Characters Those aren't announced by the king but appear under certain circumstances. They do not conduct their own turns (except the actor) but have just their effects. ? Actor You may reveal the actor when any other character is announced and actually in this game.(So another player revealed the card) After their turn you make an additional turn as that character except you don't get your 2 cards or gold. ? Executioner Same condition as actor. You may offer the player to give you 3 pieces of gold, 3 cards or one of their districts costing up to 3. If they don't want to give you what you chose, they lose their turn. ? Saboteur You may reveal this character if someone builds a district in their city. Destroy it. Then cards from the drawing pile are revealed until a district costing 1 gold less appears which is then built instead of the one one you destroyed. You may enlower the costs of the "replacement building" by paying an equal amount of gold to the bank. (So, if you destroyed the Laboratory and pay 3 pieces of gold the player gets a district costing 1.)
  3. My opinion: Traitor: Seems quite complicated->" you can use them any time in that round"-does it mean no other player can do this thing or you only say what he can´t do, during your turn and decide "spontaniously" who the person, the thing is forbidden to, is???? -Treasurer:Like it really much! -Illusionist:Also complicated, but basically OK, dunno what the blessingcards are so its hard to estimate -Tyrant: Stronger than the Emperor! -Missionary: Also too complicated -Money Lounder: Something between Alchimist and Merchant, but too strong -Immigrant:Like it! -Babarian: Warlord with integrated "Special-Graveyard"->Too strong -Informer:Good idea, but too weak So, basically some good ideas, but try to keep the game as simple as it is. Nevertheless, I´d like to know more about your "Blessing cards"
  4. My opinion: 1.Actor: Yes, he´s too weak, but what about this: If anyone has the character, you can say him, whether he shall take gold or cards, what district he builds, how he uses his special ability, etc. 2.Yes, too powerful, and the characters of number two have to do with gold... 3.Like it 4.Nit really spectacular 5./6. Dunno, if they wouldn´t change the whole game by letting other players have some advantages,too 7. Maybe a bit more cards, you can draw/kepp, but nice idea 8. Taking gold doesn´t fit to those characters 9. Okay, maybe a little additional effect like looking at the top card of the pile, or sth. like that
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