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  1. Relics that matter for her deckbuilding restrictions: Charon's Obol, Grotesque Statue, and Gold Pocket Watch are all amazing, and taking the first will allow you to afford the 2nd and 3rd.
  2. I have a complete set of the models from both Streets of Arkham and Sanctum of Twilight available. I prefer to just use the cardboard tokens, so I never even opened the bags. PM to discuss details. Based in the US, international shipping possible, but likely expensive.
  3. I have 1 complete set of all the promo items, cards, scenario, poster, etc. PM to discuss details. Based in the US, international shipping possible, but likely expensive. Items have found a new home.
  4. I get that. Knowing it 100% has a very clear non-jerk origin prevents me from having the same reaction, but I definitely understand the association feeling icky.
  5. Nobody is reclaiming a term or idiom here - the literal origin of the usage is about being insulting and ableist. Nice slippery slope though.
  6. That's literally the origin of the "reeee" thing. Jerks on 4chan or whatever other worthless slime-pit of the internet calling each other "autistic" as an insult. The use of "reeeee" replaced "(autistic screeching)" in their parlance.
  7. Which is staggeringly ableist, of course. But I am sure it's fine because they "don't mean it that way" or "it's just memes". SIGH
  8. Same. Bought a TIE Advanced on Friday and a wing snapped off right out of the box. Can't submit a request for replacement.
  9. My apologies for misunderstanding. I will remove your quote from my previous post.
  10. Just to be clear, did you leave the scouts because they lifted their admittance ban based on sexual orientation? If yes, please leave this (and every other) hobby and never come back. Your attitude is extremely unwelcome... everywhere.
  11. B-Wing with folding s-foils, rotating cockpit, and rotating peg connector so it can fly horizontally. Preferably with Blue Squadron paint. A-Wing with Phoenix Squadron or Green Squadron paint. Starviper with folding wings and a new paint job. TIE Interceptor. No modeling or painting adjustments needs - I just want quick build cards, more pilots (Cienna Ree!), and the ability to play with them in new / current wave events. Ghost with Attack Shuttle that properly docks inside the model like the escape pod on Lando's Falcon. Dock should also be able to hold the Sheathipede.
  12. Poured resin is very expensive for the quantity that would be required, and it would get scratched and dinged up pretty badly with normal use. You could get a sheet of clear plexi to cover it if you really want a modeled surface underneath the flat playing surface. And then you could realize that you are literally just lighting hundreds of dollars on fire because you can have the same playing surface in a more durable and useful format by just getting a neoprene playmat printed with the image you want.
  13. Don't care for the paint jobs, don't care about getting a U-Wing or another X-Wing. I dig a few of the pilots, but not enough to push me into buying the box.
  14. 2016 (wave 8, when I got into X-Wing) I play far too little to drill any list that much. I think the closest I ever got to that volume was a super fun Jake/Kyle/Nera list that I put together very early on after buying my first few ships. Pretty sure I got in over 15 games with that one (with some upgrade tweaking here and there as I acquired new ships and cards). This was during the triple jumps into Dengaroo into X7 Defenders time frame, so you could say that it was very hard because it got absolutely thrashed by everything, and I was still very new. I have no idea what my record was at Worlds that year, but it was not great. Jake Farrell (A-Wing Test Pilot, Adaptability, Push the Limit, Autothrusters, Proton Rockets) Kyle Katarn (Adaptability, Recon Specialist, Moldy Crow, Twin Laser Turret) Nera Dantels (Deadeye, Fire-Control System, Proton Torpedoes, Extra Munitions, Guidance Chips) 2017 After that, in 2017 my most-played list was my Imperial Aces build. I played the list for the very first time on day 1, round 1 at Worlds and took it to a 4-3 finish, missing day 2 by 30-something MoV. I had no chance of winning much beyond that, but it would have been nice to get the day 2 goodies. The list was fun, and it was a great learning experience with dodging arcs and playing with dedicated aces. Valkyrie Profile (tri-Ace reference! jokes!) Carnor Jax (Push the Limit, Royal Guard TIE, Autothrusters, Shield Upgrade) Omega Leader (Comm Relay, Juke, Stealth Device) The Inquisitor (Push the Limit, Autothrusters, TIE/v1, Proton Rockets) 2018 Continuing the burgeoning tradition of playing my Worlds list for the first time ever at the event, I brought a TIE/ln / Crack Shot swarm to Worlds this year. Cheers to Paul from Australia for tipping me over on the decision to bring Wampa rather than a 3rd Black/Crack. My only 2 practice games were a pair of 'just for fun' games the night before 1a... once against Simeon (cheers, Sim!) and once against Jan (Thanks again for the sweet alt-art Polish Howlrunner!) - talk about a trial by fire! Inferno Squadron (Starring Howlrunner as Iden Versio, with Scourge, Mauler, and Wampa playing Del, Gideon, and Seyn.) Howlrunner (Crack Shot) Scourge (Crack Shot) Mauler Mithel (Crack Shot) Black Squadron Pilot (Crack Shot) Black Squadron Pilot (Crack Shot) Wampa Playing a list like this in the face of all trajectory simulators, harpoons, bombs, Wookies and other ridiculous shenanigans was maybe not "smart", but it was super fun. I got a lot of high-fives and cheers for bringing something so wholesome and thematic as a TIE swarm to the event. I went 3-3 on my day 1 (b), and I am very happy with that record given that prior to the event I hadn't ever flown the list, or indeed any swarm list (or even a TIE/ln) at all. I hope I did Dallas at least a little proud for the effort, even if I missed on the results I will be bringing this swarm list to my store championship in a few weeks, and I aim to have an absolute blast doing so. By the end of that event, I think that the swarm will have overtaken Jake/Kyle/Nera for my most played list, and I have actually put in some practice effort with it in Hangar Bay events and a little practice at home. I feel like I have done okay with my formation flying, and I know I can still squeeze a bit more edge out of the list than I did before (and I still have a lot to learn, which is really fun for me as well) In the end, I think that the TIE swarm is probably the hardest list I have flown with some regularity, and the triple aces is maybe the easiest because I feel like I took to the play style pretty easily.
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